EDC Photo Contest Winner

EDC photo contest winner

Congratulations to Walter Lapioli, our winner of the Every Day Carry Photo Contest from last Friday! Walter won our Seychelle Water Bottles & Pocket Knife Kit.

We received a lot of great EDC's and we are glad that a lot of you out there are prepared on a daily basis.  Lucky for us we used a randomizer to choose the winner, because Walter's EDC was up against some pretty rough competition. The winning picture is featured above and we have included some honorable mentions:

Angus MacGyver: Field Agent


James Bond: Special Agent


Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight


Bruce Wayne AKA Batman: Industrialist, Philanthropist and Vigilante 


Tony Stark: Ingenious Engineer


Chuck Norris an active Christian and martial artist only needs his bare hands


Thanks to those who participated

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