Coyotes & Bobcats: Small(er) Predator Encounter Tips

coyote predatorCoyotes and bobcats are among the smaller predators in our world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t rip you apart if they have the inclination. We’ve already discussed what to do should you encounter a cougar, bear, moose or shark, so let’s take a brief look at how to handle smaller predators without serious injury.


These members of the wolf family are known for their cunning and adaptability. They generally keep to themselves unless gathering to howl at the moon. They have no issue being brazen should they realize humans aren’t a threat. If you happen upon a coyote, do not try to feed it unless you want a wild animal sniffing around your property a whole lot. Throw rocks or yell at it to scare it away, and don’t keep garbage or pets outdoors. If you are walking your dog in a coyote-heavy area, put it on a leash.

Coyote attacks on humans are rare, but they do happen.


The wild kitties are increasingly present in urban areas thanks to their adaptable natures. They possess the ability to attack and take down animals up to eight times their weight; however, they will likely flee the scene if you come upon them. If a bobcat takes up residence on your property, you don’t have much to worry about unless you have pets or livestock. If that’s the case, block as many entrances to your property as you can, and never leave food out, whether it’s pet food, garbage, etc.

As with cougars, you don’t want to run if you see a bobcat, as it might mistake you for food and begin a pursuit. Back away slowly and make a lot of noise instead.

Other small predators include badgers, but they pose little threat to humans despite their somewhat ferocious-looking appearance. The honey badger is especially amazing, as its thick, rubber-like skin is one of the many reasons the animal has been dubbed “the world’s most fearless creature.”

Have you encountered one of the above animals? What was your experience?

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