The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

HomeschoolingEach parent faces the choice of how to educate their children, and one of the options available is that of homeschooling. Homeschooling is especially popular among preppers who value independence and self-reliance. While homeschooling offers a number of benefits it also has some disadvantages. Parents who are considering whether or not homeschooling is appropriate for their families should carefully weigh the pros and cons.


Freedom – One of the major advantages of homeschooling is that of freedom. You have the ability to choose what your children learn as well as when and how they do it. There are a variety of homeschooling curriculums that allow children to learn at their own pace according to their interests and abilities. There is also the freedom from restrictive class schedules and having to plan family life around the school calendar.

Emotional Independence – Being homeschooled means that children are free from the emotional abuse often found at schools in the form of bullying and peer pressure. There is also less of a competitive environment at home where kids do not have to feel the need to fit in.

Stronger Family Relationships – Homeschooling means that parents spend more time with their kids and take a more active role in their education. Traditional schooling means long hours away from children and a tendency for parents to look to teachers to be solely responsible for their children’s learning.


Commitment – A large disadvantage of homeschooling is the size of the commitment for the parents. Homeschooling takes a lot of time and effort from Mom or Dad who must motivate their children to learn, keep them on task, evaluate their progress, and even prepare the curriculum in some cases. They must also help their children with any outside activities like field trips.

Limited Outside Socialization – Homeschooling means that parents are often with their kids all day every day and this can drive anyone crazy after a while. There are also limited opportunities for children to socialize outside the family. Local public schools may or may not allow homeschooled children to join their sports teams or clubs. Acceptance from peers is especially important as children advance into their teen years.

Being Considered Abnormal – Even though homeschooling has a long tradition in the United States, it is still not the norm. Families who homeschool are often considered odd. That might be a problem for some people who are sensitive to negative comments and criticism from those who might not understand the reasons behind homeschooling.

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