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survival training coursesWant to sharpen your survival skills? There's classes you can take to do that. Yes, actual classes. Opt for super-specific classes that teach useful skills should you ever find yourself stranded, well, anywhere, as well as survival training classes. Let's take a look at a few options, hmm?

Knife-Making Classes

Okay, you won't exactly have access to heavy machinery when marooned on a deserted island, however it doesn't hurt to know how to make knives. Or better yet, several kinds of knives. With such skills hand you could probably "MacGyver" a knife or two when faced with a sticky situation. Find a class near you if interested.

Archery Classes

Inspired to learn bow and arrow skills after seeing The Hunger Games? Hey, knowing how to shoot an arrow certainly helped Katniss stay alive, and it could help you too if an emergency situation called for it. Archery classes aren't usually hard to find, and you can take it up another notch by learning how to make bows and arrows. YouTube and assorted websites provide plenty of tutorials on the subject, and are designed to help you sharpen your survival skills.

Survival Training Classes

Find a class on survival training in your area and check out some of the courses they have available. Cody Lundin's Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona offers a variety of course options, such as those for making fire, "catching critters," and general staying-alive stuff. Other examples of super-cool survival training classes include the Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Boulder, Utah, which offers field and skills courses. Skills courses include how to make friction fire, shelter and flintknapping, or how to turn rocks into tools. The Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Catawba, Virginia is another survival training school example that offers similar classes. And these are merely some of the many schools like these found all over the country!

Sharpen your survival skills! You never know when you might need them.

Have you attended any classes such as these? What was your experience?

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