Why You Definitely Want Superglue in Your Survival Kit

super glue for survival kitFlashlight, canned goods, Swiss Army knives and superglue? You may not think the adhesive belongs in your survival or bug-out kit, but it does. It really, really does. Whether you use the name-brand stuff or some other knock-off, this ultra adhesive is a welcome addition to any survival kit. Let’s find out why, shall we?

Wound Care

While putting superglue in your eyes, mouth, or other orifices is definitely not recommended, the adhesive is excellent for closing wounds. Use it only if sutures and butterfly strips aren’t available, and never pour the glue directly into a cut. Simply close the wound and apply the glue to seal and keep it shut. Avoid any activity that will reopen said wound.

Leak Repair

Have a leak in your water bottle? Allow the bottle to dry out completely and fix the affected area with glue. Let the glue dry before adding water.

Weapon Creation

Superglue works very well in the creation of assorted weapons, such as adding a spearhead to a long pole.

Shoe Repair

If there are tears in your shoes, use superglue to repair them. They’ll last a little while longer, and you won’t have to go without footwear.

Fishing Tackle Repair

Superglue is also recommended as fishing tackle repair. You may use the stuff to construct DIY lures and flies from whatever materials you have access to as well.

Tips and Recommendations

The toxicity of the glue depends on the brand, as some are waaaay more toxic than others. Keep this in mind when using the glue on wounds and in water bottle repair, and remember that the glue itself won’t last long once you open it. Pick and choose the best time to use it, and use it only when you really need it.

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  • Dean

    Best use I have found for super glue is patching cuts and wounds. This will stop the bleeding and give you a chance of surviving. Definitely needs to be in first aid kit.

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