4 Tips For Not Drowning

swimming survival skillsLearning how to not drown is pretty darn important, as death by water is enough to ruin anyone’s day. Water safety is an essential survival skill, so if planning any trips that involve the great blue sea, rivers, lakes, or any other waterway, check out the following tips so you and those you care about will stay aware and safe.

Don’t Panic

Remaining calm is one of the most essential things you can do in the face of danger. Whether unexpectedly falling into a body of water or finding yourself swept away by an ocean undertow, riptide, or huge wave, refusing to panic is very, very necessary. Many drown due to exhaustion because they start flailing around out of paralyzing fear.

If you’re in the ocean and an undertow or riptide takes hold of you, let it do its thing. You might be carried quite far from your starting point, but if you save your energy, you’ll be able to swim back to shore or have a lifeguard rescue you.

Swim at Designated Areas Only

Swimming in designated areas is a great way to stay safe. If swimming in the ocean, do so only when there’s a lifeguard present, and for goodness’ sake, don’t swim at night. The same is true of lakes and pools — it’s much better to swim with other people and lifeguards around. Rivers aren’t usually swim-worthy unless you come across a small pool free of currents. Currents in this type of waterway go every which way making drowning a very easy thing.

Remember, if you’re in doubt about any swimming area, avoid it.  

Tread, Tread, Tread

Learning how to tread water is another necessity in your fight against treacherous water. Treading water is often done in pools by those learning how to swim, but it’s helpful no matter what body of water you’re in. Currents can make treading difficult, but the more you know about staying afloat, the better. Treading takes little effort and may be the difference between life and death.

Additional Tips

 Other tips for not drowning include keeping a weather eye on your companions and having them do the same for you It also helps to respect the water you’re swimming in, especially the ocean. The ocean is incredibly beautiful and wonderful, but also a serious force of nature that demands serious respect.

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