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  • Honey Prices Soar As Colony Collapse Disorder Worsens And The Bee Population Declines

    Honey prices in the United States have risen by more than 13 percent. In January 2014 the price was $9,722 per ton, but a decline in yield per bee colony and higher demand pushed the price in January 2015 to $11,023 per ton.

    Honey production in America has reportedly been on the decline since 2013. During that year only about  67,800 tons were produced, down five percent from 2012 and down 35 percent from honey production levels two decades ago.

    “The decline in yield per colony is due to diminished US bee colony populations ... Continue Reading →

  • ATF Planning For Grid-Down Disaster?

    Guess what? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (‘ATF’) has their own version of a Disaster Preparedness plan, or as Preppers say; a plan for when the excrement hits the fan (‘SHTF’).

    I don’t intend any disrespect towards the ATF, but, as I read theirplan’ it’s clear that they are trying to catch-up with the rear of the ... Continue Reading →

  • Sun Navigation Tips

    Knowing where you are based on looking upward is a fantastic survival skill to have, and one that could easily keep you alive should you find yourself lost in the wilderness. Since the sun follows a consistent path, it makes a great navigation tool! Check out a few tips for learning sun navigation and never get lost during the day again:

    Rising and Setting

    The sun rises in the eastern sky in the northern hemisphere, and reaches its highest point during the m... Continue Reading →

  • Will Your Electronic Safe Open After An EMP? How to Protect Your Gear

    Did you know that if you own a safe with an electronic lock that you might be locked-out of it after an EMP? And that’s not exactly good timing. That’s right folks! Depending on who made the safe, its model, where the safe is located, and the distance away from the EMP source, you may or may not be able to access the goodies that you have tucked away in that fancy electronic safe!

    A good friend of mine who is trying to be as prepared as possible called me the other day a... Continue Reading →

  • Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

    One of the best ways to beat the blues, meet new people, and give back to your community is by volunteering. Volunteering has been shown to have a wide range of benefits, and some studies have even discovered that people who volunteer have lower morality rates than those who do not. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and strengthen existing relationships, it increases self-confidence while fighting depression, it brings fulfillment, and it can give you valuable job skills and experience.

    So how do you begin volunteering in your community? A good place to start is to ... Continue Reading →

  • Tips For Predicting The Weather While Camping

    Enjoying a camping trip equals little if no communication with the "civilized" world, meaning you probably looked at extended weather forecasts before you left. We all know how unbelievably wrong extended forecasts are the majority of time, so if feeling unsure about the great wide open pre-trip, check out a few tips for predicting the weather using--wait for it--nature!

    Look at the Clouds

    Clouds are a fantastic indicator of weather, and not just t... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Reasons Why Bugging Out is a Bad Idea

    If you’re reading this, chances are you have a bug out bag ready and waiting for the STHTF. It’s probably packed with just about everything you need to pick up and run with, and while it’s a definite necessity to have a bug out bag of your own, bugging out under most circumstances is, for the most part, a bad idea.

    Sure, the thought of bugging out at the first sign of disaster seems great, but you can quickly get yourself into more trouble than you’re leaving behind. Shor... Continue Reading →


    This is not your uncle’s camping axe!

    I am not an expert with edged weapons, even though I have a trunk-load of them, including the old Buck hunting knife that my Dad gave me when I was a teenager many moons ago. So with that said, I wanted to share my latest prize, which was a Christmas gift from my son-in-law who is a serving USMC Officer who enlisted in the Corps and became a sniper. After his combat tour he was ‘mustang-ed’ i... Continue Reading →

  • The Different Types of Food Storage

    When it comes to getting ready for an emergency, nothing says preparedness like food storage. Setting aside food stuffs for use in the event of a natural disaster or crisis is a wise choice. But getting started can be overwhelming with the many different kinds of food storage items out there. How do you choose which one is best?

    Here are some of the most common food storage items and the pros and cons of each:

    <... Continue Reading →
  • Growing Your Own Pharmacy - Stinging Nettles Uses

    Illness and injuries during a disaster will likely cause more deaths than the bullets fired high-powered rifle or via the actions of marauding hordes. Stocking up on over the counter remedies, following the tips offered by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy in their bestselling Survival Medicine Handbook, and purchasing protective medical gowns, masks, and gloves - are just the beginning steps necessary to keep your family healthy when emergencies occur and you can't call a doctor.

    Ta... Continue Reading →

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