County Bucks: New Reality Show Might Be A Big Hit With Preppers [Matt Busbice Interview]

wildgame innovationsLooking for a television show that is appropriate for the entire family? Perhaps you are seeking a viewing experience that can also teach you a bit more about the great outdoors and hunting so you can get better at putting food on the table. Country Bucks might be just fill the bill and become a bit hit with American prepping families.

Country Bucks is a new reality show that premiered on A&E on November 19. The Busbice brothers and their family are buddies (city people translation: buddies is slang for friends) with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Ryan and Matt Busbice are the founders of Wildgame Innovations.

When the new country and hunting themed reality show was announced, some feared that Country Bucks would merely be a Duck Dynasty rip-off. The millions of Americans who watched the premiere episode of the new A&E reality series likely realized the Busbice brothers and their loved ones are unique in their own right and got the full stamp of approval for the new hunting show from Willie Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty clan. Willie Robertson made a guest appearance in the premiere episode of Country Bucks.

Country Bucks star Matt Busbice is eager to talk about his new reality show on A&E. If viewer response to the premiere episode is any indication, the rest of America is looking forward to hearing what is on the young Wildgame Innovations marketing director’s mind as well. Matt and Ryan Busbice founded the successful hunting company and opted to enter the reality team realm so customers and potential consumers could get to know the family behind the brand. Wildgame Innovations sells 2,400 products and 12 major outdoor brands.

At least one thing became abundantly clear during the first few moments during my interview with the Country Bucks star, Matt Busbice eats, sleeps, and breathes a true country boy outdoor lifestyle. Neither one of the Busbice brothers sit behind a desk in a three-piece suit directing nameless underlings to develop, test, and promote products designed to help hunters score big bucks, they do it all themselves – with the help of their family and a few friends.

Willie Robertson appears in the first episode of Country Bucks. Before watching the screener of the first episode, I read one review of the new series; it was more than a bit negative. Preferring to make up my own mind, I clicked on the screener link and sat back to analyze the show. I am not a reality show fan and therefore not the target audience of the new series, but had to admit just a few minutes in, I didn’t hate it at all like and laughed out loud several times. The grinning at the antics of the Busbice brothers and their kin likely stemmed from feeling a sense of familiarity with the individuals on the screen. Living in the beautiful rural Appalachian hills of southern Ohio, I could relate quite easily to the lifestyle and demeanor of the Busbice clan.

Unlike the vast majority of folks in the country, I have never seen a single Duck Dynasty episode. Willie and his family seem like nice, hard-working, God-fearing country folks, I just did not think a reality show about duck hunting would be something that I would find enjoyable. I am not a fan of reality shows overall and I have “pet” ducks. Much to my husband’s displeasure, I named the ducks and they will never be making an appearance in a cookpot unless teotawki happens and we have not prepared adequately and we become so desperate that we have to eat our breeders. We will, however, be enjoying duck eggs for breakfast one day soon. Perhaps if I would have watched Duck Dynasty like millions of others, I would have learned that female ducks honk and not named my two egg-layers Merle and Daryl.

Country Bucks focuses on both the deer hunting business and interactions between family members – a similar dynamic as is shared via Duck Dynasty, as I was told by one of their biggest fans, my cousin Marcie. Although both shows feature Louisiana country boys who made good by turning a hobby they love into a business, any “copy cat” aspect appears to end there.
All of Bravo’s Real Housewives shows share a similar initial concept but feature very different “characters.” Once again, so I am told. Enjoying the Willie Robertson segment on Country Bucks might make me a new viewer of his show, but I don’t think anything could entice me to watch a series about materialist women flipping tables, buying over-priced shiny things, and behaving like middle school mean girls.
The 55,000-acre property where the Busbice clan live is described as a slice of “Redneck Heaven.” Willie Robertson said Matt and Ryan Busbice offer up some country boy eye candy for the viewing enjoyment of the ladies. Hunters both male and female will likely learn a thing or two about deer hunting products and what not to do with a blow torch, from the other members of the Busbice family during the 8-episode first season.

Every once in a while reporters get the distinct pleasure of doing an interview where the conversation feels more like a chat with an old friend than an informative yet highly-structured work task. Speaking with Matt Busbice of Country Bucks was most certainly a big dose of the former.

The affable and intelligent Matt Busbice and I spent probably far longer than the Country Bucks producer would have liked, talking about his recent trip to Ohio Amish Country and Beignet recipes. Before we got down to discussing the new A&E reality show, we enjoyed discussing our respective home states since we were both familiar with the locales. Matt was thrilled to learn that young ladies in Ohio consider both he and his Wildgame Innovation co-founder and brother Ryan, “country boy eye candy.” Matt laughingly said, “Very thankful I was included in the eye candy grouping, it is usually just Ryan who gets the attention from ladies.” After bonding over a mutual love for Café du Monde and a host of outdoor pursuits, Busbice began talking about his business with a vigor only someone who truly loves their means of earning a living can do.

country bucks

Country Bucks is one of those rare television shows the entire family can watch together. How do you feel about such a perception of the series and the affection being show for the Busbice family as a whole already?

Matt Busbice: That’s refreshing to hear because I didn’t really necessarily go into it as like this G-rated family gathering for viewing show, but I wanted it to be a real depiction of what goes on in our life. At the end of day, I guess we’re just not that risqué type of people. So, with that said, I love to hear that families feel like watching us, that they can bring the kiddos around and gather, and not worry about it. That is important to us, if I know my nieces and nephews can watch it, I can add an extra notch on our belt and know we are really trying to nail our real life on screen.

Why did you decide to do a reality show?

Matt Busbice: Well my brother would say that I never really contributed very much to the company. Being the marketing guy and just spending marketing dollar year after year, he kind of thought I wasn’t pulling my weight enough. [laughs] I was approached multiple times about doing a reality show and thought, the marketing guy can finally bring something to the table and help take Wildgame Innovations to the next level. Making the business a household name is one thing I can say for sure I did that was positive for the company if the show goes nicely. I have produced hunting shows and commercials in the past but to be a part of this on A&E is like a dream. It’s the big leagues. I was able to convince Ryan that doing Country Bucks was a good idea after a few conversations. When talking to the rest of the family I said if we are going to do it, we are going to do it big, and they all agreed. I was so glad they did, we are really blessed to have this opportunity.

What is it like being on a reality show and working with family?

Matt Busbice: Being accepted by the country humbling really, so many reality shows launched and quick to change the channel, a blessing to be at lest one interesting enough without being r rated holding onto interest and loved family, endearing. Real deal, my family is everything to me had such great role models parents grandparents all learned from them all of our life, blessed with a great family, makes us closer, because we basically have to eat, sleep, and breathe, everyone can understand a little room, breather from family sometimes.

Getting to know the people behind the Wildgame Innovations products will likely help build a trust and sense of familiarity with customers. Feeling a connection with someone who enjoys the same activities and has demonstrated their skill in the arena seems like it would be beneficial to buyers?

Matt Busbice: I completely agree. If I am about to buy a product, in any category a watch let’s say, I would rather know that I am buying it from a family or group of some sort, that has been dedicated to the outdoors and experts. By attaching our brand with our family and showing the viewers that our family is fully immersed into outdoors and true sportsman and hands-on with everything, I think it builds confidence in our product.








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