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  • Let’s get gross for a minute

    About the closest parallel to being evacuated for several days or longer would be those intrepid souls who hike the “Long trails” of our country like the Appalachian Trail (Georgia to Maine) or the Pacific Crest Trail (Mexico to Canada) among others.  On the trail for months at a time, coming out only to pick up food and supplies every week or so, they really do live “off the grid”.

    Several years ago, some nice folks at the University of Minnesota gave a health questionnaire to... Continue Reading →

  • How Did You Prep This Week?


    Some people think of prepping as something that has an end point, an act that can be mapped out with a completion at the end. In actuality however prepping is not an act or even a group of acts; it is a lifestyle. Prepping is a mindset that you get into and use to guide your actions in every day life and as such, some act of prepping should be taken every day.

    You can do something every day to prep, all it takes is a little focus and with small daily steps you c... Continue Reading →

  • Buy Local and Help Your Community Survive

    Over the past few years, buying local has become a hot topic. A largely grassroots movement, the trend of buying local has reached nearly every area of the United States.

    When people hear “buying local” most automatically think of things like produce and meat, and while these are great examples of things you can and should buy locally, there are also lots of other things that you have to option to buy locally every day. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy as many locally grown and produced products as possible:

    Support Local Economy

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  • Gold & Silver: Should I Buy Some?

    I get a fair amount of email from readers on various subjects related to economic collapse leading to hard-times, social unrest and a lack of monetary exchange. And one particular question that keeps coming-up is: Should I buy some golf or silver?

    We are barraged with commercial ads saying one expert or another is forecasting that gold and silver will be going up and that, gold and silver will be an important form of monetary exchange should there be a collaps... Continue Reading →

  • Time to tweak your car emergency kit for colder weather.

    Every year about this time, I take an hour or two on a Saturday, before the college football games start, mosey out my cars, and take a few minutes to perform a few adjustments on the emergency kits in the trunk.  It’s not a bad time of year to do it, and while your “tweaks” might be different than mine, here is what I do to our kits:

    -Rotate the snacks.  After all, they have been baking in an often hot trunk for a few months now.  I find that if I try to keep t... Continue Reading →

  • The Joys and Challenges of Winter Camping

    Although camping is commonly thought of as primarily a warm weather activity, there can be many advantages to heading outdoors for a winter camping trip. First of all, you will certainly avoid all the bugs and the crowds. Winter camping is also an excellent way to beat the winter blues as well as ward off severe cases of cabin fever during those dreary months after the holiday season.

    On the other hand, winter camping comes with its own set of unique challenges that you don’t have t... Continue Reading →

  • Fire Preparedness: Survival Tips For When You Can't Call The Fire Department

    Brush fires, or wildfires, are one of the most dangerous types of blazes for firefighters to battle – and are especially dangerous when you can’t call the fire department. Fire preparedness is perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of preparedness. Fires can double in size approximately once every 30 seconds to a minute. Dry brush and trees will catch fire quickly. Minor wind fluctuation can take you from a point of safety straight into the path of rapidly encroaching flames i... Continue Reading →

  • Getting Your Home Ready for Cold Temperatures

    Shorter days and cooler temperatures are sure signs that winter weather is on the way. While you might not be ready to pull out the heavy winter coat and gloves, this is the perfect time to make sure that your home is ready for colder temperatures.

    So what can you do to get started? Here are a few steps you should bear in mind to make sure your home is prepared:... Continue Reading →

  • Winter Survival Prep

    Winter is on its way! Unless spending the upcoming frigid months on a tropical island, it's necessary to prepare for cold weather. Severe winter weather conditions can occur quickly, after all! Prepare for Old Man Winter by utilizing the following tips:

    The Right Supplies

    Add a few items to your emergency kit, such as rock salt or its eco-friendly equivalent for melt... Continue Reading →

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