September Caption Contest - Winners announced!


1st Place ($100 to  "Hey Griswold, Where ya gonna put a couch that size?"

- Dan Mortensen

2nd Place (SurvivalBased Shirt): "help me move," they said. "it will be fun," they said.

- Adam Cutler

3rd Place (Paracord Survival Bracelet): "Does this sofa make my trunk look fat?"

- Kris Philpot

Thanks to everyone who participated! It has been great to see all the comments.

New Caption Contest - Congratulations to Rick Davis for winning our "You pick the caption contest photo" contest on Facebook. His submission is today's new caption contest!

furniture on car

How to Enter: Simply leave your caption for the picture above in the "comments" section of this blog post or on our Facebook page.

- 1st Place Wins - $100 to
- 2nd Place Wins - "Keep Calm and Survive" SurvivalBased Shirt
- 3rd Place Wins - Custom Paracord Survival Bracelet

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