4 Places to Discreetly Store Your Food Supply

why-food-storage-and-prepping-are-so-importantKnowing how to store food properly is a survival skill you don’t want to be without. However, stocking up on food also means learning how to store it effectively and sometimes even creatively, as you want to walk through your house without tripping over a bag of beans. Check out these creative options for storing food around your home, and feel good about your survival prowess.

Back Of Doors

Purchase assorted over-the-door organizers and use the space behind the doors in your home to store food. For example, hanging shoe organizers double as space for housing canned goods. They also work well for dry grains and beans.

Under Stairs

Use the space under your stairs for food storage, as you’re probably not doing much with the space anyway. (This is assuming you have space under your stairs, of course!) Hang a curtain over the space so it doesn’t detract from your home’s décor , or build shelves that fit perfectly under the stairs. You’ll be happy you did in a time of crisis.

Under The Bed

Make excellent use of the space under your bed by filling it with boxes of dry food goods. As with the space under your stairs, you might want to build (or purchase, no judgment here) a drawer for easy access.


Get more out of your garage (if applicable) and use it for food storage. Again, feel free to get creative with shelves, or hot-glue mason jar lids to a wooden board and fill the corresponding jars with dry goods.

What are your favorite food storage tricks? Share them in the comments section!

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