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Humless Portable Solar GeneratorsSolar-powered products are certainly some of the most eco-friendly, sustainable forms of power, well, ever, and are always worth the investment. Whether you use solar items at home, while camping, or in your RV, they're great to have on hand! Let's look at some of the best solar-powered products out there and what makes them so gosh-darn cool:

Humless 100 Watt Solar Panel

Deciding to go the solar power route? You'll need at least one panel! This Humless 100 Watt Solar Panel is an ideal option, so feel free to stick it on your roof and let it works its magic. It's also foldable for easy installation and storage. Nifty.

Humless 20' Solar Panel Extension Cord

If you're purchasing a solar panel, it's a fabulous idea to buy an extension cord as well. The Humless 20' Solar Panel Extension Cord is--that's right--20 feet long, and makes an excellent addition to any emergency kit. Before you buy, ensure the solar panel you want or already own is ready-made for outlets!

Outdoor Solar Lamp Post

An eco-friendly take on the classic lamp post, solar lamp posts sometimes come with planter pots, and look marvelous next to patios, back decks, pools, or in front yards. Look for versions that feature dusk/dawn switches that flip on as soon as the sun says buh-bye for the night.

Waterproof Solar Charger for the iPhone

Why not charge your phone the 'green' way? Going the waterproof route is even better, and such chargers make ideal gifts for outdoorsy friends who still remain glued to their phones. Look for versions that come with rubberized grips--and some can be submerged in up to six feet of water and still be totally fine! That's right!

 The Compete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home, 3rd Edition

Want to go the solar power route, but have not idea where to begin? The Complete Idiot's Guide series is always a good bet for whatever you need to learn, and solar power is no exception. Check out the third edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home to understand the basics of solar power and how to use these products at home.

Check out these and other cool solar power products! Do you use solar power, um, anything? What are your favorite products and why?

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