Would You Move into a Tiny House?

tiny houseThe tiny house movement continues to gain momentum, and it’s not crazy-hard to understand why. While moving into a 200- square- foot home is a huge change if you’re used to living in a 1,000- or 2,000- square- foot residence, there are many benefits to tiny house living. If you are looking to seriously downsize, review why a tiny house might be exactly what you need.

Save Money

Tiny homes are unsurprisingly huge money-savers. There’s no expensive mortgage weighing you down every month, which allows you to lower your expenses and put money into savings accounts and the like. Most tiny houses are mortgage-free, or they require making small, manageable manageable payments. In other words, you are saying buh-bye to the mortgage stress that accompanies large houses.

Minimalist Living

Do you look around your house sometimes and wonder how you acquired so much stuff? A tiny house provides an excellent chance to cull, as only so many things fit. The decision to move into a tiny house allows you to get rid of items you no longer have use for and invest in multi-use pieces that save space.

More Time

Cleaning a big house sucks serious time out of your day. A tiny house saves you gobs of time, as it takes about two minutes to vacuum, among other cleaning benefits. Your tiny home subsequently gives you time to do anything else, from reading to hanging out with friends to taking day trips and more.


Tiny houses are often built on trailers. The ability to take your home with you makes it possible to travel as you wish and enjoy location independence. You’re never stuck in one location permanently when you opt for a tiny house.


Another benefit of a tiny house? You’re reducing your carbon footprint. Tiny homes need much less power and allow you to “tread lightly.”

These are just some of the benefits surrounding tiny homes! Pretty nifty, right?

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