Tips For Planting A Survival Garden

Organic GardeningAlways wanted to grow your own garden? How about a survival garden? Creating your very own food supply is a wonderful survival tactic that comes in mighty handy in the event of a disaster or food shortage. Check out a few beginner tips for survival gardening and get plantin’.

Make Room

Create space to plant your garden by removing rocks, plants and other debris from your chosen area. Be sure to eliminate all weeds, as they choke and smother the veggies you want to grow. Till the earth as needed to ensure all weeds are gone; loosen 6 to 12 inches of soil for best results. Don’t forget to pick a spot that gets plenty of sun!

Add Fertilizer

Enrich the soil with organic matter unless dealing with dirt you already know is rich with nutrients. Add a three-inch layer of compost, grass clippings, old manure, or decayed leaves to give soil a nice boost, and remember to work whatever you use into the earth.

Choose Your Veggies

Opt for vegetables and herbs that grow well and are easy to store. If possible, look for drought- and disease-tolerant options. Find out what planting zone (growing climate) you’re in, and choose organic seeds that thrive in such conditions. Read manufacturer planting instructions or discuss best practices with your local farmer or nursery.

Water Your Plants

Determine the watering needs for each type of vegetable and herb you’ve planted and make sure they get the water they need to flourish.

Store Your Food

Store food from your survival garden in a root cellar if possible. Root veggies such as carrots, beets, potatoes and turnips obviously store well in these cellars. If you don’t have access to a root cellar, a cool, dark food pantry will suffice. Canning food and using a food dehydrator are best for storing food as opposed to freezing what you have.  Freezing requires electricity, and as soon as the power goes out, your stored food won't have long for this world.

Have you planted a survival garden? Share your tips in the comments section!

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