Archery Safety Tips

Archery Safety TipsWhether you’re channeling your inner Katniss Everdeen or simply want to learn more about archery, it’s essential to take safety tips to (proverbial) heart. This is important not just for your own safety, but to avoid shooting the eye out of those around you. With that in mind, let’s review a few excellent archery safety tips so you enjoy each and every shooting session.

Inspect Your Arrows

Take a good, hard look at every arrow before you shoot it. Look for cracks and other signs of damage, as a damaged arrow could easily snap and injure you or anyone nearby.

Wait in Line

If engaging in archery practice with a bunch of other people, it’s important to know your lines. Literally. First, there’s the waiting line where you stand patiently with other archers to take your turn. Next, there’s the shooting line, or the line you stand at to shoot your bow. Finally, there’s the target line, but it’s mainly used as practice for young archers.

Don’t Point

Never, ever, ever point your bow at anything other than your target, even if there’s no arrow drawn. This will help you create correct shooting habits. While you’re at it, never draw your bow if there’s something between you and your target, even if you don’t intend to shoot it.

Load First

Refrain from pulling your bow back if there’s no arrow drawn, as it could damage the bow or you. Ouch. Load your arrow before pulling the bow back — always.

Take It Off

Take off your watch and any jewelry before you begin shooting, as such items could interfere with the process.

Listen Carefully

Listen closely to your instructor whether shooting indoors or out. Your instructor will let you know when you can shoot, when you can’t shoot, and provide plenty of other vital information.

Use these and other archery safety tips to stay injury-free during practice sessions!

Are you an experienced archer? Share your best safety tips in the comments section!

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