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  • DIY Home Cooling Techniques

    Posted on August 19, 2014 by Kent Page McGroarty

    Whether your air conditioner went kaput due to a weather disaster or you prefer to "rough it" and not use the appliance, you can still keep your home cool! Referred to as "passive cooling," there's plenty of options for maintaining a comfortable home environment in the summer without an air conditioner. Check it out:
    Window Shades
    As much [...]

    This post was posted in DIY, Tips & Tricks and was tagged with cooling the home naturally, DIY cooling tips, natural cooling techniques, passive cooling options

  • Glyphosate Resistance Is Posing Major Obstacle For Farmers

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by Tara Dodrill

    GMO crops and chemical pesticides and herbicides have become commonplace in American agriculture. The search to garner non-GMO or heirloom seeds can be a lengthy one for both backyard gardeners and professional farmers alike. As with antibiotics, alcohol, and drugs, weeds can build up a tolerance and resistance to substances much in the same way [...]

    This post was posted in Homesteading and was tagged with biotech, dupont, farming, food supply, glyphosate, glyphosate resistance, GMO crops, gmo seeds, honeybees, monsanto, roundup ready, superweeds

  • What Can a Prepper Learn From Ferguson, Mo.?

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by Brian Meyer

    The recent unrest in the town of Ferguson, Missouri seems more like a wartime environment than simple protests, and much of this has to do with what is turning out to be a far more militarized police force than anyone would have suspected existing in and around a small Missouri town of around 21,000 people.
    While [...]

    This post was posted in Prepping, Recent Articles, Survival Skills and was tagged with LRAD, military, police, police state, prepper

  • Top Safety Tips for Parents with Small Children

    Posted on August 16, 2014 by Catherine Alford

    As parents, our main job is to protect our kids and raise them to become healthy adults. Here are just a few things to think about when considering how to keep your kids safe from harm’s way.
    Keeping Kids Safe at Home
    In many homes, the kitchen is a main gathering place, so be sure to have [...]

    This post was posted in Emergency Preparedness, Recent Articles, Survival Skills and was tagged with keeping kids safe, parenting safety tips, safety tips

  • 6 Ways to Prepare for Off Grid Living

    Posted on August 15, 2014 by Brian Meyer

    There’s more to moving your life off-grid than preparing for a disaster or apocalypse. As the economy becomes more and more unstable and jobs are less and less secure, the act of moving even a portion of your life off grid can help you stave off the type of disaster that comes in the way [...]

    This post was posted in Emergency Preparedness, Homesteading, Most Popular, Prepping, Recent Articles, Self Reliance and was tagged with living off the grid, off grid survival, off the grid living, SHTF

  • Raising Farm Animals for the First Time

    Posted on August 14, 2014 by Rebecca Maxwell

    One of the most satisfying aspects of homesteading is producing your own food, and if you consume meat, then it is likely that you have considered raising livestock. But is this venture for you? Taking care of farm animals is a rewarding pastime but one that requires a large amount of time, money, and energy [...]

    This post was posted in Food Storage, Homesteading, Prepping, Self Reliance and was tagged with farm animals, farming, raising animals

  • Keep warm when you are separated from your warm bed and slippers

    Posted on August 14, 2014 by Lorin John

    Being warm is something we take for granted in modern society. We assume that tonight, we will be snuggling beneath a thick comforter, or if it is a warm evening, at least a light blanket. I’m feeling warm and toasty just thinking about it.
    But when a disaster forces you out of your home, staying warm [...]

    This post was posted in Emergency Preparedness, Prepping, Survival Skills and was tagged with how to stay warm, sleeping bag, space blankets, staying warm

  • Illegal Immigration: A National Security Issue Which Must Be Addressed Swiftly

    Posted on August 13, 2014 by Tara Dodrill

    Border security is a national security issue. Without a secure border there is no way to know who is entering the United States. Border Patrol agents have noted that along with the 65,000 illegal immigrants who have crossed the border from Central American and Mexico this year, individuals from the Middle East, China, and Africa [...]

    This post was posted in News and was tagged with border operations sector assessment, border patrol, border security, illegal immigrants, militias, national guard, national security, rick perry, texas border, texas department of public safety, the beast mexican train

  • Is Your Survival At Risk Due To ‘Hi-Tech Handicap’?

    Posted on August 12, 2014 by Capt. William E. Simpson

    Far too often I run across people who feel that their disaster preparedness plans are well in hand only to observe numerous flaws related to what I call ‘high-tech handicaps’.
    What is a ‘hi-tech handicap’? That’s a fair question, so please allow me to detail what I mean by that phrase and how it affects the [...]

    This post was posted in Emergency Preparedness, Most Popular, Prepping and was tagged with bio-sand water filter, solar water filter, survival, water filter

  • DIY Lotion

    Posted on August 12, 2014 by Kent Page McGroarty

    Interested in learning how to make your own lotion, but don't want to end up with greasy, goopy messes? Fear not! There's plenty of awesome DIY lotion recipes out there that easily absorb and won't leave you feeling like a greaseball. Check out a few of the many options available and have fun!
    Tangerine Face Cream
    Create [...]

    This post was posted in DIY, Tips & Tricks and was tagged with body butter, body lotion, DIY lotion, face cream, homemade lotion

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