Humless Tactical Flashlight Review

Humless Tactical flashlight Review. Imagine the power is out in your home, or your tire has gone flat and it is dark outside, or you are out camping and at midnight and one of your kids has to use the bathroom. What do you do? You reach for your flashlight. We all have one tucked away somewhere. In the car, the closet or bug out bag. But of all the flashlights out there which one should you have ready to use in an emergency? I tested three different LED flashlights and the Humless Tactical flashlight came out on top.

Humless Tactical Flashlight

The three LED flashlights I tested were the Humless Tactical Flashlight, a three dollar LED flashlight from Wal-Mart and a five dollar MegaBright hand crank flashlight from Kohls. (see image below)

Humless Tactical Flashlight Review

The Humless Tactical Flashlight contained one LED bulb, the Wal-Mart LED light used 9 LED bulbs and the MegaBright flashlight had only three LED bulbs.

I first tested the MegaBright flashlight. I followed the instructions in cranking the light for one minute and then turned the light on in my darkened hall way to simulate a power outage. The result is below. (Please excuse the backlit door. My wife was reading.)

WalMart LED Flashlight Beam

As you can see the three LED bulbs provided some light and I would be able to navigate slowly through my apartment if needed.

I then tested the Wal-Mart brand with nine LED bulbs. This flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries. At the time of this test the batteries were brand new. The result is as follows.

Megabright LED Flashlight Beam

In this photo you can see the closet located in my hallway and nearly the entire door of my bedroom. I would feel confident with this light in hand during a power outage but I still would have trouble seeing my surroundings and any danger outside of my improved yet limited beam of light.

Finally I pulled out the Humless Tactical Flashlight and was very pleased with the results. This flashlight is powered by one rechargeable lithium ion battery. (Charger is included) While only using one LED bulb this flashlight was able to greatly out perform the other two. See for yourself.

Humless Tactical Flashlight Beam

With the Humless flashlight I am now able to see my entire hallway. The light is so bright you can even see I need to get my carpets cleaned after a long winter.

This light is too bright you say? Well you are in luck because the Humless Tactical Flashlight has three different beams. You have high, medium and low beams. All it takes is a tap of the power button to switch between them. Along with those three beams you also have two different speeds of strobe lights, fast and slow. These strobe lights can come in handy to attract the attention of rescue crews, or to alert on coming traffic if you are on the side of the road at night or during a storm.

The uses of the Humless Tactical Flashlight are as numerous as the situations you may find yourself in. I will have one of these flashlights in my house, one in each of my vehicles, one in my camping supplies and one or two in my bug out bag. Make sure you have yours ready for whatever may come.

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