ISIS Video Games And Parenting Booklet Being Used To Recruit Second Generation Militants

isisISIS recently threatened to behead President Obama inside the White House. Few would disagree that Islamic State fighters pose a threat to Americans and all Westerners, but ISIS appears to have long range plans to make American and Europe part of its caliphate.

Indoctrinating teenagers, children, and even babies through parenting booklets for ISIS mothers, training sessions for "ISIS lion cubs" and even ISIS video games illustrate the group's skilled use of technology for recruiting purposes. The ranks of ISIS could like swell in coming years and make a Day of Wrath scenario in the United States far more likely.

ISIS video games are being used to recruit children and teach them how to “slaughter Westerners.” ARMA 3 (or ARMA III) has reportedly been adapted by the Islamic State and are being used in a combat simulator fashion.

The ARMA 3 ISIS video game now reportedly allows users to play as Islamic militants with jihadi characters. The ISIS fighters can kill Syrian soldiers and Westerners to score points. They combat simulator video game also allows the user to embark on attacks of character resembling Kurdish military forces. ISIS supporters have also reportedly adapted both Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto for propaganda purposes.

ISIS video game ISIS video game

The user-generated modification, or “Mod” ISIS video game is not an official ARMA III (ARMA 3) release by the Bohemia Interactive Czech developers of the popular video game. According to ISIS supporters on Twitter, the Islamic State is giving the modified version of ARMA 3 away for free on video gaming forums.

The ARMA III video game modification by ISIS reportedly began as an “anti-ISIS” update, Voctiv says. In the planned modification, the ARMA 3 user could reportedly create fighters who were based on Islamic State militants. ISIS supporters then reportedly “hijacked” the ARMA 3 modification and altered the video game to enable the user to play as the jihadis instead of killing such characters.

“In the latest version of the game ARMA III there are mods in which user can play as an ISIS militant, especially against the Peshmerga Kurdish Army and the Syrian Army,” one ISIS supporter reportedly posted to a “pro-terror” internet forum. Another anonymous poster to the same forum reportedly said this while promoting the ISIS video game, “I will, with the help of Allah, make dozens of copies for this game and distribute it for free to all the brothers that use the name of the Islamic Caliphate.”

In September 2013, ISIS posted a YouTube video with excerpts believed to be from a Grand Theft Auto 5 modification which depicted the black ISIS flag and showed violent scenes with police officers being “blown up” by suicide bombers. The message which appeared before the modified Grand Theft Auto 5 scenes read, “Your games which are producing from you, we do the same actions in the battlefields.” ISIS phases are repeatedly heard as characters are killed and bombs explode.

Reports about the ISIS video game from the Egyptian news media state that the ARMA 3 modification is designed to “raise the morale of the Mujahideen, and the training of children and young teenagers to fight the West, and throw terror into the hearts of opponents of the state.”

ISIS Islamic State

Jihadi babies are the focus of an ISIS booklet designed to teach mothers how to raise future Islamic State fighters. Fostering future ISIS fighters to keep the caliphate strong appears to be the primary task assigned to mothers living in the Middle East regions controlled by the group.

The “Sister’s Role in Jihad” booklet tells ISIS mothers that the “most important” manner in which they can contribute to the Islamic State caliphate is to indoctrinate children with the militant group’s message from a very young age.

“Don’t wait until they are seven to start, for it may be too late by then,” the how to raise jihadi babies booklet reportedly states.

The list of instructions from the “Sister’s Role in Jihad” booklet appeared online on ISIS social media networking accounts. The guidelines in the Islamic State pamphlet have been highlighted by Memri – a group which monitors the activities of ISIS and is currently focusing on the treatment of caliphate children. Memri Executive Director Steven Stalinsky said that in 2015, there will be a “marked increase in the effort to indoctrinate the next generation of fighters.”

Stalinsky also said, “No matter what happens in Iraq and Syria in the near future, the next generation – the children of Baghdadi and grandchildren of bin Laden – have already been brainwashed to hate the West and to strive for jihad and martyrdom.”

The how to raise jihadi babies booklet reportedly instructs mothers to expose young children to jihadist websites with graphic content and to read the youngsters stories about ISIS militants at bedtimes. ISIS youth are reportedly encouraged to play with toy guns at incredibly young ages. In October, posts to Twitter by alleged ISIS jihadists showcased photos of “ISIS cubs” as they graduated from the “School of Jihad.” According to Memri, the Islamic State wants folks in the West to know that the jihadi babies indoctrination is occurring.

“They [children] have been trained on the battlefield and know how to create bombs and suicide belts and to behead and crucify the innocent. This is something we must be prepared for and understand,” Stalinsky concluded.

isis child fighters

The ISIS jihadi babies booklet also reportedly states that Islamic State children should not be permitted to watch television because it “mostly teaches shamelessness, anarchy, and random violence.”

ISIS children should be engaged in sports and games, such as darts, so both their aim and fitness levels improve. Camping outings in order to teach outdoor survival skills are also reportedly encouraged by ISIS. When practicing target shooting with toy guns, parents should “make it very clear who their target should be and who their target should not be,” the “Sister’s Role in Jihad” book reportedly instructs.

isis lion cubs

ISIS “lion cubs” are young boys killing in the name of the Islamic State. One child executioner is featured alongside Abu Sa’ad al-Dāghistāni in a video appearing to execute two Russian intelligence soldiers. Abu Sa’ad al-Dāghistāni was killed during fighting in Kobane, ISIS fighters are now stating on Twitter.

Abu Sa’ad al-Dāghistāni was reportedly an ISIS intelligence commander. In the Islamic State video which appears to show an ISIS lion cub executing two “Russian spies,” al-Dāghistāni is shown standing behind the Russian soldiers before the unidentified boy allegedly shot the men in the back of the head. Military and medical are unsure if the ISIS execution video is authentic, and note a lack of blood from the gunshots wounds to substantiate their claims.

Abu Sa’ad al-Dāghistāni, dressed in a camo uniform, and the ISIS cub are then shown standing next to the alleged Russian spies – the boy is holding a handgun. When the elder ISIS fighter speaks, he says, “Allah has gifted the Islamic State with these two spies. By Allah’s grace, they are now in the custody of the lions cubs of the Khilafah.”

After appearing to execute the alleged Russian spies, the ISIS lion cub raises his handgun into the air and cheers.

Do you think ISIS poses a national security or teotwawki threat to the United States?

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