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  • More Than Surviving: The Importance of Morale

    What exactly do you need to survive? If you’ve read up on survival at all, the first thing that probably comes to mind is water. Without water you won’t survive more than a few days, at best. Next comes food, shelter, medical supplies — the list goes on and on, and it’s these lists that we typically build our prepper plans around, making sure we have what it takes to survive the worst case scenario.

    While, yes, these are all critical components to a successful survival plan, in the end all the supplies in the world won’t be enough if you don’t have the will to sur... Continue Reading →

  • EMP Attack Threats From Iran Discovered Military Manual Found In Tehran

    The controversial Iran nuclear deal sparked weeks of heated debate. Now, another potentially deadly hidden secret has emerged from the rogue Middle Eastern nation.

    National security experts who claim to have read translated excerpts from an Iranian military manual have stated that an

    Survival Food - How To Container Garden Year Around In An Indoor Greenhouse


    Growing your own groceries is the best way to be both food secure and know that your family is ingesting healthy food. Investing time in growing and raising your own food, coupled with stocking up on long-term storage food is worth both the time and funds dedicated to the preparedness task.

    When disaster strikes, you do not want to be among the ... Continue Reading →

  • Yard Sales Finds Every Prepper Should Add To Their Shopping List

    Prepping is more often than not done on a shoestring budget, or at least a rather small budget consisting of the flexible funds left over from the weekly paycheck. Self-reliant folks are very good at stretching their dollars to build what they need themselves or searching out bargains to satisfy the

    How To Provide For Your Family And Rebuild The Community After SHTF - Trading Posts

    Taking the lone wolf approach to survival is popular with some in the prepper community, but many others focused on prepping for a SHTF scenario feel a family or mutual assistance group approach boas... Continue Reading →

  • Make Your Groceries Go Farther with Grannie Pam [Interview]

    Growing your own food is just the first step in becoming more secure and self-reliant. Sure, most preppers, homesteading families, and off-the-grid folks know how to can and dehydrate their garden produce. But turning what you grow into complete meals and using your livestock to sustain a family is a bit more involved than simply plucking crisp veggies out of the garden.

    Pamela Gail Peters, or "Grannie Pam," has turned showing others how to take charge of the fam... Continue Reading →

  • How to Decide When to Stay and When to Go by Using The Dip

    “The Dip” is a book by Seth Godin that touts itself as “A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick).” So what exactly does this mean, and what does it have to do with prepping? Well, the main idea of the book is that every new project or major change starts out fun and interesting, but as time goes on, these once fun activities can become difficult, boring, and downright irritating. This is why so many of us have half-finished projects at home, half-read books, and emails that we know we’ll get back to.

    The trick, as taught by the book i... Continue Reading →

  • Power Grid EMP Threats Should Be DHS Focus, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks Says

     The Department of Homeland Security is being urged to place far more of a focus on the safety and security of the power grid. The most important and heavily relied upon piece of American infrastructure is increasingly a target of attack by both man and nature.

    Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem. A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any o... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Reasons Why Bugging Out is a Bad Idea

    If you’re reading this, chances are you have a bug out bag ready and waiting for the STHTF. It’s probably packed with just about everything you need to pick up and run with, and while it’s a definite necessity to have a bug out bag of your own, bugging out under most circumstances is, for the most part, a bad idea.

    Sure, the thought of bugging out at the first sign of disaster seems great, but you can quickly get yourself into more trouble than you’re leaving behind. Shor... Continue Reading →

  • Senior Citizen Preparedness - Give A Gift Which Could Save A Life And Enhance Self-Reliance

    Senior citizen preparedness is a concern not only for those preppers who have reached their golden years, but for those of us in the self-reliance community who love and cherish and elderly person. If a parent, grandparent, or favorite aunt happens to live far away or in a nursing home, concerns about the relatives surviving even a short-term disaster are heightened.

    My husband Bobby’s fire page woke me up around 3:00 a.m. on an incredibly chilly late October morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but our dogs and my ducks weren’t about to have it. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and went... Continue Reading →

  • Transportation During A Grid-Down Disaster

    Most of us have read or seen the recent headlines where various government agencies have warned that the United States is under a serious threat for a devastating cyber-attack capable of bringing down the entire national electrical grid, as well as most of the related supply-chain infrastructure.

    For those readers who may be new to the nuances of what a cyber-attack means in practical terms; it goes well beyond not being able to access your Facebook account, a bank ATM machine o... Continue Reading →

  • Are You Prepared For A Solar Flare? Interview With 'The Carrington Event' TV Series Director Rob Underhill

    The Carrington Event of 1859 was the strongest solar flare even known to hit the Earth. If coronal mass ejection (CME) of the same strength would directly hit the modern world, a true life as we know it ending event would occur - rapidly.

    Award-winning producer Rob Underhill has turned his ponderings just such a solar flare disaster into a television series.  Producer Rob Underhill has ten years of experience as a producer, director, and writer. Underhill has also been a leading force b... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 3 Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    Going Off-Grid

     ‘Starting From Scratch’

      PART 3

    Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    A solar array is the heart of your off-grid power system

    In this series, we are considering the very basic steps t... Continue Reading →

  • How Did You Prep This Week?


    Some people think of prepping as something that has an end point, an act that can be mapped out with a completion at the end. In actuality however prepping is not an act or even a group of acts; it is a lifestyle. Prepping is a mindset that you get into and use to guide your actions in every day life and as such, some act of prepping should be taken every day.

    You can do something every day to prep, all it takes is a little focus and with small daily steps you c... Continue Reading →

  • ISIS Lone Wolf Attacks Take Terrorism Threats To A Deeply Personal Level


    The possible ISIS lone wolf attacks in New York City, in Oklahoma, and Ottawa, Canada make the deadly threats against the United States by the Islamic State even more frightening and urgent. While government officials debate how to title such acts, preppers across America have stepped up their

    7 Tips for First-Time Preppers

    Photo Credit:

    It usually takes a massive world event to bring the idea of prepping into the minds of new people, and with the world today, those seem to come on a fairly regular basis. Whether it’s the massive tornadoes that wipe out towns in the Midwest, to the Ebola scare or even threat of terrorist attack; the need for prepping is being seen by more and more people than ever before.

    If you’re a ... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 2 – First Steps

    Going Off-Grid

     ‘Starting From Scratch’

    PART 2 – First Steps

    In the previous article of this series, we considered the ‘overview’ and possible reasons for getting out of the city now, and relocating your home and family to a remote location and getting set-up to live a life totally off the grid. Some movies (Jeremiah Johnson, Robinson Crusoe, etc.) touch on this tantalizing concept, and what may be mere fantasy to most people. But the reality is that many of us have forefathers who actually did just that; relocated here in the American wilderness from Europe. And those early settlers faced many of the same ‘off-grid challenges’ that any of us would face today, except that, we have much more technology. Continue reading

  • 20 Household Items That Double as Emergency First Aid

    When it comes to first aid, it's just about impossible to be too prepared. Sure, you definitely need a solid first aid kit at home and in the car, but in the case of a true emergency, those supplies will run out fast. With traditional supplies gone, you'll need to rely on other sources for help, and lucky for you there's a lot out there.

    Everyday items in your home like tea bags, Elmer's glue, and even wooden rulers can all help rebuild your first aid kit in an emergency, and their alternative uses are good even today. Check out the list below and make sure to check the comme... Continue Reading →

  • Starting From Scratch

    Have you even dreamed of moving to a remote location and getting set-up to live a life totally off the grid? I’m sure that some people have had that notion, given all of the unsettling developments worldwide and domestically, especially within our own cities. It’s a fact that cities have become more and more dangerous over the past decade. That said, getting out of the city may make more sense now than ever before:
  • Hiking and backpacking tips an ordinary Joe or Jane can love and CAN believe!

    Hiking and backpacking tips an ordinary Joe or Jane can love-and CAN believe!

    Often, when you read about tips and tricks for backpacking and hiking, the tipper has an outdoor resume that makes you wonder why they are not on their cable TV “I survived this” show.   It seems like they have been a guide for twenty years in the Tetons, or lived three consecutive winters in Alaska, or at least founded a graduate level program in Backcountry Studies at the University of Way Off Y... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping 101 - Don't Forget To Stockpile Morale Boosters

    Beans, bullets, and bandages are of course a must. While budgeting for potentially life-saving staples and engaging in self-defense and survival training, don’t forget about the important role morale boosters play during a long-term natural or man-made emergency.

    Board games, cards, candy, and flavored drink mixes are commonly purch... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping for Ebola: 5 Tips

    Is An Ebola Epidemic Inevitable In America?

    And What Can People Do To Protect Themselves?

    With each successive day since the man (Thomas Eric Duncan) who flew from Liberia to Texas was diagnosed with the first case of the Ebola virus in the U.S., more and more unsettling facts are starting to emerge. As we are seeing, Americans are the ‘las... Continue Reading →

  • Ebola Preparedness Tactics – Do’s And Don’ts

    As the CDC and our government continues to ‘slow-roll’ their cards (not providing timely, accurate and complete info to the public), Americans need to get educated and take effective action to protect themselves. Some people may ask; ‘why would they be ‘slow rolling’ the info? One reason is they want to have the political damage control in place if possible before making any disclosure. Another possible reason generally involves incompet... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Ways to Use Zip Ties for Survival

    Few will argue that zip ties are one of the most useful tools out there. From keeping wires nice and tidy to restraining serious bad guys, they’re the tool of choice across the board.

    Knowing this it should be no surprise that zip ties are incredibly useful in survival situations. While you’ll probably have less of a need to organize surround sound wires and more need to catch food, they remain one of the most useful items in your arsenal. Make sure to only use black zip ties, as they hold up best against sun damage, which can eat away at plasti... Continue Reading →

  • Gun Control vs Gun Rights Stories Draw Strong Response In California And Arkansas


    California just passed a gun control law which has Second Amendment advocates shaking their heads in disbelief. The bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown appears to pave the way for gun confiscation in the state. In Arkansas, a gun range owner garnered nationwide headlines, sparking both anger and applause after banning Muslims from her business. Preserving gun rights for all while respecting the idea of self-defense is at the heart of the debate for most Americans following the Jan Morgan "Muslim Free Zone" controversy.

    The Gun Violence Restraining Order law in ... Continue Reading →

  • 12 Bug Out Bag Items You Might Not Know About

    There are more than enough posts out there that mean to tell you exactly how to pack your bug out bag, and while these are fine, there’s something personal about what you pack in your own bag, and how you do it.

    This is the reason why instead of telling you exactly what to carry and how to carry it, we’ve gone ahead and found twelve items that you may have not thought about including in your pack. A good bug out bag is very limited on space, so each item must be vitally important to survival to be included. The items below focus on the basic points of survival, so check them out ... Continue Reading →

  • Stay Safe by Becoming the Grey Man

    The idea of the Grey Man is a simple one: don’t stand out. People are pushed more and more today be stand out from the crowd and to be the best they can be, which of course always includes making sure everyone knows you’re the best.

    Instead of the common practice of showing off and being noticed, the Grey Man concept is all about blending in. This means dressing, acting, and behaving in such a way that you’re totally forgettable. While being forgettable is ... Continue Reading →

  • Reducing Waste and Simplifying Your Home

    More and more people are beginning to appreciate the importance of sustainable living, the practice of reducing their impact on Earth’s resources. You might be wondering what this looks like for you and your family. Well, the good news is that there are many different ways that you can implement sustainable living. A ... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Survivor Traits That Make a Prepper Successful

    It’s easy to prepare supplies, weapons, and training for impending disaster, but these will only get you so far. While doing more than just storing food in your basement is a great start, if you lack the traits that are inherent for some, and learned by most, all that prepping can be for nothing.

    While nobody wants to try and define what a prepper is specifically, there are some basics that make up someone that is truly prepared, as part of preparing for anything is getting your mental faculties in order to deal with whatever the world can throw a... Continue Reading →

  • Important Documents for Emergency Situations

    One of most overlooked parts of putting together a survival kit is collecting and including important documents. It is clear that you can survive only so long without food and water but getting back to normal after a natural disaster also involves having critical documents at your disposal. This way you can avoid the long an... Continue Reading →

  • Foraging Recipes: Cattails

    Foraging for food could very well become a necessity during a disaster. Being able to identify what plants are safe to eat is just step one in the process. Knowing how to prepare and store food plucked from the forest should also be a preparedness priority.

    In North America two species of cattails are common – Typha latifoliaand Typha angustifolia. Typha, a Greek word, means “marsh.” The disease known as typhoid and the phrase Typhoid Mary both stem fro... Continue Reading →

  • The Romance and Reality of Wilderness Survival

    By Emily H.

    Surviving the wild is not what like TV shows Survivor and Lost may seem to look like: no reward challenges, no immunity, and most of the time there’s no conspiracy involved. In real life, many bad things can happen in the wilderness as it’s a hostile environment and things can easily go out of control. What was supposed to be a breezy weekend camp can turn into a horrible one as a violent storm could chase you into a nearby cave and get you stuck for the next 48 hours. If t... Continue Reading →


    As I write this I am vexed by the fact that nearly 100,000 thousand acres of pristine forests are burning and nearly one-million acres of forest (public forests) have burned to the ground in and around the Pacific Northwest so far this year alone. The vast majority of these forests are publically owned and managed by Federal agencies under the overview of the EPA (

    Do You Have The Skills Necessary To Survive A Disaster? Prepper Camp 2014 Offers Interactive Training

    Prepper expos abound during the spring and summer months, but few offer the level of hands-on survival training that will be available at Prepper Camp. The North Carolina 3-day prepper expo will be held at the Orchard Lake Campground in the mountain town of Saluda, as previously reported by Survival Based.

    The list of

    How to Baby Proof Your Home

    If you’ve recently had a baby (or babies like me!) it won’t be long before the little bean(s) will be crawling around your home and getting into things, like cabinets, cupboards, and trouble! So, it’s important to be sure that you and your home are ready to safely be explored.

    The best way to see what your kiddo will see when crawling around your home is to get down on their level. Go around your home on your hands and knees. It sounds crazy... Continue Reading →

  • EMP Attack On The Power Grid Deemed Significant Threat


    An EMP bomb is a nuclear weapon designed to be detonated at a high altitude in order to create extremely powerful electromagnetic pulses. Such pulses will not only cause the light to go out, but completely destroy electrical devises and the computer systems in modern vehicles. Electromagnetic pulses can occur natural from a solar storm – solar fla... Continue Reading →

  • Keep warm when you are separated from your warm bed and slippers

    Being warm is something we take for granted in modern society. We assume that tonight, we will be snuggling beneath a thick comforter, or if it is a warm evening, at least a light blanket. I’m feeling warm and toasty just thinking about it.

    But when a disaster forces you out of your home, staying warm becomes a priority rather than an assumption. So what goes into your bugout kit to keep you nice and cozy even in the worst circumstances? Let’s take a look at a few options:Continue Reading →

  • Prepper Camp: Hands-On Prepardness Expo [Rick Austin Interview]


    All the prepper gear on Earth will not increase your chances survive of you lack the knowledge to use it, or lose it, during a disaster. Bestselling author, survival gardening expert, and television star Rick Austin urges Americans to come Prepper Camp and learn how to stretch both their minds and their muscles while increasing their self-reliance skills.

    A multitude of preparedness events occur routinely from spring to early fall, but the hands-on camp being organized by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive prepper exp... Continue Reading →

  • Getting outta Dodge

    Getting outta Dodge-what to do when you need to leave.

    We have all seen this picture, or ones like it:

    A major city is in the path of a hurricane, or wildfire, or some other disaster, and the call goes out to evacuate the city, and chaos ensues. Our transportaton grid just isn’t designed to handle the entire population of a metro area on the road all at once. Being stuck in a parking lot while a storm bears down on you doesn’t seem like the best emergency plan.  So ho... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Gardening: The Role Weeds Play In The Growing And Camo Process [Rick Austin Interview]

    Weeds are bad for our farms and gardens and we should pull them, right? Wrong. Permaculture expert and Secret Garden of Survival author Rick Austin is nationally renowned for his agriculture skills and insights. Austin left the corporate world behind to live off the grid in North Carolina several years back. Rick has ... Continue Reading →

  • The Basics of Building a Prepper Team


    Obstacles can seem insurmountable when we're tackling them alone, but together---they turn into exciting challenges.

    -Spencer West

    We've talked about who you should include in your prepping, and more often than not the answer is nobody; that OpSec is more important than talking to friends or family about your prep, which can lead to disaster if they talk to others.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire Part 1: Survival Fire Basics

    Having a fire in a survival situation is more than important; it can be the difference between life and death. Not only is a fire good for keeping warm and cooking food, but it can scare off wildlife and give you peace of mind and a feeling of companionship.

    Knowing the basics of getting a fire going is important. For the first part of this 2-part post, we’ll look at basics principles of fire and in part 2, we’ll go over how to build and maintain a fire.


    Self-Reliance Tips: What You Should Know Before Making A Lifestyle Change

    Living off the grid or making the decision to live more self-reliant existence in a rural area takes planning, lots and lots of planning. As with all things worth doing, embarking on a self-reliant lifestyle should start with a solid foundation, and some homework. The best self-reliance tips ... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Easy Things You Can Skip to Save Money

    If you want to save money, it’s amazing how easy it can be! All you need to do is really assess your habits and daily spending to find some things to cut out. Here are some examples below:

    1.     Magazine Subscriptions

    I love flipping through magazines in the grocery check out line, but I never buy them. To me, magazines always seem to have the exact same stories in them cycled over and over again. I’d rather buy a... Continue Reading →

  • Would you consider “heavy” emergency gear?

    For most of us, when we think about the supplies we need to survive an emergency, we think of what goes in our 72 hour kit, or “bugout bag”.  Its contents need to be light and portable, so you can grab it, jump in your auto, and get the heck outta Dodge.

    We all agree that every family needs a 72 hour kit. But some will have the chance to use it more than others, ... Continue Reading →

  • Bartering: Top 5 Places To Score Cheap Preps

    Bartering is becoming more commonplace in our struggling economy. Bartering for preps is occurring both in person and via virtual marketplaces online. Bartering deals often involve both tangible items and trades for services and skills training. Opportunities to swap unwanted items or share your skills exist both on-site and online. To take full advantage of the increasingly popular bartering economy, you have to know both what t... Continue Reading →

  • Genetically modified foods confuse consumers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most Americans have no idea if they are eating them.

    The Food and Drug Administration says they don't need to be labeled, so the state of Vermont has moved forward on its own. On Thursday, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed legislation making his state the first to require labeling of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

    What about the rest of the countr... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Survival Lessons to Learn From The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which gangs have taken over and the world is a seemingly endless wasteland. The images in The Book of Eli are very much akin to what many of us in the prepper community feel could really happen, so while there’s a lot of incongruities with reality throughout the movie, there are definitely some quality tips that every prepper can use.

    1. Gangs Will Only Get Worse

    Gangs today are a real problem. While they are mostly focused in urban environments, they are still a major issue that... Continue Reading →

  • Creative Ways to Repurpose Mint Tins

    Those little metal tins hold mints quite well, but when you run out of breath-fresheners, don’t throw away the packaging! That tin that your mints came in can be reused for a multitude of creative purposes.

    Start by cleaning your tin thoroughly, with a mild soap and warm water. Once you have removed all of the residue from your minty treats and your tin has dried, you are ready to assign it a new reason to live!


    Paint, paper, or polish ... Continue Reading →

  • Edible Plants in Urban Areas

    Foraging is a great, free way to find nutrients and sustenance in the wild. If you live in a city, you probably find it hard to believe that anything that grows in your neighborhood would be safe, even healthy, to consume. Well, there are in fact plenty of plants that grow in urban environments that are nutritious and delicious!

    Being able to identify edible plants in urban areas is your first step to urban foraging. Do your research, and, when in doubt, do not eat something you ... Continue Reading →

  • The Art of SURVIVAL

    The word “survival” means a lot of things. To some it means being prepared for anything while for others it means doing whatever it takes to keep moving forward. For the U.S. Army Survival Manual it’s an acronym that covers the basics of survival itself.

    By knowing what SURVIVAL stands for, you can be a better prepper and be ready for when the SHTF.

    S – Size Up

    The first step in getting out of dodge or just preparing for survival is to size up everything that’s going on. Emotions can overp... Continue Reading →

  • Earthquake Safety & Survival

    On March 17, 2014, Los Angeles experienced a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, the strongest the city had seen in two decades. Fortunately this event caused little damage, but if you live in an area prone to earthquakes, it is important to be prepared for them as they can strike at any time with devastating force.

    The threat of earthquakes is greater in certain parts of the country than others, particularly along fault lines. Coastal California sits on several fault lines, and major metr... Continue Reading →

  • Survival on a Budget: 10 Easy Ways to Earn and Save Extra Cash

    Survival on a budget. No survival kit is truly complete without a supply of cold, hard cash. During natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other national emergencies, credit card and wireless systems will likely shut down, rendering credit and debit cards temporarily useless. If you need to buy something during that time, cash may be your only option.

    Given the shape the economy has been in recently, many Americans find it difficult to keep... Continue Reading →

  • How To Prep if You Live Near a Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear power is one of the cleanest and safest forms of power generation available today and when they run without issue, actually release less radiation into the air than a coal plant. While you do have the issue of disposing of the spent nuclear fuel, a nuclear power plant is not a bad way to generate power.

    In the United States we produce over 30% of the world’s nuclear power in our 104 currently active nuclear reactors. No new nuclear reactors have been built in the past 30 years, meaning that most of the reactors online today are well past t... Continue Reading →

  • How to Survive the Job Hunt in This Economy


    Job Hunting. Although there have been reports of the economy improving over the last few years, certain industries are still affected by a lack of jobs and layoffs. It is still difficult for many newly minted college graduates to find meaningful work, and several of them end up finding jobs that are not related to their fields of interest.

    However, this doesn’t have to be you! You can absolutely survive the job hunt in this economy with just a few... Continue Reading →

  • Free Community College Tuition? See What States and Why

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Nothing sparks consumer demand like the word "free," and politicians in some states have proposed the idea of providing that incentive to get young people to attend community college.

    Amid worries that U.S. youth are losing a global skills race, supporters of a no-tuition policy see expanding access to community college as way to boost educational attainment so the emerging workforces in their states look good to employers.

    Of course, such ... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Using RVs

    Over the past year many people have reached-out to me asking the same question; ‘What can people do to survive a catastrophic event besides sailing to an island on a bug-out boat? This was of course a natural response by some people to my book; The Nautical Prepper

    My experience led me to believe that there was in fac... Continue Reading →

  • Investigators Examine "Every Angle" In Milaysian Missing Plane

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Rescue helicopters and ships searching for a Malaysia Airlines jet rushed Monday to investigate a yellow object that looked like a life raft. It turned out to be moss-covered trash floating in the ocean, once again dashing hopes after more than two days of fruitless search for the plane that disappeared en route to Beijing with 239 people on board.
    With no confirmation that the Boeing 777 had crashed, hundreds of distraught relatives waited anxiously for any news. Thai police and Interpol questioned the proprietors of a travel agency in the... Continue Reading →
  • How To Navigate Using a Compass and Map

    The art of reading a map is slowly going the way of the buffalo as GPS units become more and more available. Smart phones, cars, and standard handheld GPS units are all replacing maps at an alarming rate. While using GPS to get where you’re going is great when you have power, what happens in an emergency when there’s no power to operate the GPS units, or worse yet, if something were to happen to the GPS system itself?

    Being able to navigate using a compass and map is not only a good skill to have, it could easily save your life in an emergency. ... Continue Reading →

  • 8 Prepper Tips Learned From World War Z

    Before Brad Pitt starred in the movie World War Z, it was a book by Max Brooks. The movie and book are just about as different from one another as possible, with only a little carry-over from one to the other, but both of these combined give us some pretty great tips on how to prep for a disaster.

    While the chance of zombies overtaking the world is in reality far-fetched, these tips apply to just about every form of disaster preparedness and survival. Here are the top 8 prep... Continue Reading →

  • How to choose the best Bug-Out-Bag

    No matter how much you plan for the contents of your Bug-Out-Bag (BOB), if you don’t choose the right bag to place the supplies in, you’re not going to get very far. For a BOB to be great, it needs to be compact yet big enough to hold everything you need, it needs to be lightweight yet sturdy, and it has to be recognizable as your BOB but not flashy enough as to draw attention.

    Confused yet? Picking the right BOB sounds tougher than it really is. Check out the tips below and get the best BOB for you and start prepping it today.

    1. Weight... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips To Help You Prepare For an Economic Collapse

    One of the scariest scenarios out there is a full economic collapse. Out of all the possible doomsday scenarios you can think of an economic collapse is one of the most viable, especially since we’re already moving full-steam in that direction.

    With over $16 TRILLION in on-book debt it’s hard to see how our country will ever dig out from that hole. Add in the fact that much of this debt is with China and you have a serious problem brewing. All it take... Continue Reading →

  • Top 10 Training Courses You Should Take Right Now

    Prepping is more than having a room full of food and supplies, it’s also about skills. All the food, weapons, and supplies in the world will only get you so far if you don’t have the skills for survival. A first-aid kit is great, but if you don’t know how to perform first aid, it loses most of its usefulness.

    There are classes available all around the country that help with learning the ski... Continue Reading →

  • How to Prepare for a Long Overnight Car Trip

    When we book vacations, especially road trips, it’s usually really exciting! I can’t wait to decide where I’m going to go or who I’m going to see. The best part is mapping out your route on Google Maps and deciding where you’re going to stay. Of course, the one thing that many people don’t think about is emergencies. Unfortunately, emergencies can happen during long car trips, so below are a few tips to keep you prepared and safe so that you can have an enjoyable, smooth jou... Continue Reading →

  • Why Women Are Important In Disaster Preparedness Scenarios

    Photo: Michonne from the TV series ‘Walking Dead’

    During long-term large-scale disasters, where sustainability is critical, good morale is absolutely critical for survival success. Being able to comfort people and children in crises has always been a natural ability (gift) for most women, and if I am being honest, is lacking in many men. In... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Money Tips for Getting Through the Holiday Season

    The holiday season has officially arrived. Christmas jingles are all over the radio, big box stores have had ornaments out since Halloween, and everyone is taking family photos for their holiday cards.

    Usually, in the season of giving and receiving, it’s so easy for your money to go straight out the window. There is a small group of people who budget and plan for gift giving during the holiday season, but most people charge Christmas gifts for their kids to a credit card and sp... Continue Reading →

  • What’s The Number-One Prepper Mistake?

    If you are considering some level of disaster preparedness for yourself or your family then this article may provide some insights so that you might avoid making a classic Prepper mistake. And if you’re already well on the road to preparedness, this article might be the catalyst for re-working your strategy, supporting tactics and equipment.

    From my perspective, the s... Continue Reading →

  • The “Key” To Survival – 5 Essential Keychain and Wallet Tools

    Keychain and Wallet Tools

    When talking about survival one thing that constantly comes up is the bug out bag. While this is a definite necessity, there are many times that you’re not near your bag and just like time, disaster waits for no man. This is why the need for small, discreet tools is a must to make sure you are as prepared as possible in any situation.

    These tools fit into your wallet or onto your keychain with limited impact on your day-to-day use, and most should go through airport se... Continue Reading →

  • How to Stay Safe if You’re a Runner

    If you are an avid runner or want to be, you’re going to want to read this! It’s so important to stay safe when you head out to exercise. Here’s how:

    Wear Reflective Gear

    When you’re running, whether it’s day or night, it’s important to wear colors that are bright and reflective. Sure it might feel funny to wear a neon orange shirt and bright yellow socks, but it helps drivers to see you and protects you from being hit.

    Run Again... Continue Reading →

  • Helping Children Cope with Disaster

    Experiencing a natural disaster, such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane, can be scary for anyone, and especially traumatizing for children. Whether the event affected them directly or they are aware of its impact on a different part of the world, it is important for parents, teachers, caregivers, and neighbors to recognize disturbances in a child’s behavior and help them cope with the fear and stress they are experiencing.

    <... Continue Reading →
  • Disaster Preparedness - Which Strategy Is Best For Me?

    The combination of recent disasters on American soil and a multitude of movies and reality TV shows have finally gotten the attention of many Americans. And now questions are starting to circulate; the most common question I am hearing is ‘what’s the best strategy for me’? The fact that people are now asking this question for the first time offers hope for many because when there are more people w... Continue Reading →

  • How to Plan For A Disaster Scenario and Survive if You’re Wrong

    Survive a disaster scenario

    At the center of every prepper is a great planner. Prepping is built around the idea of planning for unforeseen events to be ready when they come. But what if you plan for the wrong disaster and something you didn’t even see coming happens? You could be planning for a bank shutdown and an economic collapse, but instead a random solar flare knocks out all electronics and power.

    Planning is gre... Continue Reading →

  • Survivalist and Prepper Terminology Explained

    No matter how you prep or what disaster you feel might be on the horizon, one thing just about every prepper and survivalist loves are acronyms. There are so many that it’s easy to get them confused or worse yet, have no clue what they mean.

    To help ease this problem, below is a list of the most common terminology used by preppers and survivalists. It’s a good idea to brush up on these terms so you know what everyone else is talking about. If you’re already a pro at this, send the list to friends interested in prepping so they can start t... Continue Reading →

  • The Top 7 Most Important Features of a Bunker

    With the recent shutdown of the US government it has started to become clearer how fragile the civilized world around us really is. If voting on a single topic can shutter the entire government, what would happen is something major happened?

    The more things like this happen, the better an underground bunker starts to look. No matter how good your bug out location is, if it’s above ground it can be v... Continue Reading →

  • Making Survival Kits the Right Way

    During a disaster or emergency, being prepared to survive on your own may just save your life. There are many ways to prepare yourself for an emergency, and having survival kits is crucial to keeping you alive. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s best to create your own survival kits, although they can be purchased premade featuring basic survival necessities.

    You may be required to remain in a safe room in your house (Shelteri... Continue Reading →

  • Disaster Preparedness – Radiation Exposure And Prophylaxis

    It seems that everywhere you look in the media these days, there’s yet another story detailing the threat of radiation from one source or another ranging from Fukushima to solar radiation. Now we are being told by numerous sources that some of our food supply may be affected:

    Joseph Mangano, executive director of the nonprofit Radi... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Awesome Apps for Emergency Preparedness

    Apps for Emergencies. Chances are that in the middle of an emergency, you’re not going to have time to crack a book or look up what to do on the Internet. Don’t worry, though, there is an app for that! Actually, there are several apps for that. Below are 5 that we recommend.

    1. First Aid App – American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross is known for providing expert advice on a range ... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Prepper Skills to Learn Before You Need Them

    When an emergency happens you really won’t have time to try and learn on the go. If you’re unsure of what skills you should know before you need them, take a look at these 10 survival skills everyone should know before they need them.

    1. Medical & First-Aid

    Acquiring basic knowledge on dealing with cuts and scrapes, burns, and sprains isn't too difficult to gra... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness in 12 Easy Steps

    An emergency preparedness kit is something everyone should have: a set of household and survival items that you might need during an emergency. Having an emergency kit and a survival plan will increase your chances of remaining safe during a natural disaster or survival situation.

    Don’t wait until danger is imminent to build a survival kit and organize a preparedness plan – you may not have time to gather all of the items and information you need for your kit as a storm approaches. Follow these... Continue Reading →

  • Disaster Preparedness, Preppers And Moral Standards

    What determines how someone might act during a crisis or disaster depends largely upon three things:

    1. Upbringing: How a person was raised provides one of the most important aspects of character development and morals, and a considerable amount of that is related to a person’s parents. Parents control and affect many important aspects of the child’s development, including;

    A.) Providing a home that is nurturing and supportive; children need to feel loved and safe when they are at home; the world... Continue Reading →

  • Can Survivalists and Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows?

    National Geographic – Reality TV ShowDoomsday Castle

    Can Survivalists and Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows?

    The quick answer is yes; absolutely, if the show is true to its viewership. That said, it can also go horribly wrong; let’s examine why.

    Much of modern society today is operating with a complete... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping for Large-Scale Disaster


    Large-Scale Disaster 

    A Sobering Problem - Requiring A Different Approach

    Most survival strategies and related tactics today draw upon the methods that worked in much smaller disasters and will likely work to some extent today in similar small scale disasters. However, large-scale (contin... Continue Reading →

  • Bug Out Bag Contents

    Bug Out Bag Contents

    By: Tom Linden of UK Preppers Podcast Radio Network

    Here is what I consider to be my list of needed items for a bug out bag (72 hour kit) and think that it is well worth sharing. The only thing I would add is to remember to add at least a pistol, rifle, and a good blade in with this preparation. So…prepare for the worst and pray for the best. You’ll never... Continue Reading →

  • Budget Prepping: Bug Out Bag

    By: Andy Selby

    Budget Bug Out Bag. One of the first things that every new survivalist does is put together their Bug Out or Get Home Bag. This bag is a collection of tools, materials, and food that is designed to get your through the first 72 hours of whatever disaster or situation you might find yourself in.

    There are many different methods and budgets that apply when deciding what should go ... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Great Ways to Use Wheat WITHOUT a Wheat Grinder!

    By: Jodi and Julie of

    A lot of times people just getting started with their food storage have a big hang-up about wheat and how to use it.  We are told to store hundreds of pounds of this food that we actually NEVER cook with in our daily cooking.  For a long time we decided we wouldn't store any wheat until we had a wheat grinder so that we could “use it”.  We didn't r... Continue Reading →

  • Cheap by Choice: When Frugality Means Freedom

    By Daisy Luther orginally posted on and shared on

    I suffered some great financial losses back in 2010. I lost my house, my car, and my business.  We had been living frugally in comparison to many people,  but not frugally enough to counteract that personal economic disaster. Looking back, I’m not sure if any amount of frugality could have really made a difference.

    It was a de... Continue Reading →

  • What Every Household First Aid Kit Needs

    The one guarantee in life is that accidents happen and usually at the worst possible time. Since preventing an emergency is impossible, the next best thing is to be prepared. Every home needs a first aid kit and most people have no idea what to put in one. One solution is to buy a premade kitContinue Reading →

  • *EXPIRED* Survival SuperBundle Giveaway

    Emergencies can happen at any time and almost anywhere. Natural disasters, financial collapse or sudden accidents can turn life on its head in a matter of seconds. The only way to keep your family safe and secure in the face of crisis is preparation.

    September is National Preparedness Month, so there’s no better time than NOW to get your emergency plan up to date. is your headquarters for all things emergency prep—helping you be more than prepared for anything.

    And in September, as you get ready, ... Continue Reading →

  • Realistic Budgeting

    If saving money were easy, everyone would be doing it (and you wouldn’t be reading about how to do it). The truth is, saving money can be difficult ⎯ downright hard if you don’t go about it the right way.

    The only realistic way to save money is by creating a budget. Now, don’t freak out; we said the “B” word, but have faith—if you are diligent, you will be well on your way to getting that nagging voice out of your head: “Save Money! Save Money!”


    1.  Track Your Income and Spending for a Month

    Don’t worr... Continue Reading →

  • MY List of 10 Food Storage Myths/Excuses

    There are quite a few myths out there about Food Storage. In this article we'll try to cover 10 of the myths and what you can do to get prepared.

    10- If you don’t have your food storage by now, it’s too late.

    Storing food and other necessities is not an event; it’s a process. It means spending just a little more on groceries every month, either at the store or on “emergency” food supplies. Month after month, year after year, and then one day, you realize you really do have enough food to get you through some tough times.

    9- Foo... Continue Reading →