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  • Prepping Like a Pirate Part 3: Protecting Your Survival Cache

    The last major part of creating a useful survival stash is keeping your cache protected. Since you’re meant to bury your survival cache and leave it by itself for a rainy day, there’s no active defense against it being found or damaged, so after you’re sure it’s buried somewhere secure, you have to take steps to keep it safe and sound until you need it.

    *Prepping Like a Pirate is a 3-part series on creating and hiding your own survival cache. Each part will cover a specific topic about survival caches to get you started with building your own cache.

    P... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping Like a Pirate Part 2: Hiding Your Survival Cache

    So where do you hide your cache? Think about where you are on a regular basis and where it would be safe pretty consistently. Your hiding spot should be somewhere you’ll always be able to access, and it should be somewhere that isn’t going to change in a significant manner for a very long time.

    Just like the old infomercial for the rotisserie oven, when it comes to a survival cache, you should ideally “set it and forget it,” meaning you should build your cache and hide it somewhere that you’ll be able to get to in an emergency, but you won’t be checking on it ever... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping Like a Pirate Part 1: Survival Cache Basics

    Pirates are rarely used as role models, and for good reason. They’re known for theft, murder, and all-around bad behavior, so how exactly can they be used to help you prep for a disaster? It’s not their love of rum or treasure that matters to the modern-day prepper, but rather it’s what they did with their treasure that should interest you. Pirates buried their treasure in various locations to keep it safe and allow it to hide in plain sight. By burying their treasure, they could spread their wealth across multiple locations so it was available to them wherever they were shoul... Continue Reading →

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