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Instafire bucketInstafire. In a survival situation, the ability to start a fire could mean the difference between life and death. Fire can provide light, heat, and fuel for cooking food. Being able to start a fire quickly under difficult conditions could dramatically improve your odds of survival when the SHTF.

One of the best products available to help start a fire is Instafire. Instafire is a scientific blend of recycled wood pellets and pieces of volcanic rock that are coated with a paraffin wax to make them water resistant. It only takes one half cup of Instafire to replace the hassle of newspapers and kindling wood. Instafire also lights from just one match the first time, every time.

Simple Fire Starting

It doesn't take much explaining to understand the importance of fire in a survival scenario, and Instafire simplifies the entire process of starting the fire. All you have to do is pour one small pouch of Instafire on any nonflammable surface where you would like to start a fire. After that, it only takes one match, or one spark from any fire starting device and the Instafire will catch flames.

Not only is Instafire lighter and easier to light than newspaper or kindling, it won't leave anywhere near the amount of ashes that the other fire starting methods do.

Instafire - Emergency Fire StarterDifficult Weather Conditions

Unlike standard fire-starting methods, Instafire is designed for inclement weather conditions. Its paraffin wax coating makes it water resistant, so rain or snow will not be a problem. If you've ever tried lighting wet kindling, you understand how important this detail is. There are actually videos on YouTube of Instafire being lit while floating in water. If it can be lit IN water, you won't have any problem lighting it in the snow.

Instafire is also designed to hold up well under windy conditions. Having a wind gust blow out the fire you've been working to build can ruin moral. Instafire doesn't have that problem because it is designed to stand up to winds of up to 30 miles per hour. The tough design of this product makes it a perfect fit for whatever SHTF scenario you are preparing for.

Cooking With Instafire

In addition to building a regular fire to cook with, Instafire can also be used to quickly light charcoal. This can be a huge advantage if you don't necessarily need a fire for light or heat. There are a number of videos online demonstrating how you can use Instafire to light charcoal for either a Dutch oven or a grill. Instafire provides a quick, clean means to light your grill and get right to cooking.

Storing Instafire

Another advantage that Instafire offers over standard kindling is that it is incredibly easy to store just about anywhere. Since it is all-natural and comes in insulated packaging, it is completely safe to store Instafire in your home and even next to your food stores. It comes in nice, clean, stackable, tubs that are certainly easier to stock than sticks or newspapers.


Instafire comes in a number of different packaging options that make it available to fit any plan or budget. If your budget is tight or you just want to check the product out, you can get 10 Mylar pouches of Instafire for only $14.95.

For the medium range budgets, you can get 30 Mylar or paper pouches for $43.95, a 2-gallon bulk tub for $39.95, or a 4-gallon bulk tub $69.95.

If you are really looking to stock up as much as possible, there is also a case of six 30 packs of Instafire for $257.95. This is a great deal for the survivalist who expects to need a large quantity of Instafire.

Whether you are preparing for the end of the world as we know it, or just looking to make a weekend camping trip a little easier, Instafire can be a great addition to your plan. If you've never tried it before, start with a smaller package and let the product speak for itself. You won't be disappointed.

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