Are You Suffering From Radio Waves?

radio waves - radio waves

Sounds crazy huh? Well that question and questions related to it are now being studied by some leading scientists around the world. The study of electromagnetic energy covers a lot of ground, and this new field of study relates to what is known as ‘frequency pollution’.

Have you ever wondered how a microwave oven actually works? Or exactly how the energy from the sun causes photosynthesis? These questions are critically important to everyone on this planet, especially if you are interested in personal survival and how ‘frequency pollution’ can affect you and your family.

Here is a great primer on the effects of electromagnetic energy on matter.

Even though I am a writer, my background is steeped in science, and I am engaged in various design & engineering projects, including some that are related to the practical attenuation of multi-band wave (aka 'frequency') pollution as it pertains to its affects on humans. Recently, a Swiss scientist has completed an interesting long term study that supports the thesis behind one of my patent inventions related to inhibiting the effects of man-made wave-energy ('frequency') pollution on humans.

There are numerous scientists who are working for space defense and medicine, who have been carrying-on studies into tuned-wave and multi-phased energy transmitters, which operate at frequencies that are specific to various applications in science and medicine, which utilize frequencies ranging across most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Generally, based upon the shape, size and energy state of various objects (including things as small as atoms up to and including large objects both organic and inorganic) a tuned frequency can be transmitted which will cause a specific sized object to ‘resonate’ (there modifiers of energy waveform, which are beyond this scope of this article, but are no less important). This is how a microwave oven works...  Light energy can also cause a resonance in molecules; this is the cornerstone of photosynthesis in plants, which is of great benefit to all life on our planet. However, there is a dark-side to this phenomenon.

The military has already developed prototype wave energy weapons. One example are sonic weapons (low-frequency) that can cause organs inside a human to resonate, which of course can be lethal. A weapon like this is directional and can kill many people simultaneously in a given area very quickly. Operating at much higher frequencies than sonic, RF wave energy normally radiates out in all directions from an antenna and is therefore generally non-directional.

Even more concerning than such overt weapons is the more ubiquitous transmitted energy frequencies that are being used in a multitude of consumer-based applications. The long-term effects on humans by the myriad of frequencies that are generated by devices being used today in consumer-based products are largely un-studied and unknown. There are however many RF frequencies that have very well-known effects on humans and through the modification of transmitted RF and electromagnetic emissions, specific actions and effects can be observed in biologic organisms, including humans.

Here’s some interesting information:

There are specific types and combinations electromagnetic radiation (including RF and visible light frequencies), that modify human brain-wave activity. And like a virus, a ubiquitous carrier frequency can contain sideband waveforms that could have a separate devious effect on biological organisms, including humans.

Even a cursory amount of due diligence into the published research demonstrates that a tremendous amount of money is being spent on studying the neuroscience related to the effects of electromagnetic radiation (non-naturally occurring) on human behavior.

From my chair, we have passed into a new frontier leading to the ultimate battle for control of human consciousness on the planet, and a new struggle to maintain control of your own thoughts and self motivation, where physical freedom will no longer even matter.

Anyone who has a decent recall of man’s history knows how the offshoots of this type of research have been and are being used today; history is replete with examples.

The Swiss scientist I mentioned had an interesting graph in his study, which plotted the correlations between the rise in the incidence of cancer in humans against the development and implementation of various electronic devices that radiate energy in various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, including RF frequencies. Amazingly, starting around the year 1945, both lines as plotted on the graph rise rapidly together at almost exactly the same rate.  Coincidence?

So the next time you put some water into a microwave oven and watch as the transmitted energy in the microwave boils the water, start thinking about the field density of the RF energy around your own body, and what the transmitted energy from hundreds of sources around you is doing to the delicate nerve-impulses and neurotransmitters in your brain, not to mention your DNA and RNA.

One of my favorite quotes is from Frank Hebert’s DUNE - "Knowing where the trap is - that's the first step in evading it…”

In the end, as it has been since the beginning of time, we must look to ourselves for our own personal survival needs...

Cheers! Capt. Bill

Capt. William E. Simpson – USMM
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  • Larry Fleming

    I know about radiation and radio wave interference. We had to test for it when I worked at TRW in their aerospace division. The equipment had to work in a wide range of outside attacks. We had to take our own precautions to be safe during testing.

    Nice review of the subject. As with all survival, knowledge is the key.

  • Frank Biggs

    Outstanding writing Capt. Bill! Biggs

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