Completely Unstoppable Bug Out Vehicles

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By: Andy Selby

Over The Top Prepping: Completely Unstoppable Bug Out Vehicles

So, you have done your apocalypse survival homework. You have laid down a 32-level survival plan with all possible contingencies mapped out, set up a 5000-volt electric fence, gathered supplies that will last you and your family for a decade, trained yourself in self-defense, shooting and survival. You even set up a complex net of surveillance cameras and motion sensors that will go off the second even a rodent breaches your perimeter.

There is only one problem. What if you have to go out? Even worse, what if nuclear fallout forces you to leave your entire plan and relocate?

In almost every SHTF scenario, an argument can be made for the necessity of a well-equipped bug out vehicle. If money is no object, here are some of the best options available:

Ford EarthRoamer XL-VTFord EarthRoamer XL-VT - $300,000

Having a fortress for a house is cool, but if you have to move, this monster camper could be the ultimate moving shelter. Its military grade one piece composite body will let you go through all the abuse the weather and environment throws at you. Not to mention, it is equipped with solar capability as well as biodiesel and standard diesel, making this beast surprisingly energy efficient.

Inside, the EarthRoamer is cushy and comfortable. Interior amenities will make the end of the world as we know it feel like a relaxing weekend road trip. This would be a great vehicle to transport your family to a remote bug out location.

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Conquest Knight XVConquest Knight XV - $629,000

Sometime, the best plan is an escape plan. Hit the rough road with the Conquest Knight XV and you're equipped to traverse a military war zone.

This rolling fortress of a car is equipped with night vision cameras, external smoke screen, an electrostatic window tinting system and a magnetic bomb detector under its body. It can also run on flat tires, has augmented door hinges, bulletproof glass and armor plates that will give anything under a .50 caliber round a cold, metallic shoulder. This monster weighs a ridiculous 13,000 pounds.

With its military grade protections, this is the perfect bug out vehicle for a war or economic collapse situation.

BMW R 1200 GS AdventureBMW R 1200 GS Adventure - $14,950

This survival bike is called "adventure" for a reason. It is created with extreme conditions in mind. Its 1,170 cc, 2 cylinder boxer engine (with 4 valves per cylinder) can push an incredible 124 miles per hour at top speed. It can also go long distance. It is equipped with an 8.7 gallon fuel tank and can travel 465 miles before needing a fill-up.

This 110 horsepower bike is fitted with reinforced aluminum side bags and a top case for more secure storage so you can be sure your supplies travel safely. This is the perfect bug out vehicle for the lone wolf prepper.

Argo Amphibious Vehicles - $22,000

Built for the most challenging terrains of Canada and Alaska where water and snow will constantly attempt to hold you back, these water-friendly tanks will just laugh and drive through any major water crossing or deep snow. They don't move at a leisurely pace either, moving as fast as 20 miles per hour on land and 2.5 miles per hour in the water.

This is the bug out vehicle for the prepper who is more concerned about terrain than overall protection. If you need a path to your secret hideaway in the Great White North or the Florida swamps, this is the vehicle to get you there.

Supacat WildcatSupacat Wildcat - Prices Available By Request Only

QT Services Wildcats are known for their speed and off road advantages. The Supacat takes that to the next level by adding a military component. They are equipped with self-protection armor, smoke dischargers, and electric smoke grenade launcher that provides 360 degree coverage, and has a mounted 7.62mm machine gun. The vehicle is also equipped with a joystick controlled day/night camera to display targets.

If military scenarios are your worst fear, this might be the vehicle to ease your mind and protect your family.

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