10 Odd but Useful Items to Include in Your Survival Kit

zip tiesPutting together a survival kit is not all that difficult. There are some items that just make sense to include in your kit. Things like extra food and water, first aid items, a multi-tool, a fire starter and cooking devices are essential.

There are other items to consider putting in your survival kit that you might not immediately think of. However, these things could still help you out in a pinch.

1. Zip ties – Zip ties are neat little tools that can be used in a large variety of situations. Plus, their holding power and strength are incredibly impressive. You can use zip ties for just about everything including making handcuffs, keeping items secured, building a snare, repairing backpacks and tents, attaching to a splint or using as a tourniquet, and attaching items to bags or shelters.

2. Tampons – Tampons have many survival uses beyond what they are originally intended for. Tampons can be used to fashion an emergency water filter and a weapon. Tampons can help start fires, plug up a wound, clean teeth, lure animals, and produce light like a candle.

3. Carabiners – Carabiners are extremely helpful for carrying stuff around. If you need to carry something but don’t have room for it in a bag, simply clip the item to your bag using a carabiner. Carabiners are also handy as key rings or to hold other smaller items together. They can make good emergency zipper pulls for bags or shelters as well as fishing and constructing a shelter.

4. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can treat infections, but it is also good for treating problems with critters such as lice, scabies, and ringworm. Additionally, it helps to keep mosquitoes and parasites away.

5. Paper clips – The mighty paper clip is not only cheap, but it also has survival uses. Use them to make an emergency compass and get your sense of direction, attach bait to a paper clip for fishing, and use one to repair a zipper pull.

6. Small candle – Get some light and keep warm with a small candle. Candles will eventually run out and you’ll need something to light it, but a small candle can make a big difference in a survival situation.

7. Super glue – If anything breaks in your survival kit, as something most likely will, keep a small tube of super glue for repairs.

8. Glow sticks – Glow sticks don’t require batteries, and you can simply hang one around your neck with a string. They are much easier to carry around than most flashlights.

9. Cash – Although it is less common to carry around cash these days, it’s always handy to have a little bit on hand for emergency situations. When credit card machines are down, you never know when a little cash will help.

10. Panty hose – Panty hose can help in many ways. They can keep you warm as well as reduce friction to keep blisters at bay. They also work as emergency water filters for removing larger debris.

Stick some of items in your emergency kit, and you might be surprised what you can use them for!

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3 thoughts on “10 Odd but Useful Items to Include in Your Survival Kit”

  • Illini Warrior
    Illini Warrior August 6, 2016 at 9:08 am

    another useful item from that office desk drawer - paper bundle binder clips ... thousands of uses from a quiky shelter prep to helping close a wound gash ....

  • Darlene

    Very thoughtful and to the point. Several items I hadn't thought
    of. Thanks.

  • Joey McGuire

    Hi Rebecca,

    A friend of mine has always been fanatical about carrying zip ties when he goes camping. I kinda poked fun at him until we went on an extended backpacking trip and one of the zippers on my backpack broke. My friend instantly whips out his assorted collection of zip ties and saved the day.

    I agree that super glue is a must, as is duct tape. Both have saved me on countless occasions. I've never thought of various uses for tampons or pantyhose, but it does make sense. Thanks for the great info!


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