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In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, it makes sense to make sure that your basic needs will be taken care of, especially those for food and water. A prepper’s basic objective is to ensure that their family has enough essentials to survive but are you prepared in terms of shelter? If you were forced to evacuate your home, what would you do to shield yourself and your loved ones from the elements?

Clothing can only go so far to protect us. Therefore, additional shelter is usually needed if you have to evacuate your home or if your home is damaged enough that it is not habitable. Getting ready for your family’s need for shelter is similar in many ways to camping since much of the same gear can be used. Preppers should keep in mind, though, that what they use for shelter will have to be carried.

Consequently, prepping in terms of shelter will include items that are not only compact but lightweight. Here are some suggestions of things that preppers could use for shelter in a pinch:

Backpacking tent – Backpacking tents are designed to go anywhere with you. They are compact, lightweight, and can easily fit into a bugout bag or emergency kit. They are usually easily to set up as well. On the downside, though, backpacking tents can get expensive and have a limited amount of space. They only fit two to three people at the most.

Hammocks – Hammocks are smaller, easier to carry, and weigh less than tents. Plus, they provide a more comfortable night’s sleep than the cold, hard, and sometimes wet ground. If you are trying to hide from someone in an emergency situation, you can even find hammocks that blend into the environment. Hammock tents are also available to provide additional protection from rain and/or insects. Finding a decent place to set up a hammock can be a challenge, however, and not everyone in your family might be enthusiastic about the idea.

Truck Tent – A truck tent is one that designed to be set up in the bed of a truck or SUV. Truck tents can be set up in no time, they get you off the ground, and provide a flat surface for you to camp on. On the other hand, truck tents have limited space available and they require a vehicle, something you may or may not be able to use in an emergency.

Emergency Group Shelters – When all else fails, you might consider taking advantage of an emergency group shelter that can accommodate the size of your family. These shelters are made of lightweight, waterproof materials that come in a stuff sack for easy portability. In the case of a disaster, it could offer you and your loved ones a little home away from home.

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    Do you have more info on the Outdoor Designs Emergency group Shelter? Does it have a floor? What holds it up? How is it set up? Sure would help to see a couple more photos. Thank you.

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