Prepping for the Top 7 Disasters that Will End the World

"Doomsday Preppers" TV SeriesEveryone has their own opinion on how the world will end. "Doomsday Preppers" used Twitter to see what disasters will shake up society and end human civilization.

Through the Doomsday Dashboard, here are the results they found:

1.  29% - Flu Pandemic
2.  18%  - Cataclysm (2012)
3.  13% - Economic Collapse
4.  11% - Nuclear War/Radiation
5.  4% - Megaquake
6.  3% - Extreme Oil Crisis
7.  1% - Electro-Magnetic Pulse (Solar-flare-induced power failure)

Personally, I was shocked to not see zombie apocalypse on that list. Regardless, these results got me thinking about prepping for disasters, more specifically, prepping for a specific disaster.

When considering prepping, there are 4 basics that overall survival fall into; food, water, shelter, and security. No matter how you prep, you must have these basics covered, or there will be no survival. Let's look at some examples of the required prepping when dealing with any type of disaster.

Emergency  Food and Water

The Food, Fire & Filter KitI grouped  together because they are very similar in nature of providing the body with strength and nourishment, and are extremely vital for survival. Regardless of the disaster, food and water are the most important element in survival. if you don't have food/water storage, you won't survive. In the same breathe, if you don't have good/safe food and water you won't survive either. Get a water filter to prevent sickness and disease from bad water.

The amount of food storage will differ according to each person's situation. You want to make sure you have enough food/water for each person under your care. Get food that everyone (especially children) will eat. Try it out before you buy bulk and throw it in your storage. Make sure you figure out how long your food storage will feed you for; 6 months, 1 year, etc.

Emergency Shelter

Location of your shelter is more crucial than the structure. Choose a location that is distant from major populated areas, which will turn into complete chaos in an outraged society. You also want a location close to a source of water supply and food sustainability. for obvious reasons. A spot in a valley with woods, a stream, and some space will be a great location for any world-ending disaster.

Popular structures are made from re-purposed structures such as shipping containers and missile silos. Make sure your shelter can protect you from exposed gases or nuclear weapons, as well as movement of the earth beneath and around itself. You want shelter with a generating power source and a way to cook off the grid, all while protecting you from all types of weather.

Your shelter is not your first point of defense, it is your refuge. No matter the disaster, your shelter should be made of sturdy materials for protection against any element, and in a secluded location with resources around you.

Security and First Aid

Life in any instance is survival of the fittest. Your security from the community requires more than just a gun and some bullets. Martial arts training includes close range hand to hand combat as well as skills/tactics for defending against single/multiple attackers with weapons.

Self defense won't benefit you if you are out of shape. Well balanced physical fitness gives you the muscle strength, flexibility, endurance and overall ability that is demanded in life survival situations. And of course, eating healthy will positively contribute to your overall physical ability.

Emergency First Aid KitGeneral first aid knowledge is extremely necessary. At the very least, a basic disaster preparedness course can only improve your chances of survival. However, becoming a certified Emergency Medical Technician, EMT or Paramedic obviously has its benefits.

Combat shooting is probably the most popular type of security. Get the necessary practice and training that will simulate a real life situation that requires the marksmanship, decision-making, and physical skills necessary. Last but not least, and probably most important, take a gun safety class. It would be a shame if survival got worse because of a self inflicted stray bullet.

Overall, survival is of the fittest and most prepared. No matter the specific disaster,  well thought out food and water storage, shelter location and structure, and overall security will get you on the right track for survival.

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