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Kent Page McGroarty is a freelance lifestyle writer whose work has appeared in AZ Central Healthy Living, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, SF Gate Home and Garden, LIVESTRONG,, I Do Take, and many other online publications. Twitter: @KentsStuff.

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  • Sun Navigation Tips

    Knowing where you are based on looking upward is a fantastic survival skill to have, and one that could easily keep you alive should you find yourself lost in the wilderness. Since the sun follows a consistent path, it makes a great navigation tool! Check out a few tips for learning sun navigation and never get lost during the day again:

    Rising and Setting

    The sun rises in the eastern sky in the northern hemisphere, and reaches its highest point during the m... Continue Reading →

  • Food Storage Tips and Tricks

    Learning how to store food is something you can add to your already-impressive list of survival skills, and helps ensure you won't, you know, die in the event of an emergency. Check out a few excellent food storage tips to get your started...those berries won't store themselves, you know.....

    The Right Storage Space

    Food is best stored i... Continue Reading →

  • Tips For Predicting The Weather While Camping

    Enjoying a camping trip equals little if no communication with the "civilized" world, meaning you probably looked at extended weather forecasts before you left. We all know how unbelievably wrong extended forecasts are the majority of time, so if feeling unsure about the great wide open pre-trip, check out a few tips for predicting the weather using--wait for it--nature!

    Look at the Clouds

    Clouds are a fantastic indicator of weather, and not just t... Continue Reading →

  • Identifying Poisonous Spiders

    Ah, the spider. The arachnid has been demonized in books, movies, television and various other media forms, from giant versions looking to wipe out humanity to normal-sized ones insisting on taking a bite out of anybody. Yet spiders play an essential role in our ecosystem, and eat many insects that would otherwise ruin our lives. Some 40,000 spider species exist, and very few are a threat to humans. However, it's still a good idea to have a working knowledge of venomous... Continue Reading →

  • Identifying Edible Wild Berries

    Whether marooned god-knows-where or were separated from your herd during a hiking or camping trip, a working knowledge of edible wild berries is never a bad thing. Let's check out a mere few of the wild berries that will help sustain you if lost:


    Wild strawberries are much smaller than those you find at the farmer's market, but plenty sweet. A member of the Rose family along with blueberries and blackberries, wild strawberries are eas... Continue Reading →

  • Tick Bites: Symptoms and Treatment

    It's not uncommon for the sight of a tick to strike fear in the hearts of even the most brave, as the arachnids carry a range of super-unpleasant diseases, including those that last until you die (hello, Lyme disease). In addition to familiarizing yourself with the various ticks that inhabit our world and the types of diseases they carry, it's also essential to understand the signs of tick bites, and what to do if you are bitten. Check it out:


    Ticks... Continue Reading →

  • Best Wood For Burning

    Wondering which firewood is the best to burn, whether in a fireplace, wood stove or when camping? The best options depend on where you live, but no matter what, you want to ensure what’s burning is what’s supposed to be burning. Setting fire to wood that doesn’t burn correctly...well, it’s a big ‘ol mess. Let’s take a look at what makes some wood ideal for home burning, and others better for open spaces:

    Dense Hardwood

    The biggest factor in determining how wood burns? Density. Dense wood such as hickory, locust, oak, walnut, maple, ash, ma... Continue Reading →

  • Improvised Floatation Device Ideas

    The thought of getting thrown into the ocean, a river or fast-moving lake with no life jacket is pretty darn terrifying, particularly if already afraid of water. Whether you find yourself in deep water from a capsized boat or other means, knowing how to make a flotation device can definitely save you from certain doom. Let's look at a few DIY flotation device options that could easily save your life:


    Believe it or not, the clothes on your back w... Continue Reading →

  • Borax: Its Many Uses

    A naturally-occurring mineral also known as sodium borate, Borax is an eco-friendly cleaning solution featuring a host of other benefits. If your emergency or camping kit needs another component, check out some of the white stuff's many uses:

    Fire Retardant

    Want to put your campfire out? Need to put your campfire out because someone thought dumping whiskey on... Continue Reading →

  • How To Stay (Relatively) Clean During Long Hiking Trips

    Planning a long, long, long hiking trip? Whether "long" means "the weekend" or "several months," keeping clean is often a challenge. Unless staying in a campground with available showers, you'll have to get creative to remain clean and (somewhat) fresh. Check out a few ideas to help you avoid saying "What IS that horrendous smell?" and  realizing it's you:

    Baby Wipes

    Baby wipes take up very little space and are an ideal item to bring on lon... Continue Reading →

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