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  • 72-Hour Survival Kits—The Basics

    In an emergency, a 72-hour kit can help you survive until disaster relief teams mobilize. It can be hard to know where to start, but preparing a 72-hour kit is easier than you think.

    When considering how to prepare, plan your kit around the Survival Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes says people can survive:

    1. Three hours without protection (Shelter);
    2. Three days without water (Hydration);
    3. Three weeks without food (Nutrition).

    First Priority – Shelter

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  • MY List of 10 Food Storage Myths/Excuses

    There are quite a few myths out there about Food Storage. In this article we'll try to cover 10 of the myths and what you can do to get prepared.

    10- If you don’t have your food storage by now, it’s too late.

    Storing food and other necessities is not an event; it’s a process. It means spending just a little more on groceries every month, either at the store or on “emergency” food supplies. Month after month, year after year, and then one day, you realize you really do have enough food to get you through some tough times.

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