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  • Stay Put, Stay Alive

    Did you know the majority of people stranded somewhere in the woods/jungle/desert/etc. are rescued within 72 hours? This means staying where you are is a great, great thing if you find yourself alone in the wild. Review what you need to do while awaiting rescue to help yourself as well as those looking for you.

    Don’t Panic

    To quote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, don’t panic. Panicking will not help you in any way; it ... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Kit: Your Four-Legged Friend Needs One Too

    You may have your emergency kit packed and ready to go in the event of a disaster, but what about your furry family member? The kitty or doggy in your life needs an emergency kit too, especially if the animal requires medication or other special treatment. Let’s review what your pet emergency kit would entail so you can get started on one today:

    Food And Water

    Okay, this may be glaringly obvious, but your pet emergency kit definitely needs food and water.... Continue Reading →

  • This Tiny Food Could Save Your Life

    Did you know there are more than 100,000 varieties of rice on this planet? White rice is merely one option, with brown and various long-grain rices being some of the healthiest foods you can ingest. Rice is also a highly versatile food that lends itself to all kinds of recipes, making it a fantastic dinner option in times of emerge... Continue Reading →

  • Meat Preservation 101: Grinding, Curing, And Smoking

    Many preppers and survivalists not only stockpile long-term storage food to make ready for a SHTF scenario, but they also perfect their aim so they can take down copious amounts of wild game as well. It would be a mistake to assume that because you are an expert shot and a quality hunter, you do not need to grow your own groceries or pile up buckets... Continue Reading →

  • Tips For Planting A Survival Garden

    Always wanted to grow your own garden? How about a survival garden? Creating your very own food supply is a wonderful survival tactic that comes in mighty handy in the event of a disaster or food shortage. Check out a few beginner tips for survival gardening and get plantin’.

    Make Room

    Create space to plant your garden by removing rocks, plants and other debris from your chosen area. Be sure to eliminate all weeds, as they choke and smother the veggies you... Continue Reading →

  • Top 5 Best Dogs For Preppers

    Man's best friend can play an important and perhaps life-saving role in your preparedness plan. Dogs have been both versatile and helpful animals since they left the wild and became domesticated companions to millions of folks around the world.

    For centuries dogs have been used for hunting, herding livestock, pulling sleds, for search and rescue missions, and to ward off unwanted visitors of both the two and four-legged variety.

    In our modern world many dogs have become ... Continue Reading →

  • Top 15 Wood Ashes Survival Uses

    Wood ash is the powdery residue left after the combustion of wood. Anyone who grew up on a homestead was likely tasked with scraping out ash from a woodburner and taking it outdoors for disposal. Before engaging in some research on the many possible uses for wood ash from a

    Survival Hacks - Of Label Uses For Everyday Products That Are Probably Already Inside Your Cabinets

    Preppers are experts at penny-pinching and finding multiple uses for many of the items in their survival stockpiles. Expanding upon that notion, I decided to do some research and conduct a thorough inventory of the “non-preps” already gathering a bit of dust around the house.

    The results of my very unscientifi... Continue Reading →

  • Baking Soda Survival Uses

    Baking soda is capable of doing far more than just reducing food odors in your refrigerator. Rediscovering the skills of our ancestors and learning how to become more self-reliant is an ongoing process of both education and discovery.

    During World War II women left waiting on the home f... Continue Reading →

  • Backyard Chickens - How To 'Grow' Your Own Feed While Increasing Flock Health

    Raising chickens is a long-standing homesteading tradition that a multitude of preppers have capitalized on to help ensure their survival. Chickens do not take up much space and provide both an excellent source of protein via their m... Continue Reading →

  • Top 26 Vinegar Survival Uses

    Distilled white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are dual-use and inexpensive products, making them a perfect item for preppers to stockpile. The plethora of ways vinegar can be used now in our daily lives and after the

    Healthy Campfire Cooking

    Every year millions of people head outdoors for camping. Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family. However, there is the possibility of returning home with a few extra pounds if not careful. It might be tempting to indulge in traditional camping foods that are loaded with unhealthy amounts of fat, sodium and sugar.

    Eating healthy is always a challenge while away from home. Plus, the nature of camping means that living without modern ... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Food - How To Container Garden Year Around In An Indoor Greenhouse


    Growing your own groceries is the best way to be both food secure and know that your family is ingesting healthy food. Investing time in growing and raising your own food, coupled with stocking up on long-term storage food is worth both the time and funds dedicated to the preparedness task.

    When disaster strikes, you do not want to be among the ... Continue Reading →

  • The Truth About Currency Devaluation And Preparedness

    It’s a crisp fall morning as you awaken to the smell of pancakes on the grill wafting through the house. You flip on the radio to hear the morning news as you roll out of bed. It’s then you hear that it’s been a busy morning over on the east coast; the U.S. stock market has plummeted by 1,250 points and that trading was suspended. As you sip your coffee, you ponder that announcement; you rationalize its meaning based upon your own sphere of experience, which is a huge mis... Continue Reading →

  • Top 20 Dental Floss Survival Uses

    Making sure that your bugout bag and EDC (every day carry) kit has everything you need to survive if disaster strikes is a daunting task, to say the least. Re-evaluating the items in out BOB bags, INCH bags, or get home bags on a regular basis — and making sure we know how to fully use all the items contained inside — is an ext... Continue Reading →

  • (Surviving) a Gluten Free Meal

    I grew up in the country. We raised cattle, had a few pigs, and the dairy farm was right around the corner.  My mother didn’t hesitate to bake break every day, fill our plates with bacon in the morning or give us whole milk to drink.  So when my brother brought home (and later married) a girl with celiac disease that couldn’t have any gluten I didn’t know what to think.  That was the first time I had a gluten free meal and it was not good…………… but it got better.

    <... Continue Reading →

  • How To Provide For Your Family And Rebuild The Community After SHTF - Trading Posts

    Taking the lone wolf approach to survival is popular with some in the prepper community, but many others focused on prepping for a SHTF scenario feel a family or mutual assistance group approach boas... Continue Reading →

  • Food Preservation Tips That Will Protect Your Survival Garden And Meat Supply

    Survival food is always near the top of any prepper "must have" list. Growing and raising your own food as well as watching for great deals on long-term storage food are common and potentially life-saving preparedness activities.

    Learning how to preserve your garden crops and livestock offerings will help stretch your prepping budget dollars and ensure that your loved ones will not... Continue Reading →

  • Make Your Groceries Go Farther with Grannie Pam [Interview]

    Growing your own food is just the first step in becoming more secure and self-reliant. Sure, most preppers, homesteading families, and off-the-grid folks know how to can and dehydrate their garden produce. But turning what you grow into complete meals and using your livestock to sustain a family is a bit more involved than simply plucking crisp veggies out of the garden.

    Pamela Gail Peters, or "Grannie Pam," has turned showing others how to take charge of the fam... Continue Reading →

  • Egg Shortage Created By Bird Flu Outbreak: Is Our Food Supply In Danger?

    Got eggs? Unless you are a prepper, the answer to that could very well be "no" in the near future. The bird flu outbreak in the Midwest has caused an egg shortage, and steep prices are expected soon nationwide. The H5N2 bird flu virus and mutated strains of the virus have now been confirmed on farms in 16 states and in Canada as well.

    Farmers in the country's top egg-producing states have been hard hit by the H5N2 bird flu. Not only w... Continue Reading →

  • Egg And Poultry Shortage Looming Over Bird Flu Pandemic?

    An egg shortage and empty grocery store shelves where poultry should be might soon become a reality in America. The bird flu has killed approximately 7.3 million chickens, turkeys, and ducks on some of the largest commercial farms in the United States as of this post - the death toll is expected to rise.

    Growing your own groceries and raising your own food is commonplace for the self-reliant and prepper community, and the fragility of the safety of the food supply illustrated by the... Continue Reading →

  • Food and the Danger of Economic Collapse

    There are a lot of things that can impact your access to food, but one of the scariest and most viable disasters doesn’t come from a volcano or earthquake or even a terrorist. The most possible disaster that could impact your food is an economic collapse. Without the economy to support and regulate business and the nation as a whole, food as we know it will disappear.

    So what can you do to protect yourself from this scary giant looming over your ... Continue Reading →

  • Superweeds And Self-Pollinating Peach Tree Threats To The Food Supply?

    Superweeds spawned by genetically modified practices by industrial farms, small family farms, and backyard growers, continue to threaten our food supply safety and security.

    Both organic growers and those concerned about food security will be dismayed to learn that stronger chemical herbicides are being introduced to combat the hard-to-kill gigantic weeds which have been plaguing farmers for the past several years.

    In addition to the battle against superweeds, there is a  ... Continue Reading →

  • The Food Dilemma: Are You Prepared?

    We live in an amazing time. Just about anything you could want is at your fingertips. We go to one store to buy all our food and supplies and drive them home in our trucks, cars, and SUVs.

    This has been the way the world has worked for as long as most of us can remember, so the thought of something happening that could not only disrupt this, but destroy it completely is almost unthinkable, but when you get right down to it, our food supply system is extremely fragile and could come crashing down if a disaster of moderate size struck.

    This means that food storage and pr... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping - This stuff counts too!

    This stuff counts, too!

    OK, Mr. Prepper.  You have your storage carefully laid in down in the basement and well crafted bugout bags for each family member. Food, water, clothing, fire starter, toiletries, and to make sure you sleep well, one of those fancy shiny space blankets. Well, done, my intrepid prepper. But one item that you may have missed could put your family at risk of discomfort, or in some cases, threaten their survival.

    That item is a pad. Insu... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Food Storage Mistakes to Fix Right Now

    One of the most important pieces to the prepping puzzle is making sure you have enough food to get you and your family through an emergency. Whether it’s a snow storm that cuts you off from the grocery store for a few days, an earthquake that can cut you off for weeks, or a true SHTF scenario that cuts you off indefinitely…food storage is vital to survival.

    While food storage is important, many people don’t investigate how to store food properly before getting started. This means there are mistakes in how food is stored, what food is stored, and how much is kept. There ... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Kit Giveaway

    We are giving away one (1) of our Emergency Food Supply Buckets to a lucky winner.

    Simply visit the Facebook pages listed or Follow on Pinterest to Enter to win!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Emerge... Continue Reading →

  • Food Storage Tips and Tricks

    Learning how to store food is something you can add to your already-impressive list of survival skills, and helps ensure you won't, you know, die in the event of an emergency. Check out a few excellent food storage tips to get your started...those berries won't store themselves, you know.....

    The Right Storage Space

    Food is best stored i... Continue Reading →

  • Growing And Preserving Food: Vertical Gardening And Root Cellars


    Putting in a large garden to produce the bulk of the family food supply involves a lot of planning, work, and praying for good weather. Prepper families should plan to garden, raise livestock, stock a pond with fish, hunt, and purchase long-term food storage items to ensure that their loved ones will not starve during a long-term disaster.

    If the space for a massive garden is unfortunately not possible, vertical gardening offers a viable alternative to supplement to diet with healthy food and to stave off starvation should the grocery store shelves suddenly go bare. Gro... Continue Reading →

  • Growing Your Own Pharmacy - Stinging Nettles Uses

    Illness and injuries during a disaster will likely cause more deaths than the bullets fired high-powered rifle or via the actions of marauding hordes. Stocking up on over the counter remedies, following the tips offered by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy in their bestselling Survival Medicine Handbook, and purchasing protective medical gowns, masks, and gloves - are just the beginning steps necessary to keep your family healthy when emergencies occur and you can't call a doctor.

    Ta... Continue Reading →

  • Identifying Poisonous Spiders

    Ah, the spider. The arachnid has been demonized in books, movies, television and various other media forms, from giant versions looking to wipe out humanity to normal-sized ones insisting on taking a bite out of anybody. Yet spiders play an essential role in our ecosystem, and eat many insects that would otherwise ruin our lives. Some 40,000 spider species exist, and very few are a threat to humans. However, it's still a good idea to have a working knowledge of venomous... Continue Reading →

  • Senior Citizen Preparedness - Give A Gift Which Could Save A Life And Enhance Self-Reliance

    Senior citizen preparedness is a concern not only for those preppers who have reached their golden years, but for those of us in the self-reliance community who love and cherish and elderly person. If a parent, grandparent, or favorite aunt happens to live far away or in a nursing home, concerns about the relatives surviving even a short-term disaster are heightened.

    My husband Bobby’s fire page woke me up around 3:00 a.m. on an incredibly chilly late October morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but our dogs and my ducks weren’t about to have it. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and went... Continue Reading →

  • 3 Month Food Supply Giveaway 2

    We are giving away three (3) of our Emergency Food Supply 275 Serving Kits (a 3 month food supply) to one lucky winner!

    Over $500 Worth of Food

    Simply visit the Facebook page listed or subscribe to our email list through Rafflecopter to Enter now to win!

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  • 3 Month Food Supply Giveaway 1

    We are giving away three (3) of our Emergency Food Supply 275 Serving Kits (a 3 month food supply) to one lucky winner!

    Over $500 Worth of Food

    Simply visit the Facebook page listed or subscribe to our email list through Rafflecopter to Enter now to win!

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  • County Bucks: New Reality Show Might Be A Big Hit With Preppers [Matt Busbice Interview]

    Looking for a television show that is appropriate for the entire family? Perhaps you are seeking a viewing experience that can also teach you a bit more about the great outdoors and hunting so you can get better at putting food on the table. Country Bucks might be just fill the bill and become a bit hit with American prepping families.

    Country Bucks is a new reality show that premiered on A&E on November 19. The Busbice brothers and their family are buddies (city people transla... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Tips for First-Time Preppers

    Photo Credit:

    It usually takes a massive world event to bring the idea of prepping into the minds of new people, and with the world today, those seem to come on a fairly regular basis. Whether it’s the massive tornadoes that wipe out towns in the Midwest, to the Ebola scare or even threat of terrorist attack; the need for prepping is being seen by more and more people than ever before.

    If you’re a ... Continue Reading →

  • You and Your Pet: How to Survive a Hurricane/Severe Flooding

    Surviving a hurricane or other severe flooding often requires caring for family members as well as yourself, including those of the four-legged variety. Your disaster plan must include your pets, so check out a few tips for ensuring Fluffy and Fido remain safe during extreme weather:

    Create a Pet Emergency Kit

    Such kits ar... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping 101 - Don't Forget To Stockpile Morale Boosters

    Beans, bullets, and bandages are of course a must. While budgeting for potentially life-saving staples and engaging in self-defense and survival training, don’t forget about the important role morale boosters play during a long-term natural or man-made emergency.

    Board games, cards, candy, and flavored drink mixes are commonly purch... Continue Reading →

  • Foraging Recipes: Cattails

    Foraging for food could very well become a necessity during a disaster. Being able to identify what plants are safe to eat is just step one in the process. Knowing how to prepare and store food plucked from the forest should also be a preparedness priority.

    In North America two species of cattails are common – Typha latifoliaand Typha angustifolia. Typha, a Greek word, means “marsh.” The disease known as typhoid and the phrase Typhoid Mary both stem fro... Continue Reading →


    As I write this I am vexed by the fact that nearly 100,000 thousand acres of pristine forests are burning and nearly one-million acres of forest (public forests) have burned to the ground in and around the Pacific Northwest so far this year alone. The vast majority of these forests are publically owned and managed by Federal agencies under the overview of the EPA (

    Do You Have The Skills Necessary To Survive A Disaster? Prepper Camp 2014 Offers Interactive Training

    Prepper expos abound during the spring and summer months, but few offer the level of hands-on survival training that will be available at Prepper Camp. The North Carolina 3-day prepper expo will be held at the Orchard Lake Campground in the mountain town of Saluda, as previously reported by Survival Based.

    The list of

    Safe Traveling Tips

    Traveling to a new location can be an awesome way to relax and get away from the daily grind. Regardless of if you are traveling alone or in a group, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to help you make the most of your stay.

    1. Always Plan Ahead

    The first thing you should do when planning a trip is make sure you have all necessary travel paperwork and vaccines t... Continue Reading →

  • Raising Farm Animals for the First Time

    One of the most satisfying aspects of homesteading is producing your own food, and if you consume meat, then it is likely that you have considered raising livestock. But is this venture for you? Taking care of farm animals is a rewarding pastime but one that requires a large amount of time, money, and energy. Before you can reap the benefits of raising animals, you wil... Continue Reading →

  • Raising Bunny Rabbits: Tips

    People raise rabbits for a number of reasons, including for fur, show and food. Less expensive than raising chickens, raising bunnies can turn into a profitable business or side business. If interested in this idea, check out a few tips for raising bun-buns the right way:

    Getting Started

    Before doing anything else, ensure it's legal to raise rabbits in your community. This means checking with the local zoning commission and board of health. A license may ... Continue Reading →

  • Saving The Bees Should Be Important To Anyone Who Needs To Eat To Survive

    The honeybee population has been experiencing 30 percent declines since 2005. If the little pollinators vanish form the face of the Earth, the human race is not far behind. About every third bite of food we shovel onto our forks was pollinated by a honeybee. Colony collapse disorder has been studied by scientists from around the world extensively, yet no single cause for the deaths has been universally accep... Continue Reading →

  • Beneficial Garden Insects

    One of the best ways to deal with pest insects who insist on eating your flowers, plant and tree leaves, and whatever's in your vegetable garden? Attracting their natural enemies to your property. Let's take a look at a few of the many beneficial garden insects and what makes them so gosh-darn helpful:


    Arguably one of the more attractive members of the insect community, ladybugs are highly beneficial, as both ladybug adults and larvae feast on aph... Continue Reading →

  • Top 12 Homemade Firestarters For Survival And Camping

    Everyone needs to learn how to start a fire and pack lightweight materials in their bugout bag or get home bag to help accomplish the task. A fire will keep frostbite from occurring, allow you to cook what you trapped or shot while hiking home through the woods after disaster, and can be used to purify water for drinkin... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Vegetables That You Can Actually Regrow from Scraps

    Believe it or now, you can actually grow quite a few vegetables from the scraps you normally throw away. This means instead of raising these vegetables from seeds you can start them off much farther ahead in the process and as a result, get better luck out of each planting.

    The vegetables in this list do so well with regrowing from scraps that it’s possible you’ll never need to buy them again. When you have limited space and resources, especially in a post-SHTF scenario, being able to keep fresh vegetables on the table is a very big deal, so her... Continue Reading →

  • 15 Items to Start Your Food Prep Off Right - Number 6 is Vital

    So, you want to start building your emergency food storage to prepare for whatever disaster may come, but the task seems insurmountable. You’ve probably seen posts that tell you the proper caloric intake and base foods to build a good diet, but those don’t tell you exactly what you should be saving, do they?

    Sometimes it’s just better to have specifics so you can make a simple shopping list and go to the store with a mission, or better yet, keep a list in your wallet for when you see sales, so you can buy your emergency food on the cheap.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Dandelions: Medicinal Uses And Foraging Recipes

    Many folks consider dandelions nothing more than a nuisance weed, but they counldn't be more wrong. The Taraxacum officinale, the scientific name for dandelions, can be used for both natural remedies and as an ingredient in a plethora of recipes.

    There are many varieties of dandelion leaves, some lobe (or segments) of the plant are clearly cut into segment, other do not have such distinct definitions. Rabbit, tortoises, pigs, small bird... Continue Reading →

  • Best Foods For Long-Term Storage

    If honing your survival skills includes food storage, you'll want to know what foods keep the longest, yes? Before you start storing and canning your little heart out, take a look at some of the best... Continue Reading →

  • Choosing the Right Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

    For first timers, getting a garden started can be challenging. Having a successful garden depends upon a wide variety of factors including what vegetables you decide to plant, where your garden is located, dealing with pests, the time and effort you have to put into your garden, the weather and much more.

    In addition, there are many questions to ask yourself before you begin a garden, and one of the most important has t... Continue Reading →

  • What will make your garden grow? Black gold!

    If you are giving more than lip service to being prepared (assuming you have a decent yard), then you almost certainly have planted a nice garden to supplement your family's supply of vegetables and fruits. A garden has so many things going for it, not only can it reduce your food bills, you can preserve your harvest for food storage, it gets the kids out from in front of the TV and in the sunlight, and I h... Continue Reading →

  • Why are Americans Obsessed with Missing Plane?

    PERTH, Australia (AP) — From the disappearances of aviator Amelia Earhart to labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa, there's just something about a good mystery that Americans find too tantalizing to resist. Perhaps that's why the saga of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has continued to rivet the country long after people elsewhere have moved on.

    From the beginning, the story has bubbled with enough drama to rival a good Hollywood whodunit. And even though it unfolded on the other side of the world with only three Americans on board, many were sucked in anyway.

    "This story has ... Continue Reading →

  • Astronomers Spot Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that's similar in size to our own and exists in the Goldilocks zone where it's not too hot and not too cold for life.

    The find, announced Thursday, excited planet hunters who have been scouring the Milky Way galaxy for years for potentially habitable places outside our solar system.

    "This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. The... Continue Reading →

  • Baking Soda Camping/Survival Uses

    Baking soda. Is there anything it can't do? Okay, it may not be able to fight a bear, but the powdery white stuff has about a zillion different uses, including those relating to camping and overall survival. Check out some of these uses and don't forget to stash baking soda with your camping gear or add it to your emergency container!

    Personal Care/First Aid

    Baking soda... Continue Reading →

  • Field Test of Freeze Dried Food

    Last weekend, I took the chance to get up into the local hills for an overnight snow camp and snowshoe hike. Most people think I’m nuts to forsake a perfectly good bed for the chance to curl up in a small tent pitched on top of several feet of snow, but I enjoy tremendously getting out in the backcountry, and as a side benefit, I get to practice skills that might someday be critical to know when it’s for real instead of for fun.

    I also was able to test some of the freeze dried fruits and veggies we sell, including one that is a “coming attraction”.  Freeze dried works best f... Continue Reading →

  • Survival cooking options | Do you know how to cook in an emergency?

    OK, that was crazy. What you prepared for and worried about all these months actually did happen. You had to grab your family, snag your “bugout bag”, and make a run for it.  A close call, but everyone is safe from the fire/flood/earthquake/hurricane/riot/tornado/whatever.

    Now your evacuated, you have found a sheltered spot where your family can take a deep breath and wait for the first responders and c... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Weird Survival Skills The Original Boy Scouts Can Teach Us

    Every good Boy Scout learns basic survival and camping skills and what most don’t realize is that the skills they’re learning are more than just ways to become an Eagle Scout; they’re actual survival skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

    The Boy Scouts were founded in 1910, and the first issue of Boys’ Life magazine was published in 1911 and many of the tips and skills shown in this inaugural issue are just as useful today as they were back then. Check out the seven weird survival skills you can learn from the Boy Scouts of 1... Continue Reading →

  • You Won't Believe What A Scrap dealer's 'Bargain' Turned Out To Be

    LONDON (AP) — There is good luck, outrageous good fortune — and now there is the case of the scrap metal dealer who found one of the eight missing Faberge imperial eggs at a flea market in the American Midwest.

    A London antique dealer said Wednesday that that the scrap metal entrepreneur bought the egg for about $14,000, thinking he could make a small profit by reselling the piece for its gold content.

    It turned out the jewel-encrusted piece was worth millions.

    ... Continue Reading →

  • Scents Offensive To Animals

    Understanding scents offensive to animals is important whether attempting to keep them out of your yard and gardens or away from your campsite. Let's take a look at which scents and smells assorted animals dislike and why:


    Deer are more annoying than anything else, as they have the habit of wandering onto property and chowing down on veggie gardens. Oh, and there's the deer tick-Lyme disease thing. Eeesh. ... Continue Reading →

  • 4 women with new wombs are trying to get pregnant

    LONDON (AP) — A Swedish doctor says four women who received transplanted wombs have had embryos transferred into them in an attempt to get pregnant.
    He would not say on Monday whether any of the women are pregnant.
    Since 2012, nine women have received wombs donated by their mothers or other close relatives in an experimental procedure designed to test whether it's possible to transfer a uterus so a woman can give birth to her own biological child. The women had in-vitro fertilization before the transplants, using their own eggs to make embryos.
  • Data-breach costs take toll on Target profit

    NEW YORK (AP) — Target Corp. will be feeling the financial pain for a while from the theft of credit card numbers and other information from millions of its cust... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggie Recipes

    Wherever you live, disaster can strike. It is important to prepare ahead of time so that you are ready for any scenario. Maintaining a well stocked and rotating emergency food storage supply will help you prepare for an emergency as well as save money and time in your daily meal plans.

    The best thing about cooking with freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients is that they can be substituted into almost any recipe seamlessly, and are much more cost efficient than fresh produce. By simply following reconstitution instructions on packaging, you can use most rehydrated ingr... Continue Reading →

  • Dehydrated vs. Freeze Dried Foods for Long Term Storage

    With long term food storage, there are two main methods that are used to preserve the food that you eat. Both have advantages and disadvantages that you may want to weigh, whether you plan on integrating storage food in your regular meals or tucking it away for a true emergency.

    Advantages of freeze dried:

    Appearance. Freeze dried food is flash frozen in the state it would b... Continue Reading →

  • 12 Common Food Storage Mistakes

    Having an emergency food storage supply is pertinent to preparing for disasters, and you can save a lot of time and money by starting ahead of time. There are, however, many mistakes that are commonly made by both expert preppers and those new to the game, and mistakes can lead to hard times during an emergency. It is important to avoid these mistakes and have a safe, well-stocked supply so you’ll be ready for any situation!

    Whether yo... Continue Reading →

  • Factors That Affect Food Storage: How to Keep Your Emergency Supply Safe for Consumption

    So, you’ve created an emergency food storage supply, stocked it with things you and your family love to eat, and you regularly check the expiration dates and replace foods as necessary. There are, however, many factors that affect the safety of your supply, and knowing about them and how to prevent them will ensure that your emergency stash is ready for consumption when a disaster str... Continue Reading →

  • Fruits, Vegetables And Plants High In Water

    A working knowledge of which plants, vegetables and fruits are high in water could make a big difference in terms of survival. While the human body can last for up to a month without food, it won't make it more than a few days without water. Add to your list of survival skills by discovering which fruits, vegetables and plants contain a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. After all, most illnesses and conditions stem from dehydration!

    Use-by and Sell-by Dates: Decoding the Mystery

    At the supermarket, on a lunch break, or making dinner - every day we are faced with the task of deciphering use-by and sell-by dates on food products. Thousands of dollars are wasted on food that we discard because we think it has gone bad, and this can be very costly in your home, or even more so in your emergency food storage supply. By understanding what thes... Continue Reading →

  • 6 Preps You Can Do For Under $6

    Prepping can be a pretty expensive venture, which is why any time you can prepare on the cheap without sacrificing quality; it’s a good thing. Best of all, most cheap preps are usually pretty small, so they fit perfectly into a bug out bag or other larger kits.

    Save your money for big things like food stores or that cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Here a... Continue Reading →

  • Using Emergency Food Storage in Regular Meal Plans

    Keeping an emergency food supply, especially for an entire family, is important but can be a bit overwhelming with all of the expiration dates and shelf lives. You can keep your supply fresh and your family happy by incorporating food storage ingredients into your daily cooking. It is surprisingly easy to use freeze-dried fruits and veggies, textured vegetable protein (tvp), and powdered dairy as substitutions in almost any... Continue Reading →

  • Helping Children Cope with Disaster

    Experiencing a natural disaster, such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane, can be scary for anyone, and especially traumatizing for children. Whether the event affected them directly or they are aware of its impact on a different part of the world, it is important for parents, teachers, caregivers, and neighbors to recognize disturbances in a child’s behavior and help them cope with the fear and stress they are experiencing.

    <... Continue Reading →
  • How to Plan For A Disaster Scenario and Survive if You’re Wrong

    Survive a disaster scenario

    At the center of every prepper is a great planner. Prepping is built around the idea of planning for unforeseen events to be ready when they come. But what if you plan for the wrong disaster and something you didn’t even see coming happens? You could be planning for a bank shutdown and an economic collapse, but instead a random solar flare knocks out all electronics and power.

    Planning is gre... Continue Reading →

  • Food Storage for Families

    Every individual should be prepared for an emergency, but if you have a family, you know that it is important to take extra precautions for little ones. When prepping for a family, there are many considerations one needs to take. Food storage for families is no exception, as children should be kept as happy and comfortable as pos... Continue Reading →

  • Best Container Garden Plants

    Container gardening has gained popularity within the past few years among those who don’t have traditional garden access due to city living and similar circumstances. This form of gardening is a great way to produce the fresh veggies and herbs you need without worrying about pesticides, GMOs and other nastiness. Check out a few of the best container garden plants and... Continue Reading →

  • Using and Storing Your Garden Harvest

    Many of us spent our summer tending to our crops. Whether our gardens are on a large plot of farmland or a small garden oasis in the heart of a bustling city, it’s time to start packing in those planters and using or preserving your bounty.

    All gardeners know that the yield from their garden can vary every season. Sure, it may be exciting to wake up one morning and see that all of your tomatoes are ripe and ready to be eaten, or sad to see that your zucchinis are starting to go bad because you’re leaving them outside for too long. Just as it is important to know how plant and to ... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids

    Survival skills are so important to pass down to your kids. You never know when they’re going to use them, so below are our top picks for things your kids should know even when they are young.

    1. How To Call 911

    This is probably the most important

    How to Store Produce Without a Refrigerator

    Storing produce without refrigeration

    Photo by Dennis Carter, Anneli Carter-Sundqvist

    One of the luxuries of modern life is the refrigerator, that appliance that keeps our perishable food fresh and lasting longer. However, refrigerators are not always available o... Continue Reading →

  • Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is commonly found on drugstore and bathroom shelves, but features many more applications than most realize. A compound that contains one more atom of oxygen than water, hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid with plenty of household and personal applications, and is a great liquid to bring when camping. Check out a few of these applications and add the brown bottle to any wilderness or emergency preparedness kit.

    Skin Applications

    Cut yourself ... Continue Reading →

  • Making Survival Kits the Right Way

    During a disaster or emergency, being prepared to survive on your own may just save your life. There are many ways to prepare yourself for an emergency, and having survival kits is crucial to keeping you alive. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s best to create your own survival kits, although they can be purchased premade featuring basic survival necessities.

    You may be required to remain in a safe room in your house (Shelteri... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit Recipes

    Are you looking for an easy way to maintain a healthy balance of fruit in your diet and satisfy that sweet tooth? Look no further! Freeze-dried fruit helps you easily make that wish into a reality. This crunchy treat stays fresh for years, and can substitute fresh fruit in almost any recipe.

    The fruit is able to stay good for so long due to the dehydrating process of freeze-drying. By removing all of the fruit’s water, you’re left with a nutritionally equivalent, light, crispy piece of dried fruit! When you bake or cook with freeze-dried fruit, the liquids in your recipes will re... Continue Reading →

  • How to Prevent Squirrels From Eating Your Harvest

    With the dog days of summer upon us, many of us are turning to our gardens instead of supermarkets for cooking ingredients. Fruit, vegetables, and herbs are growing beautifully and ripening under the warm sun. If you grow your own food, you probably know the frustration of heading to the garden for tomatoes and finding that they've been eaten or stolen. Don’t call the police; odds are the culprit is a lot smaller ... Continue Reading →

  • How To Build An Inexpensive Compost System

    In my last post, I shared some tips on how to start an inexpensive herb garden. Well, just like the herb garden, there are lots of pre-fabricated composting bins and barrels that you can buy, and those tools can work really well.

    However, if you're interested in composting ... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggies For Survival and Daily Indulgences

    Incorporating freeze dried fruits and vegetables into your recipes is a great way to maintain a nutritional balance in your diet, and it can be very helpful in emergency situations. Freeze dried fruits and veggies are a perfect addition to your survival food supply or to your camp food collection because they are lightweight and can be stored for a long time.

    The method used for freeze-drying is a process in which the fruits and veggies are first frozen, and then pressure is applied to turn the wate... Continue Reading →

  • Lasagna Gardening - A Recipe for Growth

    If you don’t know by now, there are many ways to benefit from growing your own food. Call it lasagna gardening, sheet composting, or no-till gardening; this is a low (or no) cost, low effort method of creating a garden that requires neither digging nor tilling. Using mostly natural or household items you can generate very rich soil, perfect for planting seeds or starters into!

    Lasagna gardening is a fantastic way to recycle and reu... Continue Reading →

  • The Benefits of Attracting Birds to your Garden

    If you have a backyard or a garden, you probably enjoy spending time out there. Why not share your space with your local native bird populations? Attracting birds to your garden can be beneficial to you, your family, your garden, and the birds and local plant life and wildlife. A few easy tricks can get your backyard bustling with the chirps and chatter of happy birds all year round!

    There are many benefits to attracting birds to your outdoor space. Besides being fun to watch, bi... Continue Reading →

  • How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard

    Raising Chickens. Believe it or not, many cities and suburban areas allow residents to raise chickens on their property. Chickens provide fresh eggs every day, fresh fertilizer for your garden, and they make great pets! And, best of all, fresh eggs can last up to a month in the refrigerator! The following pointers will help you get your chicken coop up and running in no time.

    Be sure to check your local zo... Continue Reading →

  • The All-American Sun Oven - Solar Oven Video

    Sun Oven Video. Being able to make and prepare food in an emergency is very important for survival. Sun Ovens enable the sun to bake, boil and steam food enhancing taste and making you more prepared for an emergency.

    SurvivalBased is a proud seller of the All American Sun Oven and we put together a special video with our marketing director Peter and special guest Paul Munson from Sun Oven demonstrate the unique benefits of cooking with solar power.



    <... Continue Reading →
  • Five Tips to Starting a Garden

    Starting A Garden. It's the time of the year when many folks get the urge to get out and get their hands dirty. The thought of fresh grown tomatoes and the snap of green beans in their hands is a tantalizing day dream.

    As with any project, the first thing to do is have a good plan. As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. Each region of the United States is a little different in their veggie gar... Continue Reading →
  • 5 Tin foil Recipes for Your Family Camping Trip

    Tin Foil Recipes. The summer is coming soon and you need to think about what to feed your family when you go camping. Tin foil dinners are easy to make and have ready to go for your trip. Then, when you arrive at the camping site, you can just place them in the coals of the campfire and let them heat up. It works and is an easy way to make gourmet food for the road. Here are 5 recipes for those meals this ye... Continue Reading →

  • Spicing Up Your Emergency Food Storage Supply

    Food Storage Tips: Whether we are storing food for long term disasters, or, a short term power outage, you need to be prepared with a handy food supply. Eating from emergency food storage supplies can be pretty boring. It’s bad enough the electricity is off, but we don’t have to turn off our taste buds while eating food, too. Th... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze Dried Foods For Your Emergency Food Supply Kit

    Freeze Dried Foods: My grandmother always said “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Her self-reliant spirit preserved and empowered our family over the years. When the imaginable crises or unthinkable event happened she was not only prepared, but willing and able to survive in any unusual circumstance. Technology can now be used in diverse ways to empower our ability to weather any emergency situation, especially where food storage is concerned.

    When, not if, a disaster happens, and your run-of-the-mill, everyday routine is... Continue Reading →

  • Uncommon Uses of Household Salt

    Uses of Salt. Salt is often known for being an added ingredient in our food and is primarily used for cooking your favorite dishes. However, household salt actually has a variety of ways it can be used besides add flavor things and preserving food for storage. For decades, many have used salt to solve common household problems. Some of these problems are often the cause of your frustrations. So what can household salt be us... Continue Reading →

  • Trick or Treat Contest

    Who says grown-ups can’t trick or treat? Not us! Only we want YOU to do the tricking, and we’ll provide the treats. That’s right—you trick. We treat.

    Put the eggs and toilet paper away—we’re not talking about THAT kind of trick! Every Monday this month, starting on October 8th, we will identify one specific area of emergency preparedness on our Facebook fan page ( Comment on that Monday post ... Continue Reading →

  • When Preparing a 72-hour Survival Kit: Thought Starters

    When preparing a 72-hour survival kit, there are many things to consider. Here are some thought starters:

    Food and Water: Water is almost always your number-one priority in a 72-hour kit. If it’s not, and you don’t have any or enough, it soon will be. Almost every guide says you need a gallon per day for drinking and hygiene, but that’s 24 pounds of water per person for a three-day supply! If you are likely to not have access to water, especially in hot climates, pay the price and lug the water. If there are water sources nearby, purification may be a better id... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kits—Part 2: Food, Water and Storage Techniques

    Preparing for an emergency should be top of mind for every family today, with the increase in natural disasters and other disasters. Many are trying to get ready, but do not know where to start. What should I store? How much should I pack? What are my essentials and what can I spare? The simplest launching point is a 72-hour survival kit. This series of articles is intended to help nudge you into action with everything you need to consider.

    In the first of this four-part series, we discussed what scenarios to plan for: types of disasters, your geographical location and your f... Continue Reading →