5 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

saving money on entertainmentWith the cost of living on the rise, it seems like families are always on the lookout for ways to save money and live more frugally. One of the areas to consider cutting back on is entertainment. The reality is that you don’t have to spend much money to have fun.

  1. Ditch the cable – To save money on at-home entertainment, it makes sense to get rid of your cable TV. Many cable providers offer their services at decent introductory prices but then up the ante after a certain period of time. The result is that you end up paying way more per month than you originally thought you would. There are several alternatives to cable TV, including putting up a digital antenna or subscribing to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Sling TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Streambox are other alternatives.
  2. Rent, not buy, movies and TV shows – It’s unlikely that you’ll watch a movie more than once or twice. Instead of buying DVDs and Blu-ray discs, which can be pretty expensive, rent them at much cheaper prices. Some services that allow you to rent movies and TV shows include Vudu, Redbox, Gamefly, Amazon.com, VidAngel and Google Play. Better yet, become a member of your local library and borrow movies and TV shows to watch for free.
  3. Opt for cheaper dates – Instead of going out all the time, opt for cheaper dates by staying at home. At-home dates don’t have to cost anything when the focus is on spending quality time with your significant other. Other cheap date ideas are taking bubble baths, volunteering together, singing karaoke, having a picnic, stargazing, getting outside, cooking and going for a drive.
  4. Shop for the holidays in the off-season – Start making a list of gift ideas weeks or even months in advance of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. That way you can take advantage of sale prices when you see them. Another way to save money is to do your holiday shopping right after the season is over when retailers have deep discounts on all kinds of items and seasonal decorations. Not only does this help save you money, but it can also cut down on holiday-related stress. Then use the money you saved for holiday celebrations and entertainment.
  5. Take advantage of happy hour – If you find yourself spending too much on going out for food and drinks, take advantage of happy hour at a bar. Try to limit yourself to one drink, and enjoy the discounts on food. This is a good option for sports lovers, especially when watching big games and tournaments.

With a little effort, you can cut back on entertainment and still have loads of fun!

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