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The recent news about the EPA’s new definition of ‘tributary’ had me doing some research into EPA related news, recent studies and actions that have been undertaken by the EPA and the current administration, including some of the people in the House and the Senate.



The EPA and many other government officials and agencies have adopted methods (‘the Bum’s rush’) which take advantage of the fact that most Americans are far too busy struggling just to stay afloat, and certainly don’t have the time to spare to read a few dozen one-hundred page documents… let alone provide comments pursuant to agency required guidelines and timelines before agency proposals take the form of administrative actions in the field and have effect on private lands. The EPA and its associated agencies have employed scores of so-called ‘scientists’ (many of whom are ‘unqualified’ people) on the payroll whose work is being reviewed by their own peers (friends and associates), and who are also being funded by guess who? The EPA!


Meantime, while most Americans are trying to just put food on the table, pay the rent and pay taxes, the EPA is paying (using our tax dollars) more and more so-called scientists who employ ‘bad science’ to find and identify obscure animals of all types (insects included) that might qualify to be listed on the endangered species list, which then gives the EPA special powers over any private property where these animals ‘may’ or in some cases could exist.


And when any decent scientist or group of scientists argues against the EPA and EPS in the courts, these agencies use inordinate amounts of tax dollars paid by Americans to defeat and silence anyone who disagrees with them! This situation needs rectification and fast. Penalties must be enacted to curb so-called scientists who knowingly seek to promote inaccurate findings or findings that are based upon ‘bad science’.

Any real scientist knows that species will go extinct in a pristine environment for a host of ‘natural’ reasons. And that ‘extinction’ is a part of the natural order of the planet. It’s just ludicrous for a handful of so-called ‘scientists’, using bad science, to take it upon themselves to decide what species shouldn’t be allowed to go extinct. As we have seen from their past ‘preservation follies’, whenever these people play God, there is a devastating result. Especially when the decisions of these relatively few so-called ‘scientists’ end up affecting the rights and livelihoods of millions of Americans…

In fact, we have in my opinion crossed the threshold where the rights of the current government and its numerous agencies are now overshadowing the rights of the people that they are all constitutionally required to serve.

We now find ourselves living the days when some government agencies care more about fish, frogs, trees and birds than they do about the human race. I recently listened to a speech given by Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou county that was inspired, and it was reassuring to know that there are people out there who truly care about Americans and the Constitution; here is that speech:


The U.S. Constitution specifies remedies that the people may choose to use for this exact situation; the removal of the government by the people, and the American Constitution outlines options for the removal of an unjust corrupt government. It’s no wonder that at this point, there are far too many elected officials in government that want to shred the Constitution which protects the people from the likes of what we are seeing today. The corrupt politicians who are currently in government know that their actions are clearly contrary to their sworn duty to the people; they have breached their fiduciary and constitutional duty to the people.

Some readers may scoff at my words, but let them do so in the face of numerous reports by the liberal and conservative press, who are now reporting that the vast majority of American people believe the same things, here is just one of numerous examples:


The time is now! Americans need to sit up and pay close attention to what is going on in our country and take action now! This abuse and the ongoing hijacking of ‘science’ to serve as a tool to undermine the rights of Americans must be stopped now! Otherwise, you may find yourself listed on one of their lists, shortly after the extinction of all ‘private property’ in America.

There was a bill being proposed that sought to help in a small way with this massive problem… call, write and email your local representatives and stay on top of them in demanding that they them support legislation such as this bill, and warn them that corruption and dereliction of duty to the Constitution and the people will no longer be tolerated:


Here is some additional very interesting reading:




Cheers! Capt. Bill

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