A Good Home Workout Routine Using Calisthenics To Get Ready For TEOTWAWKI

Ray-Burton-Calgary-Boot-CampAre You Fit Enough To Outrun a Zombie? Guest Post By: Ray Burton

A lot of preppers are getting their beans and bullets sorted out and that’s great. There’s another basic survival prep you should be looking at too. Are you fit enough to outrun a Zombie. Right, maybe not a Zombie but could you at least bug out with your ruck for 5 miles over some rough terrain?

If not, don’t worry. A simple survival fitness routine to prep you for the basic demands of TEOTWAWKI doesn’t take a lot of time and it doesn’t cost a cent.

So lets answer the question…

What Is A Good Home Workout Routine Using Calisthenics To Get Ready For TEOTWAWKI?

Using Calisthenics to get ready for the military, or straight up survival fitness of any kind, is a great topic that is close to my heart, let me tell you. It doesn’t seem to long ago that I was super strapped for cash and couldn’t afford a gym membership. I had received the call and knew I was going in for my APFT (army physical fitness test ) in a couple of months and really wanted to be ready. All I had to go off at that time were some muscle magazines. I didn't really put together that a big bench press wouldn't do me a lick of good in boot camp.

In reality, all you need to do is run, push, pull, and jump. If you get better at those, then you are good to go. But here are a few more helpful details if you find it challenging to do a run and gun. Better have a great scope.

So how do you workout at home using only bodyweight exercises so you’d be ready for military Basic Training or a survival situation? It easy enough actually. There is lots of information about Calisthenics online and I’ll lay out my basic daily Calisthenics workout routine for you here as well.  I said daily, but if something ever got exceptionally sore because I went for a personal best or I was feeling really drained, then I would skip a workout day or go a little easier. For a couple weeks any way, treat your body nice so it gets faster, leaner and stronger.  Most important part of your home workout is going to be cardio. It doesn't matter what you run into, a set of good lungs usually makes life a lot easier. To cover the running, go running. What about bad weather? Really? You’re going to be facing hordes of, well, hordes of something bad. So don’t worry about weather. The real world is full of bad, cold and wet weather. Might as well know what to expect. Hence the word prepped.

You don’t have to get too fancy with your running routine. Get out in it and run your guts out.  Do some short 2-3 mile runs mixed with some longer 5-10 mile runs every once in a while. Test yourself with short distance sprints and use the longer runs to really chip away at any excess weight you have.

After your run, do a 3 round Calisthenics exercises circuit of maximum repetitions on the pushup, sit-up, pistols and chin-ups. It doesn't matter what your maximum is, as long as you push yourself for three rounds. On the chin-ups use whatever grip you want initially. Pull up or chin up, whatever is easier for you just to get started and then start using overhand pull up more. It is closer to what you would use in real life with getting up and over something on hanging from something.


If initially you are very weak on the push ups, sit-ups and chin-ups then use easier versions and put more rest into the circuit between exercises so that you are working the muscles for strength and not bombing out because of lung failure.  So as you can see, that’s a super simple at home workout that doesn't keep you at home but opens up anywhere as a viable workout location. That’s exactly why the military uses Calisthenics in both their testing and daily routine. It’s flexible to the extreme, always available and it works.



Close grip push ups


This kind of routine is amazing if you want real world usability out of your fitness. With weight training, you get great at weight training movements but using your body out in the real world makes you great at using your body. That’s what you want when it comes to combat or survival. You want to become better adept at handling your own body weight in the real world. Although it costs you nothing, it improves obstacle negotiation, distance work, joint mobility and stability and strength through varied planes of movement. All applicable and needed in the real world. Seldom if ever is there a requirement for a soldier or person lost in the woods to lay on his back and push weight away from himself (besides pressing a grizzly off your chest). If he does have to push someone of himself, they usually don’t remain rigid and are not caring enough to try and equally weight each hand for the presser.


If you have any questions, fire away below. I’ll subscribe to the comments myself so I receive them.

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