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    This is not your uncle’s camping axe!

    I am not an expert with edged weapons, even though I have a trunk-load of them, including the old Buck hunting knife that my Dad gave me when I was a teenager many moons ago. So with that said, I wanted to share my latest prize, which was a Christmas gift from my son-in-law who is a serving USMC Officer who enlisted in the Corps and became a sniper. After his combat tour he was ‘mustang-ed’ i... Continue Reading →

  • The Different Types of Food Storage

    When it comes to getting ready for an emergency, nothing says preparedness like food storage. Setting aside food stuffs for use in the event of a natural disaster or crisis is a wise choice. But getting started can be overwhelming with the many different kinds of food storage items out there. How do you choose which one is best?

    Here are some of the most common food storage items and the pros and cons of each:

    <... Continue Reading →
  • Growing And Preserving Food: Vertical Gardening And Root Cellars


    Putting in a large garden to produce the bulk of the family food supply involves a lot of planning, work, and praying for good weather. Prepper families should plan to garden, raise livestock, stock a pond with fish, hunt, and purchase long-term food storage items to ensure that their loved ones will not starve during a long-term disaster.

    If the space for a massive garden is unfortunately not possible, vertical gardening offers a viable alternative to supplement to diet with healthy food and to stave off starvation should the grocery store shelves suddenly go bare. Gro... Continue Reading →

  • The Food Dilemma: How Natural Disasters can Impact Your Food and What to Do About It

    We’ve all grown pretty accustomed to getting everything we need from the grocery store, from food to cleaning products today’s supermarket is a haven of necessities and not-so-necessities for our modern age.

    But what happens when there’s a major natural disaster? Even if your supermarket isn’t damaged a natural disaster on a large enough scale can not only impact your food supply, but wipe it out completely. Check out the list of viable natural disasters below, how they each can impact your food supply, and what to do to prevent it from happening to you.

    Massive Hurri... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Kit Giveaway

    We are giving away three (3) of our Emergency Food Supply Buckets. Enter to win!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Emergency Food Supply Kit - 200 Servings

    Contains the following items:

    Con... Continue Reading →

  • Protecting Your Home from a Break-In

    Being a victim of burglary is anyone’s worst nightmare. Your sense of security and safety that is shattered often takes a long time to be rebuilt. However, chances are high that a break-in could happen to you. The U.S. Justice Department estimates that American homes are burglarized once every 15 seconds, and the average homeowner losses about $2,000 in both stolen items and property damage.

    The good news is that you can take steps to protect your home from break-ins. Here are some ideas to secure your hom... Continue Reading →

  • Growing Your Own Pharmacy - Stinging Nettles Uses

    Illness and injuries during a disaster will likely cause more deaths than the bullets fired high-powered rifle or via the actions of marauding hordes. Stocking up on over the counter remedies, following the tips offered by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy in their bestselling Survival Medicine Handbook, and purchasing protective medical gowns, masks, and gloves - are just the beginning steps necessary to keep your family healthy when emergencies occur and you can't call a doctor.

    Ta... Continue Reading →

  • Identifying Poisonous Spiders

    Ah, the spider. The arachnid has been demonized in books, movies, television and various other media forms, from giant versions looking to wipe out humanity to normal-sized ones insisting on taking a bite out of anybody. Yet spiders play an essential role in our ecosystem, and eat many insects that would otherwise ruin our lives. Some 40,000 spider species exist, and very few are a threat to humans. However, it's still a good idea to have a working knowledge of venomous... Continue Reading →

  • What Guns Should a Prepper Always Have?

    Prepping, survival, and gun ownership are all peas in the same pod. While you don’t need to be a gun collector to be a prepper, you should definitely be a gun owner if you plan on surviving any major catastrophe.

    While a gun itself without proper training won’t get you very far, if we are to assume that you have the proper training to handle basic firearms, the question then is what gun or guns should you have when you’re preparing for the worst? Sure, most of us would love to have a basement full of various armaments with a .50 cal mounted on our trucks, but in reality... Continue Reading →


    With the start of the new-year, there always seem to be several articles that come out promoting guns as part of a preparedness solution. And it’s an unfortunate fact that firearms have become almost synonymous with Preppers and disaster preparedness. I will explain why that is truly unfortunate…

    Sadly, thanks largely to movies and bloggers with little or no ‘real’ long-term survival experience, far too much emphasis is placed on owning battle rifles as a primary part of surviv... Continue Reading →

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