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  • Emergency Kit: Your Four-Legged Friend Needs One Too

    You may have your emergency kit packed and ready to go in the event of a disaster, but what about your furry family member? The kitty or doggy in your life needs an emergency kit too, especially if the animal requires medication or other special treatment. Let’s review what your pet emergency kit would entail so you can get started on one today:

    Food And Water

    Okay, this may be glaringly obvious, but your pet emergency kit definitely needs food and water.... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Ways Being a Runner Makes You a Better Prepper

    More often than not when prepping we take great care lining up the proper food, water, and other supplies and completely forget about the most important weapon you have in your prepper arsenal: your own body.

    Your body is by far the most important piece of any prepper plan because without it, the rest of your work really isn’t worth much, now is it? By keeping yourself physically fit you give yourself the best chance to carry out any plans you have and to react to any surprises that you might encounter.

    When it comes to general exercise, running gives you the most ba... Continue Reading →

  • Top 15 Five Gallon Buckets Preps

    Five-gallon buckets are part of every prepper’s stockpiles in one manner or another. From food grade buckets to secondhand bargain buckets used to store non-edible preps, the handy containers are stacked tall in the basements and garages of prepping families across the country.

    You can make the most of both your prepping storage space and growing area by using five-gallon buckets to create homemade emergency kits, container gardens, rotating compost bins, and a host of other t... Continue Reading →

  • How To Save On Heating Costs

    Did you dread opening your energy bills last winter due to astronomically high heating costs? Rather than weeping every time your bill comes in the mail this year, put a few energy-saving tips into practice. There are plenty of ways to save on heating costs so energy bills stay within reason.

     W... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping With Babies: Everything You Need To Know To Prepare The Entire Family For A Long-Term Disaster

    Incorporating babies into your preparedness plan, both current and future little bundles of joy, takes a significant amount of detailed planning. We have four incredibly intelligent and adorable grandchildren ranging in age from not-quite-here-yet to 17. Thoroughly reviewing their essential needs and developing a plan to meet those needs ... Continue Reading →

  • Plastic Water Bottles Survival Uses

    We can live without a lot of things, but water is not one of them. During any type of disaster, potable drinking water could (and likely will) become in short supply rather quickly. American pioneers lived during an era where clean drinking water was readily available from natural sources and possessed the skills to easily filter questionable water before... Continue Reading →

  • Top 20 Dental Floss Survival Uses

    Making sure that your bugout bag and EDC (every day carry) kit has everything you need to survive if disaster strikes is a daunting task, to say the least. Re-evaluating the items in out BOB bags, INCH bags, or get home bags on a regular basis — and making sure we know how to fully use all the items contained inside — is an ext... Continue Reading →

  • 12 Items Every Prepper Should Have in Their Car

    The things you keep in your car or truck can do more than just clutter up an otherwise clean and tidy ride, they can actually save your life. The idea of keeping a Get Home Bag is one you need to institute for your car or truck now, but what do you need outside of this? The vacation variant of the Get Home Bag is a great way to change things up for a specific reason, but what about when you’re... Continue Reading →

  • Do you need snowshoes in your emergency car kit?

    The answer to that question has historically been not really unless you lived in the high mountains of the West, or the deep North Woods of Maine or Minnesota.  And for the southern half of the United States, a pair of snowshoes in the trunk is probably a bit overboard.  Better to use that space for another warm blanket or a compact stove to heat food.

    But the recent “historic” snowfalls in the upper eastern quadrant of the country may force a reassessment for some of us.  W... Continue Reading →

  • Senior Citizen Preparedness - Give A Gift Which Could Save A Life And Enhance Self-Reliance

    Senior citizen preparedness is a concern not only for those preppers who have reached their golden years, but for those of us in the self-reliance community who love and cherish and elderly person. If a parent, grandparent, or favorite aunt happens to live far away or in a nursing home, concerns about the relatives surviving even a short-term disaster are heightened.

    My husband Bobby’s fire page woke me up around 3:00 a.m. on an incredibly chilly late October morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but our dogs and my ducks weren’t about to have it. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and went... Continue Reading →

  • What to Do with a Stranded Vehicle

    One of the most common problems you are likely to face is that of car trouble. Depending on when or where it strikes, you might find yourself with a stranded vehicle on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. What’s worse is having a vehicle break down in the midst of a winter storm. Situations like these can turn deadly fast and knowing what to do could make the difference between life and death.

    So what can you do when your vehicle breaks down?

    1. Get Off the Road ... Continue Reading →
  • How To Change Up Your EDC For Colder Months

    When the weather starts getting colder your ability to up the ante on your Every Day Carry (EDC) increases. When you have a jacket and bulkier clothing on you can hide everything from a bigger gun to a better knife all on your person. While we all have our own personal EDC setup, there are some adjustments that need made for when the weather turns, and by simply tweaking what you already use, you can be more prepared and ready for anything the winter months can throw at you.

    Continue Reading →
  • How to Survive a Night Out in the Cold

    As the temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about cold weather survival and what might happen if you get caught out in the cold without adequate gear. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, cold weather causes twice as many deaths in the U.S. than hot weather. Finding yourself stranded and spending a night out in the cold can happen without warning, and even those who stick to the indoors during winter can find themselves facing a night without heat.

    Staying Warm

    The most important priority when facing a night out in the cold is ke... Continue Reading →

  • Stocking Up on Supplies for Winter

    With winter weather approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how ready for the winter you are. Prepping for winter could mean a lot of different things from winterizing your house to getting your vehicle winter ready. Another critical part of preparing for winter is stocking up on basic supplies.

    Depending on the weather patterns of your local area, winter could mean months of severe storms that bring ice and large amounts of snow. Consequently, you could find ... Continue Reading →

  • Time to tweak your car emergency kit for colder weather.

    Every year about this time, I take an hour or two on a Saturday, before the college football games start, mosey out my cars, and take a few minutes to perform a few adjustments on the emergency kits in the trunk.  It’s not a bad time of year to do it, and while your “tweaks” might be different than mine, here is what I do to our kits:

    -Rotate the snacks.  After all, they have been baking in an often hot trunk for a few months now.  I find that if I try to keep t... Continue Reading →

  • Winter Survival Prep

    Winter is on its way! Unless spending the upcoming frigid months on a tropical island, it's necessary to prepare for cold weather. Severe winter weather conditions can occur quickly, after all! Prepare for Old Man Winter by utilizing the following tips:

    The Right Supplies

    Add a few items to your emergency kit, such as rock salt or its eco-friendly equivalent for melt... Continue Reading →

  • 20 Household Items That Double as Emergency First Aid

    When it comes to first aid, it's just about impossible to be too prepared. Sure, you definitely need a solid first aid kit at home and in the car, but in the case of a true emergency, those supplies will run out fast. With traditional supplies gone, you'll need to rely on other sources for help, and lucky for you there's a lot out there.

    Everyday items in your home like tea bags, Elmer's glue, and even wooden rulers can all help rebuild your first aid kit in an emergency, and their alternative uses are good even today. Check out the list below and make sure to check the comme... Continue Reading →

  • Weather Threats To The Power Grid

    Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem. A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any other doomsday scenario ever could; and is far more likely than a plethora of the apocalyptic scenarios contrived by Hollywood producers.

    Should the power grid go down for just a single week, approximately one million Americans will likely die. Many scientists agree that such a doomsday scenario ... Continue Reading →

  • Tsunamis: How To Survive

    The result of major landslides into the ocean or earthquakes beneath the ocean floor, tsunamis are no joke and can easily cause massive damage and many deaths. Those who live on the beach or in coastal areas need to know what to do if a tsunami hits, as it only takes minutes for these enormous waves to reach land. The "danger period" can last for hours. Since tsunamis can occur any time of day or night year round, it's important to be prepared and know what to do first.

    S... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping 101 - Don't Forget To Stockpile Morale Boosters

    Beans, bullets, and bandages are of course a must. While budgeting for potentially life-saving staples and engaging in self-defense and survival training, don’t forget about the important role morale boosters play during a long-term natural or man-made emergency.

    Board games, cards, candy, and flavored drink mixes are commonly purch... Continue Reading →

  • Keep warm when you are separated from your warm bed and slippers

    Being warm is something we take for granted in modern society. We assume that tonight, we will be snuggling beneath a thick comforter, or if it is a warm evening, at least a light blanket. I’m feeling warm and toasty just thinking about it.

    But when a disaster forces you out of your home, staying warm becomes a priority rather than an assumption. So what goes into your bugout kit to keep you nice and cozy even in the worst circumstances? Let’s take a look at a few options:Continue Reading →

  • A Happy intersection

    My usual contributions to this blog consist of pithy little bits of practical advice that you hopefully will never need to worry about, so allow me to deviate from that formula for just one go around and get all warm and fuzzy on you. It’s not that my commitment to emergency preparation has lessened, but a late season storm dusted the mountains with snow a couple of days ago, today the sun is back and warm, just a few puffy clouds to give variety to a porcela... Continue Reading →

  • Do You Have a SHTF Plan?

    So you have a Bug Out Bag packed and ready, your emergency food stores are topped up, and maybe you even have a Bug Out Vehicle ready and waiting, but  what about a plan to actually use all this stuff to protect you and get you safely ou... Continue Reading →

  • Prepper Quiz: What kind of "Prepper" are you?

    So, what kind of a “prepper” are you? From not one at all to ghilly suits for the whole family, our preparations for emergencies run the gamut. So let’s take a look and see where you fall. There are really not right and wrong answers, and I realize some categories, especially firearms, might be sensitive for some folks, that‘s why we have ranges of points. And like the title says, have a little fun with it.

    Food: You sto... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Solar Chargers for When Things Go Dark

    When your gear gets low on power today it’s easy to find a wall outlet and plug in for a few hours. What happens when that wall outlet doesn’t work any more? When the SHTF power will be one of the first things to go. With nobody running the power stations or to repair downed wires, all those gadgets you have will become useless within just a few days.

    So what’s the solution? You could stop using electronics entirely now to prepare, but that’s nearly impossible and ultimately unsafe today. You need to use communication devices, recharge flash... Continue Reading →

  • Mylar Blankets: Off-Label Survival Uses

    Mylar blankets are staples in any bugout bag, INCH bag, or get home bag, but the little packets of warmth can do a lot more than just fend off frostbite and hypothermia.The survival blankets and their ultra-shiny material are designed to reflect heat. When there is no body heat to reflect, the vast majority of the ambient heat available will ultimately be reflected away from the person huddled inside of the bag.

    The emergency thermal blankets have a multitude of off-label uses. The bags are mildew resistant and do not crack or shrink over time when stored in a bugout bag or even in a... Continue Reading →

  • Survival and the Importance of Planning

    One of the keys to thriving in a survival situation is definitely planning. Detailed planning prior to the need can mean the difference between life and death when the SHTF.

    The U.S. Army Survival Manual defines survival planning as:

    “Nothing more than realizing something could happen that would put you in a survival situation and, with that in mind, taking steps to increase your chances of survival.”

    That’s the long way of saying that survival planning is basically prepping. Seeing a potential issue and making arrangement... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Shelters

    One of the toughest things you could face in a disaster is having to spend a night out without a roof over your head. Alone or with your family, this is a whole different ballgame than during the day. It’s colder, you are not moving around, and obviously it’s dark. Add to that the confusion of an emergency situation. Let’s look at how to get at least a little rest and shut-eye when you didn’t plan on spending the night out.

    If you bugged out with a trailer/RV, or have a real tent in your 72 hour kit, you don’t need to read much further. Just get set up and relax.  One thin... Continue Reading →

  • Would you consider “heavy” emergency gear?

    For most of us, when we think about the supplies we need to survive an emergency, we think of what goes in our 72 hour kit, or “bugout bag”.  Its contents need to be light and portable, so you can grab it, jump in your auto, and get the heck outta Dodge.

    We all agree that every family needs a 72 hour kit. But some will have the chance to use it more than others, ... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Kit Storage Locations

    You never know where you’ll be when a disaster or emergency occurs, so in order to prepare for the worst, it is best to keep survival kits in places where you spend most of your time. For the majority of people, these places will include their home, car, and office.

    Naturally, a home survival kit will be larger and more extensive than a car kit or an office kit. The contents of your survival kits will vary between locations, but due to the spontaneity of situations, all should ... Continue Reading →

  • Storms tear through South, adding to US death toll

    LOUISVILLE, Miss. (AP) — A dangerous storm system that spawned a chain of deadly tornadoes over three days flattened homes and businesses, forced frightened residents in more than half a dozen states to take cover and left tens of thousands in the dark Tuesday.

    As the storm hopscotched across a large swath of the U.S., the overall death toll was more than 30, killed Monday and Sunday in a band stretching from Oklahoma to Alabam... Continue Reading →

  • Staying warm and staying alive

    One of the biggest problems in dealing with an emergency situation is simply staying warm when you have to leave your home. We take for granted the shelter a roof over our heads affords us, from cold and wind and wet.  And few things can disable or dispatch us faster than Of course, you have both shelter and some sort of blanket or bag as part of your 72 hour kit, but how do you maximize their efficiency so that you and your family stay warm and comfortable, even under the most trying ... Continue Reading →

  • How to Build a Proper Survival Kit

    Most of us are familiar with the standard bug out bag, but this catchall for 72 hours worth of survival should be considered more of a bigger picture kind of tool while a survival kit is the barebones items you need to survive.

    The exact contents of a good survival kit will vary with the environment you plan on using it in, but there are some basics that every good survival kit should have.

    Survival Kit Basics

    A good survival kit should be three things. First, it should be as portable as possible. T... Continue Reading →

  • How to Build an Effective Get Home Bag

    Few would argue that a Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a must for every prepper. Having a bag that you can pick up and live off of for three days makes you more prepared than the majority of the world, but what happens when you’re at work and disaster strikes? You don’t want to bug out necessarily; you want to get home. Even if you keep your BOB in your car or truck, it’s used for a completely different situation and needs, and your car isn’t near you at work. For most people, getting home is a ... Continue Reading →

  • Do You Know How To Drive In The Snow?

    Driving in the Snow

    The recent snowstorms blanketing the Northeast, Georgia and other parts of the South have undoubtedly tested people's driving skills. If driving in the snow is not one of your strong suits or otherwise terrifies you, let's take a look at a few winter weather driving tips. You can file your newfound driving prowess under your increasingly-long list of survival skills!

    Driving on Icy RoadsContinue Reading →

  • 10 Survival Essentials For Those Wanting To Be Prepared

    Most of you, if you have been around outdoors activities for any length of time, especially if you like to propel yourself in the outdoors with your feet, have heard about the “10 Essentials”, that short list of things you should never be about when you are away from civilization. Since emergency preparation is also about what you need when the comforts that we are used to go away, reviewing both the list of Essentials and the uses of those items can be of great use to both outdoor ... Continue Reading →

  • Tips for Preventing and Treating Hypothermia

    Anyone who has spent time outdoors knows that hypothermia is a real threat in cold weather. Along with avalanches, it is one of the most significant risks of wintertime outdoor recreation. When our bodies get too cold, they kick into a survival mode where blood flow is restricted to certain parts of the body. Then, when the body’s core temperature drops too far, warming up is critical to saving your life or that of a friend or family member.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Road Trip Safety: Items To Never Leave Home Without

    Planning a road trip of epic proportions? You'll need to bring assorted "safety items" in case of emergency, whether it's a flat tire while driving in the middle of who-knows-where or dealing with an angry bear. Okay, you probably won't come across any bears, however plenty of items are needed to ensure a safe trip. Let's take a look at some of these items!

    Spare Tire And Tire-Changing Tools

    This one is pretty much a given, and such items should remain in... Continue Reading →

  • Common Questions About 72-Hour Survival Kits

    If you are just learning about emergency preparedness and are new to prepping, it can be quite overwhelming. You and your loved ones might be anxious to get started on being prepared for different kinds of emergencies or natural disasters but have no idea where or how to begin. Moreover, there is a ton of information out there, and it might be confusing and stressful to try to find out what suppl... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips For Better Home Protection and Defense

    Protecting your home isn’t something you only need to do once the SHTF. Your home is where not only your belongings are, but most importantly it’s where you and your family live. There are real threats today that make home protection and defense a real concern and make it just as important now as it does in a post-SHTF world.

    1. Start on the Outside

    DIY Emergency Splints

    Accidents can occur any time, and should they happen in the middle of the wilderness, it's important to know the first steps to take. Such steps sometimes involve the making of a splint to immobilize a fractured or potentially fractured limb, which helps prevent further injury. Add to your growing list of survival skills by learning how to make emergency splints should a not-awesome injury happen to you or someone you're with.<... Continue Reading →

  • Ideas for Creating a Disaster Plan

    No matter where you live in the world natural disasters can and do happen. Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, droughts, heat waves, and even just severe storms occur all around the globe. Yet, many people do not have a plan in place of what they would do in the case of a natural disaster. Either they believe it will not happen to them or put it off until an ... Continue Reading →

  • Everything You Need In Your Pet Emergency Kit

    Last week, my dog did the unthinkable. Just 12 hours before we were about to take her on a plane, she ingested an entire bar of dark chocolate.

    After living for over two years in the Caribbean without one single incident, she gave us a major scare right before we were trying to bring her home to the United States.

    It took some quick thinking, but we called the vet immediately who told us to bring her in. It was because of our quick reaction time that we were able to get he... Continue Reading →

  • How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

    Winter is fast approaching, and for many of us that means dealing with harsh weather conditions. Winter brings snow, ice, storms, and even blizzards to many locations. This weather can be especially tough on vehicles, and the last thing you want to happen is for your car, truck, or SUV to break down in the middle of adverse conditions that could turn life threatening. The best way to keep that from occurring is to make sure you vehicle is in good ... Continue Reading →

  • What to Do in Case of a Blackout

    In modern-day life, electrical outages are not everyday occurrences, yet they can happen at any time. Electricity blackouts are often short lived, usually lasting for hours, but some can last for days or even weeks if there are natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards, or severe storms. Blackouts can also happen at any season throughout the year. They can occur in the summer when the electrical grids are overloaded, in the wi... Continue Reading →

  • The Top 7 Most Important Features of a Bunker

    With the recent shutdown of the US government it has started to become clearer how fragile the civilized world around us really is. If voting on a single topic can shutter the entire government, what would happen is something major happened?

    The more things like this happen, the better an underground bunker starts to look. No matter how good your bug out location is, if it’s above ground it can be v... Continue Reading →

  • The Ultimate Earthquake Survival Kit Checklist

    If you’re like me, one of the things you've been meaning to do is set up an earthquake survival kit. So, if you've been putting it off, now is the time to get started! To make things easy, I've included a handy checklist so that you can make sure you have all the supplies you need to stay healthy and safe during a worst case scenario.

    Shoes for Walking. After an earthquake, there will likely be an extensive amount of rubble and broken glass around your l... Continue Reading →

  • How to Prepare Children for a Storm

    Is a big storm, such as a hurricane, tornado, or one of the tropical variety headed your way? There’s a laundry list of things to do to prepare for a storm, including teaching your children about emergency preparedness. Survival skills are imperative during a storm, after all! So what are some of the things you need to do to prepare your children for an impending storm?

    First Aid Kits and Other Emergency Supplies

    If you don’t have a first aid kit put t... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Evacuation Preparedness and Safety

    The present is always the best time to prepare for an emergency, and since September is National Preparedness Month, now is the best time to review your emergency strategies. Planning ahead can save lives, prevent confusion, and reduce panic. Mandatory evacuations occur hundreds of times a year, and can be frightening if you aren't ready for one. It is important to learn everything you can about evacuating your area before ... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness in 12 Easy Steps

    An emergency preparedness kit is something everyone should have: a set of household and survival items that you might need during an emergency. Having an emergency kit and a survival plan will increase your chances of remaining safe during a natural disaster or survival situation.

    Don’t wait until danger is imminent to build a survival kit and organize a preparedness plan – you may not have time to gather all of the items and information you need for your kit as a storm approaches. Follow these... Continue Reading →

  • Getting Started on Prepping

    For anyone just discovering the prepping community, it is very easy to quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of strategies and information available.  It also doesn't make a whole lot of sense to read reviews on state of the art home security systems when you don't even have a first aid kit.

    It is important to remember to start with the very basics and then branch out from there. Whether you are l... Continue Reading →

  • How to Build an Emergency Lean-To

    Building an emergency lean-to is one of the first things you should do when stranded in the wilderness. A lean-to provides protection from the elements as well as from animals, particularly if you are able to build a fire. While you can make adjustments to your lean-to ... Continue Reading →

  • Bug Out Bag Contents

    Bug Out Bag Contents

    By: Tom Linden of UK Preppers Podcast Radio Network

    Here is what I consider to be my list of needed items for a bug out bag (72 hour kit) and think that it is well worth sharing. The only thing I would add is to remember to add at least a pistol, rifle, and a good blade in with this preparation. So…prepare for the worst and pray for the best. You’ll never... Continue Reading →

  • What Items Should You Have in a Tornado Survival Kit

    By: Rebecca Maxwell

    Tornado Survival Kit. We all know that deadly tornados can strike with little or no warning. The recent tornados in Oklahoma show the lethal force in which tornados can hit and catch people unaware. If you live in an area which sees frequent tornados, it is imperative to be prepared and know what to do when a tornado warning sounds or when you see fun... Continue Reading →

  • Budget Prepping: Bug Out Bag

    By: Andy Selby

    Budget Bug Out Bag. One of the first things that every new survivalist does is put together their Bug Out or Get Home Bag. This bag is a collection of tools, materials, and food that is designed to get your through the first 72 hours of whatever disaster or situation you might find yourself in.

    There are many different methods and budgets that apply when deciding what should go ... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness: How to prepare for a hurricane

    Emergency Preparedness. As hurricane season approaches, everyone who lives in the paths of these terrible, potential life threatening acts of nature, should review how prepared they are for disaster. Anyone who lives in the path of hurricanes knows what can happen, and what needs to be done to be ready for whatever destruction and disruption these killer storms can leave in their wake.

    There ... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness for a Natural Disaster

    Emergency Preparedness. Being prepared for a natural disaster isn't something that people always want to talk about, but it is something that everyone needs to think about. In the event of a natural disaster you should know exactly how to handle yourself and get through it in a calm and timely manner.

    The first thing you should do is make a list of emergency items wh... Continue Reading →

  • Planning can Help You Survive a Disaster

    Emergency Preparedness. The biggest tip for staying alive in a disaster is in the preparation. Planning ahead can make things easier. It can mean the difference between life and death. Disaster preparation and planning starts with a plan in place and having your loved ones know and even practice the plan. Sort of like being back in school with a fire drill and that is a good ... Continue Reading →

  • Packing list for your bug out bag

    Bug out Bag Packing Checklist. For those of you who have never heard the term bug out bag, it is a transportable kit that is used in emergencies and contains the items that a person will need to have to survive for about 72 hours. In order for it to be effective, you must stock your

    What Every Household First Aid Kit Needs

    The one guarantee in life is that accidents happen and usually at the worst possible time. Since preventing an emergency is impossible, the next best thing is to be prepared. Every home needs a first aid kit and most people have no idea what to put in one. One solution is to buy a premade kitContinue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness - Putting Together a Car Survival Kit

    Daily sprints from point-a to point-b, as well as long distance road trips, along with the large amount of time we spend in our vehicles create plenty of opportunity for unexpected disaster to present itself. In this article, I will discuss the need for a car survival kit, the items to include, and how it will help you and your family prepare for emergency situations.

    At a young age I learned from my father to be as prepared as pos... Continue Reading →

  • Holiday Emergency Preparation

    Door-buster shopping. Visiting family. Getting kids to sleep before Santa comes.


    There are plenty of events that require keen survival skills during the holiday season, and some of them require more than just patience and longsuffering to overcome. With everything else going on this time of year, it is easy to forget some of the basic safety and preparedness skills. Here are a few to keep in mind whether you trim the tree, light the menorah or participate in any other holiday festivities:


    1. Real Christmas trees are a real hazard. It looks and sm... Continue Reading →
  • Preparing for Disaster During Summer Travel: Tornado Safety


    Many families have a plan for emergencies that arise when they’re around the house or out and about running errands, but the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says it’s even more important to prepare plans for when you’re visiting a new place.

    “Preparing before severe weather threatens is always the wisest thing to do, but it can be tricky when you’re out in public or in unfamiliar areas,” says Region VII Administrator Beth Freeman. “We want to see people consider their options and know what to do during any emergency like it’... Continue Reading →

  • When Preparing a 72-hour Survival Kit: Thought Starters

    When preparing a 72-hour survival kit, there are many things to consider. Here are some thought starters:

    Food and Water: Water is almost always your number-one priority in a 72-hour kit. If it’s not, and you don’t have any or enough, it soon will be. Almost every guide says you need a gallon per day for drinking and hygiene, but that’s 24 pounds of water per person for a three-day supply! If you are likely to not have access to water, especially in hot climates, pay the price and lug the water. If there are water sources nearby, purification may be a better id... Continue Reading →

  • 72-Hour Survival Kits—The Basics

    In an emergency, a 72-hour kit can help you survive until disaster relief teams mobilize. It can be hard to know where to start, but preparing a 72-hour kit is easier than you think.

    When considering how to prepare, plan your kit around the Survival Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes says people can survive:

    1. Three hours without protection (Shelter);
    2. Three days without water (Hydration);
    3. Three weeks without food (Nutrition).

    First Priority – Shelter

    Shelt... Continue Reading →