Emergency Kit: Your Four-Legged Friend Needs One Too

pet emergency kitsYou may have your emergency kit packed and ready to go in the event of a disaster, but what about your furry family member? The kitty or doggy in your life needs an emergency kit too, especially if the animal requires medication or other special treatment. Let’s review what your pet emergency kit would entail so you can get started on one today:

Food And Water

Okay, this may be glaringly obvious, but your pet emergency kit definitely needs food and water. Pack at least one bag of dry food and as many cans of wet food as you can fit, as well as plenty of bottled water. Several days’ or a week’s worth of food and water is generally best.

IDed Collar & Leash with ID

Many pets get loose during natural disasters, and unfortunately some never come home again. Keep a collar featuring an ID tag with the pet’s name and your contact information in the kit, as well as a leash. These extra items are helpful if you need to secure your animal during an emergency, and they also provide necessary information, should the cat or dog be separated from you.


All the medications your animal takes must go in the kit. Again, a few days’ or a week’s worth of options meds is what you want. You must rotate the medications as needed to avoid giving your pet expired  drugs in the event of an emergency.

You’ll also do well to add first aid items to the kit, such as hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting,  milk of magnesia to absorb poison, and an eyedropper to administer medications or flush your pet’s eyes. Gauze and non-stick bandages to stop bleeding are recommended as well.

Important Documents

Copies of medical records, proof of ownership, and any other important documents are yet another emergency kit must, as is the phone numbers of your veterinarian. Make sure your contact information is also written down, since having a separate paper as well as the ID tag is recommended.

Additional Items

Other items to add to your kit include:

  • Favorite toys and blankets
  • Bowls
  • Towels
  • Cat litter and box
  • Cleaning supplies (for litter boxes, etc.)
  • Photographs of the pet
  • Grooming Supplies

Anything else a pet emergency kit should include?


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