Self Reliance

  • Buy Local and Help Your Community Survive

    Over the past few years, buying local has become a hot topic. A largely grassroots movement, the trend of buying local has reached nearly every area of the United States.

    When people hear “buying local” most automatically think of things like produce and meat, and while these are great examples of things you can and should buy locally, there are also lots of other things that you have to option to buy locally every day. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy as many locally grown and produced products as possible:

    Support Local Economy

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Gold & Silver: Should I Buy Some?

    I get a fair amount of email from readers on various subjects related to economic collapse leading to hard-times, social unrest and a lack of monetary exchange. And one particular question that keeps coming-up is: Should I buy some golf or silver?

    We are barraged with commercial ads saying one expert or another is forecasting that gold and silver will be going up and that, gold and silver will be an important form of monetary exchange should there be a collaps... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Home Defense Gun Safety Tips

    Having a handgun for home security and defense is a solid idea that many consider a necessity. It takes more than just purchasing a gun and ammunition to keep your home safe however. Even if you’re a great shot and know how to handle a handgun safely and effectively, using one for home defense takes some additional skills and safety steps to make sure the only person that sees the business end deserves it.

    Using a firearm in an environment where friendly people can be only a wall away from you means you need to focus on not only accuracy, but the very real possibility of im... Continue Reading →

  • Tried and True Ways to Make Income on the Side



    It’s a fact of life that most things you want require money, and money usually takes more effort to earn than to spend. Relying on income from a 9-5 full time job may not be enough to help you accomplish your life’s goals whatever they may be, or at least not in as timely a manner as you would like.

    So, it’s important to develop a way to earn income on the side so that you can achieve your goals faster no matter if your goal is to travel the world or save a lot of money and retire at an early age.

    Here are some ways to make an income on the si... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 2 – First Steps

    Going Off-Grid

     ‘Starting From Scratch’

    PART 2 – First Steps

    In the previous article of this series, we considered the ‘overview’ and possible reasons for getting out of the city now, and relocating your home and family to a remote location and getting set-up to live a life totally off the grid. Some movies (Jeremiah Johnson, Robinson Crusoe, etc.) touch on this tantalizing concept, and what may be mere fantasy to most people. But the reality is that many of us have forefathers who actually did just that; relocated here in the American wilderness from Europe. And those early settlers faced many of the same ‘off-grid challenges’ that any of us would face today, except that, we have much more technology. Continue reading HERE

  • Weather Prediction in a World Without Power

    Believe it or not, people were actually able to predict the weather before we had satellites to look down on moving weather patterns, and iPhones to get severe weather alerts. There was a time where farmers were the best meteorologists and grandpa was who you asked about the weather later today, not the guy on TV.

    These people of a time forgotten didn’t have super powers, and they didn’t go to school to predict the weather. Instead, they paid attention to the world around them and understood that most things in the world are connected, and ... Continue Reading →

  • How To Be Self-Reliant With Passive Income

    I’d argue that the American dream today has changed from a “rags to riches” type story to a world in which Americans, as a whole, seem to want to work less and earn more.

    But is this even possible? To those slaving away for 40+ hours each week for a set salary, while companies get further and further ahead and employees get the same wage year in and year out despite inflation, the concept of working less and earning more seems to be nothing but a dream.

    Passive income is ... Continue Reading →

  • Preparedness Simplified

    For Those With A Busy Lifestyle

    As an author in the field of disaster preparedness, naturally I read a
    lot of what’s out there in the way of advice, and there’s plenty; some good and some bad. In fact, there is too much info in my opinion,
    which leaves readers trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. I think that most people ‘get-it’ when it comes to having some stock-pile of water an... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Awesome, Young Millionaires to Learn From

    We all dream of being millionaires “someday,” but few of us will actually reach that status on our own. Luckily, there are a few awesome, young millionaires around today who’ve made it there on their own by turning their passion into a profitable venture with lots of hard work along the way.

    Ashley Qualls

    Ashley is the founder of, a site she first started at age 14 in 2004, to showcase her html and web design skills. To gain traffic,... Continue Reading →

  • How to Make Money in Your Neighborhood

    You may not realize it, but there are plenty of side hustle opportunities all around you every day. You can easily take advantage of a few different ways to make money all without leaving your neighborhood. Or, if you’re looking to put your kid to work on the weekends or over school holidays, they too can use some of these ideas to make some money on the side. After all, it... Continue Reading →

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