Self Reliance

  • The Different Types of Food Storage

    When it comes to getting ready for an emergency, nothing says preparedness like food storage. Setting aside food stuffs for use in the event of a natural disaster or crisis is a wise choice. But getting started can be overwhelming with the many different kinds of food storage items out there. How do you choose which one is best?

    Here are some of the most common food storage items and the pros and cons of each:

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  • Growing Your Own Pharmacy - Stinging Nettles Uses

    Illness and injuries during a disaster will likely cause more deaths than the bullets fired high-powered rifle or via the actions of marauding hordes. Stocking up on over the counter remedies, following the tips offered by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy in their bestselling Survival Medicine Handbook, and purchasing protective medical gowns, masks, and gloves - are just the beginning steps necessary to keep your family healthy when emergencies occur and you can't call a doctor.

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    With the start of the new-year, there always seem to be several articles that come out promoting guns as part of a preparedness solution. And it’s an unfortunate fact that firearms have become almost synonymous with Preppers and disaster preparedness. I will explain why that is truly unfortunate…

    Sadly, thanks largely to movies and bloggers with little or no ‘real’ long-term survival experience, far too much emphasis is placed on owning battle rifles as a primary part of surviv... Continue Reading →

  • Identifying Edible Wild Berries

    Whether marooned god-knows-where or were separated from your herd during a hiking or camping trip, a working knowledge of edible wild berries is never a bad thing. Let's check out a mere few of the wild berries that will help sustain you if lost:


    Wild strawberries are much smaller than those you find at the farmer's market, but plenty sweet. A member of the Rose family along with blueberries and blackberries, wild strawberries are eas... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips to Fine-Tune Your Every Day Carry Setup

    Having a proper every day carry (EDC) setup is one of the most important things you can do to be prepared, well, every day. While you can get separated from your bug out bag and might not be able to get home quickly, your every day carry is always on you to help you survive and get things done.

    We’ve covered some basics on the

  • Best Wood For Burning

    Wondering which firewood is the best to burn, whether in a fireplace, wood stove or when camping? The best options depend on where you live, but no matter what, you want to ensure what’s burning is what’s supposed to be burning. Setting fire to wood that doesn’t burn correctly...well, it’s a big ‘ol mess. Let’s take a look at what makes some wood ideal for home burning, and others better for open spaces:

    Dense Hardwood

    The biggest factor in determining how wood burns? Density. Dense wood such as hickory, locust, oak, walnut, maple, ash, ma... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 4 Water Supply

    Photo: Laura Simpson © 2014 – Lakes, streams and ponds provide potential water sources as well as fish

    In this series, we are considering the very basic steps that would allow anyone with average skills and the requisite adventuresome disposition, to successfully establish an ‘off-grid’ homestead. Going off-grid requires some of the same ‘spirit’ that many of our forefathers had when they first came to America in the 1800’s, taking their families into the ... Continue Reading →

  • How to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

    The holiday season is widely acknowledged as a time of joy, wonder, and giving. On the other hand, dealing with the crowds, the bad weather, and the financial pressure of buying presents can easily turn it into one of stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to keep from getting overwhelmed during the holidays:

    • Take Care of Yourself – Exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating right will go a long way to help with stress. Unfortunately, these activities are often neglected during times of high stress. Make taking care of yourself a priority during the holidays.
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  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 3 Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    Going Off-Grid

     ‘Starting From Scratch’

      PART 3

    Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    A solar array is the heart of your off-grid power system

    In this series, we are considering the very basic steps t... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

    Before getting serious about my finances, I’d never even heard of an emergency fund, let alone why it’s important to have one. However, in today’s economy, it is even more important than ever to be prepared with an emergency fund.

    Here are 5 reasons why:

    1. Cover a Job Loss: No matter if you are laid off or fired, having some sort of emergency money saved up can be a stress-reliever when you no longer have a steady income coming in. It ge... Continue Reading →

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