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  • How to Seal Your Food for Long-Term Storage

    Every prepper, both beginner and expert alike, knows the importance of sealing food for long-term storage. Sealing your food properly will ensure that it lasts a long time and is able to be consumed in the future. Even families and individuals who don’t consider themselves to be preppers can learn about these techniques to make their food available and edible in emergencies.

    There are a variety of methods for sealing your food. Some of these include vacuum sealing, dry ice... Continue Reading →

  • Cook With Your Thermos! A Few Emergency Cooking Methods

    Whether out in the big, bad woods or the middle of a disaster, knowing how to cook in an emergency is a beautiful thing. There are actually lots of ways to enjoy a hot meal on the proverbial fly, even if all you have is a thermos!

    Check out these emergency cooking methods.

    Thermos Options

    Would you believe most slow cooker recipes are doable in a thermos? You’ll obviously have to use a lot less food, and you’d definitely need a quality thermos, but ... Continue Reading →

  • More Survival Tips From 'The Walking Dead'

    Can’t get enough of The Walking Dead? Whether you’re a huge zombie fan or simply became enthralled with this particular show, there are plenty of survival skills to take away from the much-celebrated AMC series. Let’s tack on a few more tips to those we’ve already discussed.

    Stay in a group

    Take a cue from... Continue Reading →

  • Honey Medical Survival Uses

    Honey has a multitude of emergency medical survival and natural hygiene uses. During a long-term disaster it will be difficult, or perhaps impossible, to call 911 and receive help. Grocery store shelves will empty quickly during a SHTF scenario. If you are fortunate enough to find a bottle of over-the-counter medication, the sticker price may be more than you could afford due to extreme price-gouging.

    Growing your own pharmacy and stockpiling natural alternatives to commo... Continue Reading →

  • Frugal Prepping Beyond Beans

    You've probably read hundreds of articles on how to save money when you prep. Let me ask you, “Have any of them actually saved you money?

    My guess is that you may have saved a few dollars here and there, but nothing has really reached out and grabbed you. Nothing has actually resulted in long term savings for you. By the time you finish this article, you will know how to save money prepping. You will be equipped to make every dollar you spend count, and ... Continue Reading →

  • How To Provide For Your Family And Rebuild The Community After SHTF - Trading Posts

    Taking the lone wolf approach to survival is popular with some in the prepper community, but many others focused on prepping for a SHTF scenario feel a family or mutual assistance group approach boas... Continue Reading →

  • Food Preservation Tips That Will Protect Your Survival Garden And Meat Supply

    Survival food is always near the top of any prepper "must have" list. Growing and raising your own food as well as watching for great deals on long-term storage food are common and potentially life-saving preparedness activities.

    Learning how to preserve your garden crops and livestock offerings will help stretch your prepping budget dollars and ensure that your loved ones will not... Continue Reading →

  • Food and the Danger of Economic Collapse

    There are a lot of things that can impact your access to food, but one of the scariest and most viable disasters doesn’t come from a volcano or earthquake or even a terrorist. The most possible disaster that could impact your food is an economic collapse. Without the economy to support and regulate business and the nation as a whole, food as we know it will disappear.

    So what can you do to protect yourself from this scary giant looming over your ... Continue Reading →

  • The Food Dilemma: Are You Prepared?

    We live in an amazing time. Just about anything you could want is at your fingertips. We go to one store to buy all our food and supplies and drive them home in our trucks, cars, and SUVs.

    This has been the way the world has worked for as long as most of us can remember, so the thought of something happening that could not only disrupt this, but destroy it completely is almost unthinkable, but when you get right down to it, our food supply system is extremely fragile and could come crashing down if a disaster of moderate size struck.

    This means that food storage and pr... Continue Reading →

  • Pandemic Concerns Mount As CDC Labs Deemed 'Not Credible' After Safety Review

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is once again under fire amid decreased public confidence about the keeping of deadly and pandemic capable substances held in the agency's labs.
    Biohazard safety experts recently conducted a review of the CDC labs and found them to be "not credible" under existing safety and security protocols. Good... Continue Reading →
  • ATF Planning For Grid-Down Disaster?

    Guess what? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (‘ATF’) has their own version of a Disaster Preparedness plan, or as Preppers say; a plan for when the excrement hits the fan (‘SHTF’).

    I don’t intend any disrespect towards the ATF, but, as I read theirplan’ it’s clear that they are trying to catch-up with the rear of the ... Continue Reading →

  • Food Storage Tips and Tricks

    Learning how to store food is something you can add to your already-impressive list of survival skills, and helps ensure you won't, you know, die in the event of an emergency. Check out a few excellent food storage tips to get your started...those berries won't store themselves, you know.....

    The Right Storage Space

    Food is best stored i... Continue Reading →

  • The Different Types of Food Storage

    When it comes to getting ready for an emergency, nothing says preparedness like food storage. Setting aside food stuffs for use in the event of a natural disaster or crisis is a wise choice. But getting started can be overwhelming with the many different kinds of food storage items out there. How do you choose which one is best?

    Here are some of the most common food storage items and the pros and cons of each:

    <... Continue Reading →
  • The Food Dilemma: How Natural Disasters can Impact Your Food and What to Do About It

    We’ve all grown pretty accustomed to getting everything we need from the grocery store, from food to cleaning products today’s supermarket is a haven of necessities and not-so-necessities for our modern age.

    But what happens when there’s a major natural disaster? Even if your supermarket isn’t damaged a natural disaster on a large enough scale can not only impact your food supply, but wipe it out completely. Check out the list of viable natural disasters below, how they each can impact your food supply, and what to do to prevent it from happening to you.

    Massive Hurri... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips to Put Your Bug Out Bag on a Diet

    Packing a solid Bug Out Bag (BOB) is an important task, you want to make sure you have everything you need while keeping everything within a single bag for easy carrying and escape.

    It’s all too common to pack a BOB when you’re at home and not use it until necessary. While you might be able to easily walk around your house or even your neighborhood with your bag fully packed, how many miles will it take for all that weight to slow you down and wear you out?

    If you have... Continue Reading →

  • Stocking Up on Supplies for Winter

    With winter weather approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how ready for the winter you are. Prepping for winter could mean a lot of different things from winterizing your house to getting your vehicle winter ready. Another critical part of preparing for winter is stocking up on basic supplies.

    Depending on the weather patterns of your local area, winter could mean months of severe storms that bring ice and large amounts of snow. Consequently, you could find ... Continue Reading →

  • Planting and Growing Herbs

    Having your own garden can be an extremely rewarding yet intimidating experience for first-timers. Beginners often have many questions about what to grow, when to plant, how often to water, and so on. If you are wondering where to begin, you just might consider planting and growing herbs.

    Herbs have many advantages over traditional vegetables for many reasons. Most impo... Continue Reading →

  • When Disaster Strikes and You Aren't Home: What To Do First

    Many plan for disasters expecting they'll be home when the worst happens. This is not always the case! Often times a natural disaster hits and people are at work, school, vacation, etc. In addition to creating preparedness kits and plans for the home, it's also important to know what to do when you aren't home during an emergency. Let's take a look at a few tips to ensure you remain safe:


    If possible, one of the first things if not t... Continue Reading →

  • Most Common Preparedness Mistakes

    Being prepared is a survival skill that takes a little time to get right, and it's not uncommon for mistakes to happen along the way. If looking to seriously strengthen your preparedness/survival skills, check out some of the most common preparedness mistakes!

    1) No or Not Enough Water

    While survival without food is possible for about a month or so, the body starts to shut down from lack of agua in a matter of da... Continue Reading →

  • Earthquake Preparedness Tips

    Like any natural disaster, earthquakes are pretty darn terrifying. Defined as a sudden, rapid shaking of the earth due to breaking and shifting of subterranean rock, earthquakes occur without warning and can happen any time of year. All 50 states and five U.S. territories are at risk, though the risk is greater in some regions than others. Let's look at a few tips regarding earthquake preparation:

    Learn About Earthquake PlansContinue Reading →

  • 'Doomsday Preppers' Star Jay Blevins Talks Self-Reliance And Prepper Expos [Interview]


    Doomsday Preppers star Jay Blevins was inspired to educate others after his appearance on the National Geographic hit show. Blevins is once again playing host a prepper expo rooted in self-reliance training and informational presentations. Blevins is a former DC area Deputy Sheriff and SWAT officer, current author, business consultant, speaker, prepper, father, husband, and believer. He has more than a decade of serious prepping experience and is passionate about his faith, his family, prepping, and reaching people about important life issues.

    Blevins ... Continue Reading →

  • Is Your Survival At Risk Due To ‘Hi-Tech Handicap’?


    Far too often I run across people who feel that their disaster preparedness plans are well in hand only to observe numerous flaws related to what I call ‘high-tech handicaps’.

    What is a ‘hi-tech handicap’? That’s a fair question, so please allow me to detail what I mean by that phrase and how it affects the various aspects of disaster preparedness.

    H... Continue Reading →

  • Prepper Quiz: What kind of "Prepper" are you?

    So, what kind of a “prepper” are you? From not one at all to ghilly suits for the whole family, our preparations for emergencies run the gamut. So let’s take a look and see where you fall. There are really not right and wrong answers, and I realize some categories, especially firearms, might be sensitive for some folks, that‘s why we have ranges of points. And like the title says, have a little fun with it.

    Food: You sto... Continue Reading →

  • Are You Road Trip Ready?

    Nothing says summer vacation like the traditional road trip. Millions of people will be heading out on the road during the next few months, and if you are one of them, it is important to make sure that you are ready for a long trip. It is certainly enjoyable to be spontaneous and get off the beaten path, but like any kind of travel, road trips take preparation. Many people forget the

    Survival Courses: Education That Can Save Your Life

    Are you new to survival and the outdoors? Perhaps a seasoned explorer and survivalist? Somewhere in between? Whatever your skill level is, you can benefit from taking survival classes. Available in most parts of the country as well as online, through private schools, outdoor sport retailers, and government agencies, paid and free, there are many options when considering enrolling in survival classes. Learning... Continue Reading →

  • Recipe: How to Make a Sweet & Simple Salsa

    Summer is here – finally! I just moved to New Jersey, and even though I was wearing a light jacket today, I can tell that the weather is getting warmer. It’s definitely not the Caribbean, where I lived for three years, but it’s my new home and I am adjusting to it pretty well considering what a huge change it is from my last adventure.

    Despite taking longer to get warm up here in the north, my neighbors have told me that now is the time for outside barbecues, potlucks, swim... Continue Reading →

  • 15 Items to Start Your Food Prep Off Right - Number 6 is Vital

    So, you want to start building your emergency food storage to prepare for whatever disaster may come, but the task seems insurmountable. You’ve probably seen posts that tell you the proper caloric intake and base foods to build a good diet, but those don’t tell you exactly what you should be saving, do they?

    Sometimes it’s just better to have specifics so you can make a simple shopping list and go to the store with a mission, or better yet, keep a list in your wallet for when you see sales, so you can buy your emergency food on the cheap.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Setting Up a Camp Kitchen

    With summer just around the corner, many of us will be heading outdoors for camping trips. In general, when we refer to camping, it usually means car camping. Car camping is when we pack our necessary gear in our vehicles, drive to the camp site, and basically live out of our cars for the duration of the trip. This kind of camping is distinguished from backpacking in which all our gear is carried with us in a pack. Car camping is normally limited ... Continue Reading →

  • How to Get Started as a Prepper

    The fact of the matter is that anyone can be a prepper. The word prep is an action verb that simply means to prepare. You might be wondering what you should be preparing for. Well, there are all kinds of natural disasters and emergency situations that could happen in your area. No one is immune to these occurrences, and it is to your advantage to be prepared for when they do by having adequate food, w... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Food Storage Tips

    When the SHTF the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re going to get your food.

    As Hurricane Katrina proved, the government and FEMA can’t be relied upon to save you in time of emergency, so it’s up to you to keep yourself and/or your family fed for as long as it takes for the emergency to subside or for you to start growing and sourcing fresh food.

    The 72-Hour Kit

    Also known as the extreme bare minimum in emergency food storage, the 72-hour kit represents the amount of time it sh... Continue Reading →

  • Best Foods For Long-Term Storage

    If honing your survival skills includes food storage, you'll want to know what foods keep the longest, yes? Before you start storing and canning your little heart out, take a look at some of the best... Continue Reading →

  • Signaling For Help: Best Tips And Advice

    Whether your plane went down near a desert island, Castaway-style, your boat got lost during a three-hour tour, or you took a wrong turn trying to avoid a bear while hiking, it's important to know how to signal for help. Along with finding drinkable water, edible food, bui... Continue Reading →

  • Five things you need in your 72 hour kit that you don’t know yet.

    When you put your 72 hour kit/bug out bag together, most contain the obvious-food and water, ways to stay warm, dry,  treat injuries, hygiene supplies, and such. But there are a few items that are not in most kits, which most of us don’t think about, but can make a big difference in our comfort and safety. Here are five that I bet most of you don’t have in your bag. (Kudos if you beat me to the punch)

    Plastic sheeting ... Continue Reading →

  • How to Keep Produce Fresh for Longer

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of any diet. These food items provide many essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need every day. On the other hand, produce is extremely difficult to keep fresh for long. Fruits and vegetables spoil rather quickly compared to canned and processed foods. In the United States, families throw out about a fourth of all fresh produce they buy each year because it has gone bad before it was consume... Continue Reading →

  • Field Test of Freeze Dried Food

    Last weekend, I took the chance to get up into the local hills for an overnight snow camp and snowshoe hike. Most people think I’m nuts to forsake a perfectly good bed for the chance to curl up in a small tent pitched on top of several feet of snow, but I enjoy tremendously getting out in the backcountry, and as a side benefit, I get to practice skills that might someday be critical to know when it’s for real instead of for fun.

    I also was able to test some of the freeze dried fruits and veggies we sell, including one that is a “coming attraction”.  Freeze dried works best f... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggie Recipes

    Wherever you live, disaster can strike. It is important to prepare ahead of time so that you are ready for any scenario. Maintaining a well stocked and rotating emergency food storage supply will help you prepare for an emergency as well as save money and time in your daily meal plans.

    The best thing about cooking with freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients is that they can be substituted into almost any recipe seamlessly, and are much more cost efficient than fresh produce. By simply following reconstitution instructions on packaging, you can use most rehydrated ingr... Continue Reading →

  • Road Trip Safety: Items To Never Leave Home Without

    Planning a road trip of epic proportions? You'll need to bring assorted "safety items" in case of emergency, whether it's a flat tire while driving in the middle of who-knows-where or dealing with an angry bear. Okay, you probably won't come across any bears, however plenty of items are needed to ensure a safe trip. Let's take a look at some of these items!

    Spare Tire And Tire-Changing Tools

    This one is pretty much a given, and such items should remain in... Continue Reading →

  • Dehydrated vs. Freeze Dried Foods for Long Term Storage

    With long term food storage, there are two main methods that are used to preserve the food that you eat. Both have advantages and disadvantages that you may want to weigh, whether you plan on integrating storage food in your regular meals or tucking it away for a true emergency.

    Advantages of freeze dried:

    Appearance. Freeze dried food is flash frozen in the state it would b... Continue Reading →

  • Five Alternate Uses for your Manual Wheat Grinder

    A hand-powered wheat grinder or grain mill is an important tool for your survival kit, with the most obvious use being to grind wheat. There are, however, many other fun ways to utilize your wheat grinder whether you’re in survival mode or simply in your kitchen.

    If you’re in an emergency situation and the power goes out, your electric grain mill will serve no purpose. It is important to be prepared and a hand-mill is a versatile, incredible tool to have in your kitchen or em... Continue Reading →

  • Factors That Affect Food Storage: How to Keep Your Emergency Supply Safe for Consumption

    So, you’ve created an emergency food storage supply, stocked it with things you and your family love to eat, and you regularly check the expiration dates and replace foods as necessary. There are, however, many factors that affect the safety of your supply, and knowing about them and how to prevent them will ensure that your emergency stash is ready for consumption when a disaster str... Continue Reading →

  • Use-by and Sell-by Dates: Decoding the Mystery

    At the supermarket, on a lunch break, or making dinner - every day we are faced with the task of deciphering use-by and sell-by dates on food products. Thousands of dollars are wasted on food that we discard because we think it has gone bad, and this can be very costly in your home, or even more so in your emergency food storage supply. By understanding what thes... Continue Reading →

  • Using Emergency Food Storage in Regular Meal Plans

    Keeping an emergency food supply, especially for an entire family, is important but can be a bit overwhelming with all of the expiration dates and shelf lives. You can keep your supply fresh and your family happy by incorporating food storage ingredients into your daily cooking. It is surprisingly easy to use freeze-dried fruits and veggies, textured vegetable protein (tvp), and powdered dairy as substitutions in almost any... Continue Reading →

  • Ideas for Creating a Disaster Plan

    No matter where you live in the world natural disasters can and do happen. Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, droughts, heat waves, and even just severe storms occur all around the globe. Yet, many people do not have a plan in place of what they would do in the case of a natural disaster. Either they believe it will not happen to them or put it off until an ... Continue Reading →

  • Food Storage for Families

    Every individual should be prepared for an emergency, but if you have a family, you know that it is important to take extra precautions for little ones. When prepping for a family, there are many considerations one needs to take. Food storage for families is no exception, as children should be kept as happy and comfortable as pos... Continue Reading →

  • What to Do in Case of a Blackout

    In modern-day life, electrical outages are not everyday occurrences, yet they can happen at any time. Electricity blackouts are often short lived, usually lasting for hours, but some can last for days or even weeks if there are natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards, or severe storms. Blackouts can also happen at any season throughout the year. They can occur in the summer when the electrical grids are overloaded, in the wi... Continue Reading →

  • Using and Storing Your Garden Harvest

    Many of us spent our summer tending to our crops. Whether our gardens are on a large plot of farmland or a small garden oasis in the heart of a bustling city, it’s time to start packing in those planters and using or preserving your bounty.

    All gardeners know that the yield from their garden can vary every season. Sure, it may be exciting to wake up one morning and see that all of your tomatoes are ripe and ready to be eaten, or sad to see that your zucchinis are starting to go bad because you’re leaving them outside for too long. Just as it is important to know how plant and to ... Continue Reading →

  • The Top 7 Most Important Features of a Bunker

    With the recent shutdown of the US government it has started to become clearer how fragile the civilized world around us really is. If voting on a single topic can shutter the entire government, what would happen is something major happened?

    The more things like this happen, the better an underground bunker starts to look. No matter how good your bug out location is, if it’s above ground it can be v... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

    Survival skills are so important to pass down to your kids. You never know when they’re going to use them, so below are our top picks for things your kids should know even when they are young.

    1. How To Call 911

    This is probably the most important

    Top 5 Foods You Need to Start Saving Now

    5 Food Storage Items You need

    When preparing your food stores people tend to focus on items such as canned food, grains, and canned/preserved meats. While these are all vital to your survival, there are a number of other food items that you will want and need.

    Along with the essentials, smaller things you take for granted now, like vitamins, will be necessary to keep you healthy and strong. Below are the top 5 items that might not be on your list but should be.

    <... Continue Reading →

  • Making Survival Kits the Right Way

    During a disaster or emergency, being prepared to survive on your own may just save your life. There are many ways to prepare yourself for an emergency, and having survival kits is crucial to keeping you alive. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s best to create your own survival kits, although they can be purchased premade featuring basic survival necessities.

    You may be required to remain in a safe room in your house (Shelteri... Continue Reading →

  • Making your own MRE’s

    By Randy Augsburger

    Meals ready to eat (MRE’s) are found in one form or another in most prepper’s food storage. They have a long shelf life and provide a convenient source of a complete meal that needs little or no preparation. They are made this way because they are the field ration for our armed services, along with the standard emergency food FEMA distributes in areas of disaster.

    The problem is since they are so popular the price just kee... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness in 12 Easy Steps

    An emergency preparedness kit is something everyone should have: a set of household and survival items that you might need during an emergency. Having an emergency kit and a survival plan will increase your chances of remaining safe during a natural disaster or survival situation.

    Don’t wait until danger is imminent to build a survival kit and organize a preparedness plan – you may not have time to gather all of the items and information you need for your kit as a storm approaches. Follow these... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit Recipes

    Are you looking for an easy way to maintain a healthy balance of fruit in your diet and satisfy that sweet tooth? Look no further! Freeze-dried fruit helps you easily make that wish into a reality. This crunchy treat stays fresh for years, and can substitute fresh fruit in almost any recipe.

    The fruit is able to stay good for so long due to the dehydrating process of freeze-drying. By removing all of the fruit’s water, you’re left with a nutritionally equivalent, light, crispy piece of dried fruit! When you bake or cook with freeze-dried fruit, the liquids in your recipes will re... Continue Reading →

  • Christmas In July Summer Sale

    Christmas came early this year! We are having a huge Christmas in July Sale today and tomorrow with prices 50% - 67% off for great savings on long-term food storage buckets, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, 72 hour kits, solar generators and other emergency supplies.

    Check it out all the great items on sale here: Christmas In July Sale

    And share it with your friends!


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  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggies For Survival and Daily Indulgences

    Incorporating freeze dried fruits and vegetables into your recipes is a great way to maintain a nutritional balance in your diet, and it can be very helpful in emergency situations. Freeze dried fruits and veggies are a perfect addition to your survival food supply or to your camp food collection because they are lightweight and can be stored for a long time.

    The method used for freeze-drying is a process in which the fruits and veggies are first frozen, and then pressure is applied to turn the wate... Continue Reading →

  • Quick and Easy Mac N' Cheese Recipes

    Quick and Easy Mac N' Cheese Recipes. We wanted to share with you some of the great Mac n' Cheese Recipes we received from our great followers.

    Recipe #1: Here is my favorite recipe that includes Mac n' Cheese: Just add 1 can Tuna Fish and a can of Mushroom Soup per 1 pouch of Mac n' Cheese, this has been a kids favorite for years and now they make it for their kids.

    -The Chupps

    R... Continue Reading →

  • Inexpensive Ways To Build Your Emergency Kit

    By: Cat Alford

    Building an emergency kit is one of those tasks that is so easy to put off but extremely important that you don’t. Like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and getting your oil changed in your car, building an emergency kit is... Continue Reading →

  • Caption Contest: Win a Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit Kit

    Another great Caption Contest! - Win a Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit kit  from your friends at!

    Simply leave your best caption for the picture below in the comment section of this blog post.

    - Or -

    On Facebook, simply like SurvivalBased's facebook page and image, leave a comment with your best caption, then share the post on your wall.

    Contest runs today only until midnight. We will review the... Continue Reading →

  • Five Staples of Any Food Storage Supply

    Food Storage Staples. When planning long term food storage for disasters or an emergency such as job loss or illness, it's important to know the five staples of an emergency food storage supply. These five staples will be respons... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness for a Natural Disaster

    Emergency Preparedness. Being prepared for a natural disaster isn't something that people always want to talk about, but it is something that everyone needs to think about. In the event of a natural disaster you should know exactly how to handle yourself and get through it in a calm and timely manner.

    The first thing you should do is make a list of emergency items wh... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tin foil Recipes for Your Family Camping Trip

    Tin Foil Recipes. The summer is coming soon and you need to think about what to feed your family when you go camping. Tin foil dinners are easy to make and have ready to go for your trip. Then, when you arrive at the camping site, you can just place them in the coals of the campfire and let them heat up. It works and is an easy way to make gourmet food for the road. Here are 5 recipes for those meals this ye... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kit Checklist

    72 hour survival kits are recommended by emergency management agencies so people can be prepared in case of emergency. This kit, also called a bug out bag, is an easy way to prepare ahead of time for disaster. If you need to evacuate your home or workplace, your kit would contain the basics you need to survive for 72 hours. On the occasion you decide to stay in your home during an emergency (shelter in place), your survival kit contents could be stor... Continue Reading →

  • Spicing Up Your Emergency Food Storage Supply

    Food Storage Tips: Whether we are storing food for long term disasters, or, a short term power outage, you need to be prepared with a handy food supply. Eating from emergency food storage supplies can be pretty boring. It’s bad enough the electricity is off, but we don’t have to turn off our taste buds while eating food, too. Th... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze Dried Foods For Your Emergency Food Supply Kit

    Freeze Dried Foods: My grandmother always said “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Her self-reliant spirit preserved and empowered our family over the years. When the imaginable crises or unthinkable event happened she was not only prepared, but willing and able to survive in any unusual circumstance. Technology can now be used in diverse ways to empower our ability to weather any emergency situation, especially where food storage is concerned.

    When, not if, a disaster happens, and your run-of-the-mill, everyday routine is... Continue Reading →

  • 5 ways to put a food storage supply together for emergencies

    Planning for an emergency can sometimes be a challenge because it is so unexpected. When the unexpected natural disasters occur like a power outage, earthquake, snow storm or typhoon, depending on which side of the world you live, you must take preventive measures for storing food. One of the main things people need when all else goes wrong is to sustain your body with food along with the proper storage of it in the right... Continue Reading →

  • An Introduction to Emergency Food Storage


    What Is Emergency Food Storage?

    In the Western world, having regular access to food and drinking water is taken for granted. If your access to food and drinking water was interrupted for any amount of time, what would you do? Having a plan will ensure your survival and comfort, and the time to be prepared is now. Emergency food storage is simply having a supply stored for emergencies. It can be any type of foods or meals. It can be purchased from the grocery store, market or from a com... Continue Reading →

  • Getting Started on Emergency Preparedness

    What if you went to the grocery store and found the shelves empty, or had to evacuate your home in fifteen minutes? Chances are, you would be in a world of hurt.

    It is overwhelming to think about emergency preparedness.

    “I need to acquire a year’s supply of palletized, freeze-dried food, 10,000 gallons of water and gasoline, cutting-edge emergency gear, paramedic certification and a bazooka to protect it all.”

    So instead, you give up and figure you will be like your neighbors, waving at the helicopters and hoping they drop food, toilet paper and tarps.

    But ... Continue Reading →

  • 72-Hour Survival Kits—The Basics

    In an emergency, a 72-hour kit can help you survive until disaster relief teams mobilize. It can be hard to know where to start, but preparing a 72-hour kit is easier than you think.

    When considering how to prepare, plan your kit around the Survival Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes says people can survive:

    1. Three hours without protection (Shelter);
    2. Three days without water (Hydration);
    3. Three weeks without food (Nutrition).

    First Priority – Shelter

    Shelt... Continue Reading →