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  • How to Keep Produce Fresh for Longer

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of any diet. These food items provide many essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need every day. On the other hand, produce is extremely difficult to keep fresh for long. Fruits and vegetables spoil rather quickly compared to canned and processed foods. In the United States, families throw out about a fourth of all fresh produce they buy each year because it has gone bad before it was consume... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggie Recipes

    Wherever you live, disaster can strike. It is important to prepare ahead of time so that you are ready for any scenario. Maintaining a well stocked and rotating emergency food storage supply will help you prepare for an emergency as well as save money and time in your daily meal plans.

    The best thing about cooking with freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients is that they can be substituted into almost any recipe seamlessly, and are much more cost efficient than fresh produce. By simply following reconstitution instructions on packaging, you can use most rehydrated ingr... Continue Reading →

  • Five Alternate Uses for your Manual Wheat Grinder

    A hand-powered wheat grinder or grain mill is an important tool for your survival kit, with the most obvious use being to grind wheat. There are, however, many other fun ways to utilize your wheat grinder whether you’re in survival mode or simply in your kitchen.

    If you’re in an emergency situation and the power goes out, your electric grain mill will serve no purpose. It is important to be prepared and a hand-mill is a versatile, incredible tool to have in your kitchen or em... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit Recipes

    Are you looking for an easy way to maintain a healthy balance of fruit in your diet and satisfy that sweet tooth? Look no further! Freeze-dried fruit helps you easily make that wish into a reality. This crunchy treat stays fresh for years, and can substitute fresh fruit in almost any recipe.

    The fruit is able to stay good for so long due to the dehydrating process of freeze-drying. By removing all of the fruit’s water, you’re left with a nutritionally equivalent, light, crispy piece of dried fruit! When you bake or cook with freeze-dried fruit, the liquids in your recipes will re... Continue Reading →

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggies For Survival and Daily Indulgences

    Incorporating freeze dried fruits and vegetables into your recipes is a great way to maintain a nutritional balance in your diet, and it can be very helpful in emergency situations. Freeze dried fruits and veggies are a perfect addition to your survival food supply or to your camp food collection because they are lightweight and can be stored for a long time.

    The method used for freeze-drying is a process in which the fruits and veggies are first frozen, and then pressure is applied to turn the wate... Continue Reading →

  • The All-American Sun Oven - Solar Oven Video

    Sun Oven Video. Being able to make and prepare food in an emergency is very important for survival. Sun Ovens enable the sun to bake, boil and steam food enhancing taste and making you more prepared for an emergency.

    SurvivalBased is a proud seller of the All American Sun Oven and we put together a special video with our marketing director Peter and special guest Paul Munson from Sun Oven demonstrate the unique benefits of cooking with solar power.



    <... Continue Reading →
  • Spicing Up Your Emergency Food Storage Supply

    Food Storage Tips: Whether we are storing food for long term disasters, or, a short term power outage, you need to be prepared with a handy food supply. Eating from emergency food storage supplies can be pretty boring. It’s bad enough the electricity is off, but we don’t have to turn off our taste buds while eating food, too. Th... Continue Reading →