Survival Tips From Animals

PorcupineSurvival skills are pretty darn important, and there’s much to be learned from the animal kingdom. Most animals have several very effective ways to protect themselves from predators, with methods ranging from the practical to the bizarre.

Let’s check out a few of the many ways the animals in our world protect themselves from harm and how their skills can help you out of sticky situations:

Flee From Danger Like Zebras

The black-and-white-striped African members of the horse family flee from predators by staying in groups. If you’re going to flee, doing so with a bunch of other people is usually the best way. However, if you’re turning and running from a large animal such as a bear or cougar, it’s probably not going to end well.

Fight Back Like a Porcupine

When faced with a predator such as the aforementioned cougar or bear, it’s sometimes necessary to fight back. Running will only make them think you’re food, but if you fight back, they’ll realize that maybe you aren’t their post-lunch snack. Porcupines fight back via their oh-so-sharp quills, which rise up at the first sign of danger. While you might not have quills to defend yourself, using your fists, any nearby branches, and anything you have or can reach will certainly help.

Blend In

Many animals use camouflage to protect themselves, such as the chameleon, octopus, and squid. Wearing clothing that blends into your surroundings can help you survive, as can taking steps to blend, such as rubbing mud or dirt on yourself. While you don’t want to get mistaken for a deer and get shot, the ability to blend and subsequently disappear can be a very great thing when trying to survive.

What are your favorite survival tips from our animal friends? Share them in the comments section!

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