How to Make a Shower/Hand-washing Station in the Wilderness

camping showerCamping Shower. Camping survival doesn't necessarily depend on smelling clean and fresh, but then again it helps not to suffocate your friends with your, uh, odor. A way to alleviate this (and a way to up your outdoor survival skills) is to make your own shower/hand-washing station in the wilderness. Take a cue from the girl and boy scouts of the world and create a station using a few simple items.

What You Need

To create a shower/hand-washing station while camping, you’ll need some towels or paper towels, thick rope, a clean milk or other viable jug, old pantyhose and soap/bar shampoo. You’ll also need a screw or nail for punching holes in the milk jug and a sharp knife for cutting the rope. Use a tree with sturdy branches near your camp to create the station.

What To Do 

-First, tie a piece of the rope to the tree so you can easily hang your towel. Hanging the towel is best to allow it to easily drip-dry.
-Use your screw or nail to punch holes around the very top of the jug. Remove the cap and fill the jug with water just below the holes. Put the cap back on.
-Tie the jug to a low-hanging tree branch you can easily stand under with the rope. Be sure to tie it tightly to avoid having the jug fall on your head!
-Place the soap in the old pantyhose and tie the pantyhose to the jug.
-Tip the jug to wet your head/hands and create lather with the soap. Cleanse your hair and body, then use the jug to rinse and the towel to dry.

Additional Tips

Use bar shampoo in the pantyhose for best results, though you can stick with regular soap if you didn't bring any shampoo with you. Bottle shampoo is still an option, however the bar-shampoo-and-pantyhose method is easier to work with.

Camping doesn't mean having to forgo bathing! This station is easy to set up just about anywhere and is super-portable, too. Happy camping!

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