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  • choices for lighting your emergency camp

    Every night, the sun goes down, and we reach automatically for the light switch that enables us to continue to cook, to read, to continue our lives even with the night and the dark all around.

    But in an emergency situation, the power may be out, you may not be comfortably inside your home, but you still need to function and to function, you need light. So what is the best way to illuminate your surroundings when the night is dark and you need to get things done?  Let’s take a l... Continue Reading →

  • The Bad News About The Ubiquitous LED Light Bulb

    The light-emitting diode (LED) has become ubiquitous in the technology that surrounds our lives today. Practically everywhere you look, LEDs are visible; your car, your computer, your microwave oven, your cell phone, etc. Even in household and commercial lighting applications, we see LED technology taking over where the older less efficient fluorescent and filament bulbs use to dominate.

  • 7 Ways To Use Leaves For Survival

    In any survival situation, the key to staying alive is to make use of the resources around you. Depending on the specific circumstances, though, you might to have to rely only on what Mother Nature provides. The good news is that the Earth supplies leaves in abundance in many places of the world, and leaves can have a variety of different uses.

    What purposes can leaves serve in a survival situation? Here are just a few:

    Insulation – One of the most commo... Continue Reading →

  • Honey Prices Soar As Colony Collapse Disorder Worsens And The Bee Population Declines

    Honey prices in the United States have risen by more than 13 percent. In January 2014 the price was $9,722 per ton, but a decline in yield per bee colony and higher demand pushed the price in January 2015 to $11,023 per ton.

    Honey production in America has reportedly been on the decline since 2013. During that year only about  67,800 tons were produced, down five percent from 2012 and down 35 percent from honey production levels two decades ago.

    “The decline in yield per colony is due to diminished US bee colony populations ... Continue Reading →

  • Fear and Prepping

    What’re you afraid of? If you’ve ever talked about prepping to someone not of the same mindset when it comes to preparedness this is a question you’ve surely been asked at least once. It’s hard for many people to see why you’d be worried about disaster when things are going great. Instead of being seen as someone of sound mind and solid foresight, being a prepper is more often than not seen as being “weird” or “creepy.”

    To say that a prepper isn’t scared would be a lie. At its core, prepping is the act of wishing for the best, but preparing for the worst. ... Continue Reading →

  • ATF Planning For Grid-Down Disaster?

    Guess what? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (‘ATF’) has their own version of a Disaster Preparedness plan, or as Preppers say; a plan for when the excrement hits the fan (‘SHTF’).

    I don’t intend any disrespect towards the ATF, but, as I read theirplan’ it’s clear that they are trying to catch-up with the rear of the ... Continue Reading →

  • Five Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

    No one plans on being attacked in the course of their daily routine but the reality is that danger could find you anywhere and at any time. When you find yourself in a precarious situation, do you know how to defend yourself?

    It is best to know ahead of time how to fight back, especially when violence is unavoidable and you are not able to defuse the situation or get away. Here are some self-defense tricks that might save your life one day:

    Get Loud and Fight BackContinue Reading →

  • ISIS Video Games And Parenting Booklet Being Used To Recruit Second Generation Militants

    ISIS recently threatened to behead President Obama inside the White House. Few would disagree that Islamic State fighters pose a threat to Americans and all Westerners, but ISIS appears to have long range plans to make American and Europe part of its caliphate.

    Indoctrinating teenagers, children, and even babies through parenting booklets for ISIS mothers, training sessions for "ISIS lion cubs" and even ISIS video games illustrate the group's skilled use of technology for recru... Continue Reading →

  • Sun Navigation Tips

    Knowing where you are based on looking upward is a fantastic survival skill to have, and one that could easily keep you alive should you find yourself lost in the wilderness. Since the sun follows a consistent path, it makes a great navigation tool! Check out a few tips for learning sun navigation and never get lost during the day again:

    Rising and Setting

    The sun rises in the eastern sky in the northern hemisphere, and reaches its highest point during the m... Continue Reading →

  • 6 Reasons Why a Motorcycle is the Best Bug-Out Vehicle

    While most of us would ideally like to stay and defend our homes against disaster, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Whether it’s due to large-scale disasters like wildfires or full-scale civil unrest, when the problem gets too big for you to defend against or deal with, the next best option is to bug out.

    While you might have your bug out bag ready and waiting and a plan of where you’re going to bug out to, the big question is how are you going to get there? Sure, you could take the car you already have, or maybe you have an off-road truck you’re saving for just su... Continue Reading →

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