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There’s a whole slew of survival-themed television series out there, some of which fall into the “reality” category. Others are fictitious, but easily serve as potential warnings about the future. Check out a few of the best survival-based television series and maybe learn a new skill or three:


Survivorman was a Canadian-produced television series that aired on the Outdoor Life Network starting in 2005. The last of the specials aired in 2014. The show followed host Lee Stroud as he used his survival skills to last in various remote areas for up to 10 days at a time. Stroud brought very little food, water, and equipment to each thoroughly scouted location.

Falling Skies

The post-apocalyptic/sci-fi series starring Noah Wyle ran from 2011 on TNT until August of this year. Wyle played Tom Mason, a former Boston University professor who helps lead a group of civilians out of Boston following an alien invasion. This invasion nearly destroyed the Earth some six months before the show begins. The aliens’ goals are outlined in the fourth season, which includes — surprise! — enslaving humans.

Man vs. Wild

Man vs. Wild is a survival series starring Bear Grylls, a British adventurer who is left stranded in various locations around the world with his film crew. Most of the time Grylls is in a jungle or forest, and he occasionally has a celebrity companion, such as Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. The series aired from 2006 to 2011 on the Discovery Channel.

The Walking Dead

What survival show list is complete without The Walking Dead? The horror/apocalyptic series aired from 2010 to 2015 on AMC and begins with deputy sheriff Rick Grimes waking up from a months-long coma to find he’s living in a world overrun by zombies. He eventually meets up with his wife and son, and together with other survivors tries to make it in a crazy, zombie-filled world.

Did your favorite make the list? Honorable mentions go to Marooned with Ed Stafford, Extreme Survival and Survivors.

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