June 28th Caption Contest

UPDATED 7/1/2013!!!

Caption Contest Winners

1st Place - $100 to SurvivalBased.com
• "Proof of the heart of our American Soldiers, Sworn to Protect, honor, and serve, even to the smallest of all! God bless America!" - Steve & Carol

2nd Place - "Keep Calm and Survive" SurvivalBased Shirt
• "A tonsillectomy under Obamacare will look something like this." - Barry

3rd Place - Custom Paracord Survival Bracelet
• "Be grateful you little runt, this is my last cigarette." - Jonny Mack

Caption Contest Time!

1st Place Wins - $100 to SurvivalBased.com
2nd Place Wins - "Keep Calm and Survive" SurvivalBased Shirt
3rd Place Wins - Custom Paracord Survival Bracelet

Simply share your best caption in the comment section of this blog post below.


Like SurvivalBased's facebook page, share AND like the image, then leave a comment with your best caption. Comment on the picture or on our blog, but not in emails please.

Contest runs today through midnight on Sunday. We will review the captions and announce the winners on Monday.

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