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  • Would You Move into a Tiny House?

    The tiny house movement continues to gain momentum, and it’s not crazy-hard to understand why. While moving into a 200- square- foot home is a huge change if you’re used to living in a 1,000- or 2,000- square- foot residence, there are many benefits to tiny house living. If you are looking to seriously downsize, review why a tiny house might be exactly what you need.

    Save Money

    Tiny homes are unsurprisingly huge money-savers. There’s no expensive mortgage weighing you down ev... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Survival Tips from “10 Cloverfield Lane”

    I’m a sucker for a good monster movie. Not only are they entertaining and suspenseful, but they also speak to the prepper mindset. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching “Godzilla” or “Pacific Rim,” the stories all basically start the same.

    Life is mostly good and going on as it always does until a monster appears seemingly out of thin air and starts wrecking the place to the point of complete societal collapse. It’s at this point that those that are well prepared for a variety of situations step up and help lead humanity to a victory.

    Ok, so maybe it’s... Continue Reading →

  • Biography of a Prepper: Lisa Bedford

    Also known as the Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford has made a name for herself in the world of prepping. As a suburban wife and mother of two children, Lisa got her start as a prepper because she wanted to protect her family and their way of life after the family business was hit hard by economic troubles. Today, she is a well-known prepping blogger, author and speaker.

    It was the economic collapse of 2008 and resulting loss of financial security for millions of people, including her family, ... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Knife Myths and the Truth Behind Them

    Myth |ˈmith| (n) – A widely held but false belief or idea; a misrepresentation of the truth.

    The problem with myths is that they often come from people that seem to know what they’re talking about and are often intermixed with the truth. When talking about knives, it’s all too easy for us to accept myths because it’s often what is offered up to us.

    Knives are an essential part of survival and prepping, so getting your facts straight on them is crucial to proper prepping. Let’s dispel the top five myths about knives and final... Continue Reading →

  • Free Land For Preppers?

    The government is giving away free land and farming equipment. Sort of. If you are eagerly awaiting the day that you can buy your dream land and build a prepper retreat or start

    Top 15 Wood Ashes Survival Uses

    Wood ash is the powdery residue left after the combustion of wood. Anyone who grew up on a homestead was likely tasked with scraping out ash from a woodburner and taking it outdoors for disposal. Before engaging in some research on the many possible uses for wood ash from a

    Missouri Gun Ban Will Make Buying A Firearm More Difficult Than Getting An Abortion

    A proposed Missouri gun law will make it harder to buy a rifle or handgun than to get an abortion, Second Amendment supporters staunchly maintain. The legislation was filed on December 1 and requires a host of gun-buying restrictions, which appear to be a mirror image of Missouri’s extensive abortion laws.<... Continue Reading →

  • Best Survival-Based TV Shows

    There’s a whole slew of survival-themed television series out there, some of which fall into the “reality” category. Others are fictitious, but easily serve as potential warnings about the future. Check out a few of the best survival-based television series and maybe learn a new skill or three:


    Survivorman was a Canadian-produced television series that aired on the Outdoor Life Network starting in 2005. The last of the specials a... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping For a Flood

    Not every disaster is world ending, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less devastating to those involved. Floods are a serious threat that can ruin lives; as we saw with the post-Hurricane Katrina flooding, floods can easily decimate entire cities.

    Prepping doesn’t have to be reserved for End of the World as we Know it scenarios, but instead should be used to keep you, your family, and your belongings as safe as possible in any survival situation — floods included. By knowing your risk and planning accordingly, you can keep safe and survive a flood and live to fight ... Continue Reading →

  • ISIS Power Grid Attack Threats - Will Terrorists Make The Lights Go Out?

    ISIS is threatening to take down the U.S. power grid. Earlier this month, Israel National News agency, Arutz Sheva, reported that Yemen experienced a nationwide blackout that occurred because of terrorism; warnings about the attack were ignored.

    The power grid is America’s most vulnerable and antiquated piece of infrastructure. Rumors about attacks on the nation... Continue Reading →

  • Are 'The Harbinger' Predictions Coming True?


    The Harbinger is perhaps one of the best-selling "the end is near" novels of all time. Jonathan Cahn's massive hit book has shocked nearly all readers who have anxiously flipped through its pages.

    Jonathan Cahn's harbingers, or omens, are based upon the text found in Isaiah 9:10-11. According to Cain and his legions of followers, the first signs that life as we know could be on the

    The Truth About Currency Devaluation And Preparedness

    It’s a crisp fall morning as you awaken to the smell of pancakes on the grill wafting through the house. You flip on the radio to hear the morning news as you roll out of bed. It’s then you hear that it’s been a busy morning over on the east coast; the U.S. stock market has plummeted by 1,250 points and that trading was suspended. As you sip your coffee, you ponder that announcement; you rationalize its meaning based upon your own sphere of experience, which is a huge mis... Continue Reading →

  • Finding the Best Camping Spot

    Camping is one of the best outdoor summertime activities that the whole family can enjoy. To the newbie, however, getting everything ready for a camping trip can be a bit overwhelming at first. You have to find the right gear, plan for meals, be ready for changes in the weather, and ultimately find a good camping spot.

    Finding the right spot is harder... Continue Reading →

  • Summer Survival Skills - It's A Great Time To Practice Your Preps!

    Summer is not only a time for BBQs, baseball games, and trips to the beach. The most glorious months of the year are also a perfect time to practice your preps. Getting the entire family involved in SHTF drills and enhancing your physical readiness can be both a fun and potentially life-saving endeavor.

    Pre... Continue Reading →

  • What is Ultralight Backpacking?

    Backpacking, the form of outdoor recreation where gear is carried on one’s back, is a rewarding pursuit. Many people stay away from it, however, because of the heavy weight backpackers carry. It is not uncommon for backpackers to carry 40 pounds or more of gear that includes a sleeping bag, a tent, food, fuel, a cooking stove, toiletries, and clothes. With all the equipment backpackers need to survive several days... Continue Reading →

  • Basic Trail Etiquette

    For many of us, hiking and backpacking are ways to find the peace and solitude we struggle to find back home in the middle of civilization. Chances are good, however, that you will encounter other humans no matter where you go. Do you know what to do when you run into other recreationists on the trail?

    Basic trail etiquette dictates the general rules to follow when meeting other people on a hiking or backpacking trail. Trail systems are used for a variety of activities including hiki... Continue Reading →

  • Evacuating in a Major Urban Area

    Major urban areas around the world contain the majority of the population, yet these centers of civilization are also the most vulnerable in times of disaster. The chaotic evacuation of New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 demonstrated that many major urban areas lack sufficient evacuation procedures. Many residents were abandoned without basic services like food and sanitation.

    In many cases, residents of major urban areas don’t have as many options when it comes... Continue Reading →

  • What Happens When Money Becomes Worthless?

    The idea of money is pretty simple. We have pieces of currency, like bills or coins, that the government promises is worth a set amount. We use these pieces of currency to purchase goods and services. We have so much faith in this currency that we often don’t even need to see it to know it’s there. From checks to debit cards to credit cards to direct deposit paychecks we rarely see the money we put so much trust in.

    So what happens when that trust goes away? In the face of a major catastrophe the idea of money can quickly fade away and those tin coins and paper bills qui... Continue Reading →

  • Is Geo-Engineering A Concern For Preppers?

    Most people are not acquainted with the term geo-engineering. The vast majority of American people are oblivious to the existence of weather and climate modification technology and implementation, let alone how far it has progressed over the past 60–70 years. Even when presented with the facts, most people discount such information as... Continue Reading →

  • Super Storm Long Overdue, Experts Warn

    Are you prepared for a super storm of historic magnitude to hit the United States? If the answer is "no" or "maybe" you had best work on your prepping plan ASAP. Weather experts at MIT and a host of severe storm tracking agencies from around the country are warning that the nation is "long overdue" for a disastrous monster storm.

    A disastrous storm of epi... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips for Warm Weather Conceal Carry

    One of the most important parts to any Every Day Carry (EDC) is a (legally) concealed firearm. Carrying a handgun concealed with you at all times is one of the best ways to be prepared, and in the winter months this task is easily accomplished without detection thanks to bulky clothes and winter jackets.

    The same cannot be said for the warmer months however. Shorts, t-shirts, and the lack of jackets or sweatshirts means there’s often nothing between your con... Continue Reading →

  • Big Government Pushing For Smart Meters Once Again, Will Your Home Be Monitored?

    Big brother is watching - and reporting every light switch flip and ounce of water pouring out of your faucet to the government. The California water drought is being used to push, once again, for smart meter installation into every American home.

    Smart meters utilize wireless technology and instantly tell power companies how much electricity a home is using, and even can report on the power usage by individual appliances. Smart meters supporters generally feel that the high-tech electr... Continue Reading →

  • 'Assault Weapons' Ban Failed, But Gun Control Activists Still Trying To Limit Second Amendment Rights

    Just when the Second Amendment infringing mandates of the SAFE Act appear to be finished, a liberal gun control activist finds a way to revive the controversial legislation with a SAFER Act bill.

    Connecticut House of Representatives members Rosa DeLauro, wants residents to turn their “assault weapons” over to the government in exchange for a tax credit. DeLauro plans to re-introduce the Support Assault Firearm Elimination and Education for ou... Continue Reading →

  • What Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know How to Do

    For many people, homeownership is a rite of passage. It is a way to grow one’s net worth as well as serving as a sign of success. However, homeownership comes with its own problems. Consequently, there are some things that every first-time homeowner should know how to do.

    These tricks will not only save you headaches down the road but ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected.

    Take an Inventory of Your Home – For insurance purposes, it... Continue Reading →

  • RFID Implanted Chips In Pets and People: The Risk To Privacy

    Have you considered having your pet implanted with an RFID chip? If you listen to the marketing hype of SAFRAN Morpho, and other manufacturers, there is nothing but benefits through implanting an RFID chip into pets and people.

    The typical ‘benefit’ exampled by vendors is... Continue Reading →

  • Superweeds And Self-Pollinating Peach Tree Threats To The Food Supply?

    Superweeds spawned by genetically modified practices by industrial farms, small family farms, and backyard growers, continue to threaten our food supply safety and security.

    Both organic growers and those concerned about food security will be dismayed to learn that stronger chemical herbicides are being introduced to combat the hard-to-kill gigantic weeds which have been plaguing farmers for the past several years.

    In addition to the battle against superweeds, there is a  ... Continue Reading →

  • Tips For Reading Animal Tracks and Signs

    Learning how to read animal tracks and signs is one heck of a survival skill, as it's extremely helpful in preventing death via bear or other large predator. If planning a camping or hiking excursion or are simply interested in learning more about this topic, check out the following tips to get you started:

    Animal Prints

    It's an excellent, excellent idea to purchase a field guide featuring the tracks of animals in the area you intend to explore, so when ... Continue Reading →

  • Level 4 Solar Storm Hits Earth: Lack Of Attention To Fragile Power Grid Could Spell Doom For America

    Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem. A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any other doomsday scenario ever could; and is far more likely than a plethora of the apocalyptic scenarios contrived by Hollywood producers.

    Solar flares hit Earth on March 16, but few noticed. The

    Fruit Prices Expected To Take Big Hike Due To Continued Honeybee Decline

    Milk prices may be at an all-time low but fruit and almond prices are expected to increase substantially due to another season of hon... Continue Reading →

  • The Myths Around ‘Preppers’ & Disaster Preparedness


    We live in a world where civilization, reason and logic are said to be at historic heights, yet so many people today, especially our youth, are making new lows in relevant intelligence and labor under a host of myths and illusions. A few of the myths and misconceptions relate to disaster preparedness and ‘Preppers’.

    5 Food Storage Mistakes to Fix Right Now

    One of the most important pieces to the prepping puzzle is making sure you have enough food to get you and your family through an emergency. Whether it’s a snow storm that cuts you off from the grocery store for a few days, an earthquake that can cut you off for weeks, or a true SHTF scenario that cuts you off indefinitely…food storage is vital to survival.

    While food storage is important, many people don’t investigate how to store food properly before getting started. This means there are mistakes in how food is stored, what food is stored, and how much is kept. There ... Continue Reading →

  • Honey Prices Soar As Colony Collapse Disorder Worsens And The Bee Population Declines

    Honey prices in the United States have risen by more than 13 percent. In January 2014 the price was $9,722 per ton, but a decline in yield per bee colony and higher demand pushed the price in January 2015 to $11,023 per ton.

    Honey production in America has reportedly been on the decline since 2013. During that year only about  67,800 tons were produced, down five percent from 2012 and down 35 percent from honey production levels two decades ago.

    “The decline in yield per colony is due to diminished US bee colony populations ... Continue Reading →

  • Fear and Prepping

    What’re you afraid of? If you’ve ever talked about prepping to someone not of the same mindset when it comes to preparedness this is a question you’ve surely been asked at least once. It’s hard for many people to see why you’d be worried about disaster when things are going great. Instead of being seen as someone of sound mind and solid foresight, being a prepper is more often than not seen as being “weird” or “creepy.”

    To say that a prepper isn’t scared would be a lie. At its core, prepping is the act of wishing for the best, but preparing for the worst. ... Continue Reading →

  • Is Russia Preparing For World War 3?

    Russian leader Vladimir Putin plans to make the Russian Army not only a military force to be reckoned with, but a dominate power on the world stage.

    Is Russia preparing for

    The Food Dilemma: How Natural Disasters can Impact Your Food and What to Do About It

    We’ve all grown pretty accustomed to getting everything we need from the grocery store, from food to cleaning products today’s supermarket is a haven of necessities and not-so-necessities for our modern age.

    But what happens when there’s a major natural disaster? Even if your supermarket isn’t damaged a natural disaster on a large enough scale can not only impact your food supply, but wipe it out completely. Check out the list of viable natural disasters below, how they each can impact your food supply, and what to do to prevent it from happening to you.

    Massive Hurri... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Medicine Preparedness: H3N2 Flu Epidemic Claims Lives Of 15 Children In 22 States

    Medical preparedness is often the most difficult aspect those who wish to live a self-reliant lifestyle face. The recent H3N2 epidemic is a prime example of how deadly a common seasonal ailment can become, especially for the very young and the elderly.

    Stockpiling over the counter pain remedies such as Tylenol, Pedialyte, and cough syrup are an excellent way to help prepare for an epidemic, pandemic, or long-term disaster - but so much more should be done to protect the health of the family.... Continue Reading →

  • Are You Prepared For A Solar Flare? Interview With 'The Carrington Event' TV Series Director Rob Underhill

    The Carrington Event of 1859 was the strongest solar flare even known to hit the Earth. If coronal mass ejection (CME) of the same strength would directly hit the modern world, a true life as we know it ending event would occur - rapidly.

    Award-winning producer Rob Underhill has turned his ponderings just such a solar flare disaster into a television series.  Producer Rob Underhill has ten years of experience as a producer, director, and writer. Underhill has also been a leading force b... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 4 Water Supply

    Photo: Laura Simpson © 2014 – Lakes, streams and ponds provide potential water sources as well as fish

    In this series, we are considering the very basic steps that would allow anyone with average skills and the requisite adventuresome disposition, to successfully establish an ‘off-grid’ homestead. Going off-grid requires some of the same ‘spirit’ that many of our forefathers had when they first came to America in the 1800’s, taking their families into the ... Continue Reading →

  • Protecting Your Neighbors Just Deemed Illegal In Missouri?

    Some days you wake up and flip on the news and wonder if you really rolled out of bed in America. The morning that a breaking news report basically said picking up a legally owned rifle and helping friends and neighbors protect their property from dangerous rioters, could get you arrested - well, it was one of those days.

    Working together, especially when faced with adversity, is what this country was founded upon. Banding together to protect one another during troubled times is exactly why ... Continue Reading →

  • Going Off-Grid ‘Starting From Scratch’ PART 3 Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    Going Off-Grid

     ‘Starting From Scratch’

      PART 3

    Energizing Your Off-Grid Homestead

    A solar array is the heart of your off-grid power system

    In this series, we are considering the very basic steps t... Continue Reading →

  • How To Stay (Relatively) Clean During Long Hiking Trips

    Planning a long, long, long hiking trip? Whether "long" means "the weekend" or "several months," keeping clean is often a challenge. Unless staying in a campground with available showers, you'll have to get creative to remain clean and (somewhat) fresh. Check out a few ideas to help you avoid saying "What IS that horrendous smell?" and  realizing it's you:

    Baby Wipes

    Baby wipes take up very little space and are an ideal item to bring on lon... Continue Reading →

  • Does Bulk Buying Really Save Money?

    Everyone loves to save money when shopping, so it’s no surprise that membership at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club has soared over the last few years. In fact, from 1997-2002 shopping in club stores increased by 231%*!

    Though this type of shopping has become very popular, it’s important to ask, “Is bulk buying really saving money?”

    Here are some things to consider before you begin buying in bulk.

    Consider Price Per Unit

    <... Continue Reading →
  • Starting From Scratch

    Have you even dreamed of moving to a remote location and getting set-up to live a life totally off the grid? I’m sure that some people have had that notion, given all of the unsettling developments worldwide and domestically, especially within our own cities. It’s a fact that cities have become more and more dangerous over the past decade. That said, getting out of the city may make more sense now than ever before:
  • GMO Grass Coming To A Backyard Near You


    Genetically engineered grass is currently being developed by Scotts and Monsanto. The produce skirted by government testing mandates and could soon be contaminating an organic farm or public park near you.

    The first variety of is GMO grass Scotts Roundup Ready Kentucky Bluegrass. The genetically modified grass was designed to ... Continue Reading →

  • Weather Threats To The Power Grid

    Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem. A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any other doomsday scenario ever could; and is far more likely than a plethora of the apocalyptic scenarios contrived by Hollywood producers.

    Should the power grid go down for just a single week, approximately one million Americans will likely die. Many scientists agree that such a doomsday scenario ... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Awesome, Young Millionaires to Learn From

    We all dream of being millionaires “someday,” but few of us will actually reach that status on our own. Luckily, there are a few awesome, young millionaires around today who’ve made it there on their own by turning their passion into a profitable venture with lots of hard work along the way.

    Ashley Qualls

    Ashley is the founder of, a site she first started at age 14 in 2004, to showcase her html and web design skills. To gain traffic,... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping for Ebola: 5 Tips

    Is An Ebola Epidemic Inevitable In America?

    And What Can People Do To Protect Themselves?

    With each successive day since the man (Thomas Eric Duncan) who flew from Liberia to Texas was diagnosed with the first case of the Ebola virus in the U.S., more and more unsettling facts are starting to emerge. As we are seeing, Americans are the ‘las... Continue Reading →

  • Running Free: Why Horses Are Good For Wilderness

    Photo: courtesy Laura Simpson; wild black stallion at a full run (copyright 2014)

    Few people could disagree that the wild horses of America represent the true strength and freedom that made America great. Frankly, what has an eagle ever done to help man? Today, we thrive on the legacy of their past service to mankind, and most people have completely forgotten this very important fact; we built America off the... Continue Reading →

  • Stay Safe by Becoming the Grey Man

    The idea of the Grey Man is a simple one: don’t stand out. People are pushed more and more today be stand out from the crowd and to be the best they can be, which of course always includes making sure everyone knows you’re the best.

    Instead of the common practice of showing off and being noticed, the Grey Man concept is all about blending in. This means dressing, acting, and behaving in such a way that you’re totally forgettable. While being forgettable is ... Continue Reading →

  • ISIS In America: Are You Prepared?


    ISIS militants may already be inside America. Concerns about homeland terrorism on soft targets by small groups of Islamic State militants will likely increase as the Christmas season nears and millions of Americans will be participating in large religious gatherings and converging on the local mall.

    President Obama recently placed the blame for the ISIS threats at the feet of the national intelligence community, sparking backlash from the agents and officials who offer presidential briefings regularly. According to the Government Accountability Institute, President Oba... Continue Reading →

  • Is the US Economy Getting Better?

    Ever since the economic downturn began in December 2007, everyone has been more concerned than ever with the strength of the US economy.

    Never before has the economy been such a focus of conversation. From newscasts to beauty shop gossip, it seems the state of the US economy is a topic that everyone is interested in.

    While the US economy is certainly better off now than it was during the economic downturn, the real question is: Will the trend ... Continue Reading →


    As I write this I am vexed by the fact that nearly 100,000 thousand acres of pristine forests are burning and nearly one-million acres of forest (public forests) have burned to the ground in and around the Pacific Northwest so far this year alone. The vast majority of these forests are publically owned and managed by Federal agencies under the overview of the EPA (

    Do You Have The Skills Necessary To Survive A Disaster? Prepper Camp 2014 Offers Interactive Training

    Prepper expos abound during the spring and summer months, but few offer the level of hands-on survival training that will be available at Prepper Camp. The North Carolina 3-day prepper expo will be held at the Orchard Lake Campground in the mountain town of Saluda, as previously reported by Survival Based.

    The list of

    Unhappy campers and what it means for Emergency Preparation


    When I lived in Southern California years ago, I would often take the “Cajon Pass” out of the LA Basin onto the desert. For me, it was the start of one of two trips: Either to see my in-laws in Utah, or heading for the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains for an adventure, usually with my children, sometimes the whole family. When I took the turn off that would lead me to Lone Pine ... Continue Reading →

  • EMP Attack On The Power Grid Deemed Significant Threat


    An EMP bomb is a nuclear weapon designed to be detonated at a high altitude in order to create extremely powerful electromagnetic pulses. Such pulses will not only cause the light to go out, but completely destroy electrical devises and the computer systems in modern vehicles. Electromagnetic pulses can occur natural from a solar storm – solar fla... Continue Reading →

  • Convert Your ‘Pavement Queen’ RV Into A Mean Off-Road Prepper Machine Part Two WATER SUPPLY

    Convert Your ‘Pavement Queen’ RV

    Into A Mean Off-Road Prepper Machine

    By: William E. Simpson © 2014 All Rights Reserved 

    Part Two 



    <... Continue Reading →
  • Glyphosate Resistance Is Posing Major Obstacle For Farmers


    GMO crops and chemical pesticides and herbicides have become commonplace in American agriculture. The search to garner non-GMO or heirloom seeds can be a lengthy one for both backyard gardeners and professional farmers alike. As with antibiotics, alcohol, and drugs, weeds can build up a tolerance and resistance to substances much in the same way as the human body does. Glyphosate appears to no longer not ju... Continue Reading →

  • What Can a Prepper Learn From Ferguson, Mo.?

    The recent unrest in the town of Ferguson, Missouri seems more like a wartime environment than simple protests, and much of this has to do with what is turning out to be a far more militarized police force than anyone would have suspected existing in and around a small Missouri town of around 21,000 people.

    While the cause of the shooting and identity of the officer involved are still not known, but what you can see from the events in Ferguson is that the police in this town are not about protecting and serving the people, but instead about protecti... Continue Reading →

  • Illegal Immigration: A National Security Issue Which Must Be Addressed Swiftly


    Border security is a national security issue. Without a secure border there is no way to know who is entering the United States. Border Patrol agents have noted that along with the 65,000 illegal immigrants who have crossed the border from Central American and Mexico this year, individuals from the Middle East, China, and Africa have also been encountered.

    If thousands of women and children can endure "The Beast" Mexican train which has brought loads of illegal immigrants to the Texas border, or the rugged terrain and raft rides some coyotes use to ferry people to the U... Continue Reading →

  • Is Your Survival At Risk Due To ‘Hi-Tech Handicap’?


    Far too often I run across people who feel that their disaster preparedness plans are well in hand only to observe numerous flaws related to what I call ‘high-tech handicaps’.

    What is a ‘hi-tech handicap’? That’s a fair question, so please allow me to detail what I mean by that phrase and how it affects the various aspects of disaster preparedness.

    H... Continue Reading →

  • Prepper Camp: Hands-On Prepardness Expo [Rick Austin Interview]


    All the prepper gear on Earth will not increase your chances survive of you lack the knowledge to use it, or lose it, during a disaster. Bestselling author, survival gardening expert, and television star Rick Austin urges Americans to come Prepper Camp and learn how to stretch both their minds and their muscles while increasing their self-reliance skills.

    A multitude of preparedness events occur routinely from spring to early fall, but the hands-on camp being organized by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive prepper exp... Continue Reading →

  • The Principles of Leave No Trace

    As you head outdoors for recreational activities, the three most important words to remember are: Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace is a nonprofit organization that seeks to advocate the responsible use of environmental resources. They accomplish this through educating others about their collection of outdoor ethics, referred to as the Seven Principles.

    The purpose of these values is to m... Continue Reading →

  • Saving The Bees Should Be Important To Anyone Who Needs To Eat To Survive

    The honeybee population has been experiencing 30 percent declines since 2005. If the little pollinators vanish form the face of the Earth, the human race is not far behind. About every third bite of food we shovel onto our forks was pollinated by a honeybee. Colony collapse disorder has been studied by scientists from around the world extensively, yet no single cause for the deaths has been universally accep... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Pack for Backpacking

    One of the best ways to experience the outdoors during the summer season is backpacking. In contrast to car camping, backpacking requires carrying all of your gear with you as you hike through the wilderness on foot. Therefore, it makes sense that selecting the right backpack is imperative.

    As with many other gear selections, the right backpack for you depends on a wide... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Gardening: The Role Weeds Play In The Growing And Camo Process [Rick Austin Interview]

    Weeds are bad for our farms and gardens and we should pull them, right? Wrong. Permaculture expert and Secret Garden of Survival author Rick Austin is nationally renowned for his agriculture skills and insights. Austin left the corporate world behind to live off the grid in North Carolina several years back. Rick has ... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Solar Chargers for When Things Go Dark

    When your gear gets low on power today it’s easy to find a wall outlet and plug in for a few hours. What happens when that wall outlet doesn’t work any more? When the SHTF power will be one of the first things to go. With nobody running the power stations or to repair downed wires, all those gadgets you have will become useless within just a few days.

    So what’s the solution? You could stop using electronics entirely now to prepare, but that’s nearly impossible and ultimately unsafe today. You need to use communication devices, recharge flash... Continue Reading →

  • Bee-Tastic Series Part Three: Honey Camping/Survival Uses

    In Part Three of our Bee-Tastic series, we'll look at a few of the many amazing uses for raw, unprocessed honey. The sticky stuff has numerous medicinal applications that make It an ideal addition to your first aid kit or bag o' camping stuff. Let's check out ... Continue Reading →

  • Gimmicks, Scams, and Everything Else a Prepper Doesn’t Need

    Preppers are a unique group of people. We see the benefit in spending money now for things that hopefully never get used. From food to weapons to vehicle upgrades, preppers know how to spend some serious money.

    Since we’ve never been through an EOTWAWKI situation, it’s easy to fall for gimmicks and scams if you aren’t careful. Sadly there are more than a few people out there willing to take your want to be safe and prepared and use it as a way to get rich quick, leaving you without your hard earned money and worse yet, leaving you high and dry... Continue Reading →

  • 15 Items to Start Your Food Prep Off Right - Number 6 is Vital

    So, you want to start building your emergency food storage to prepare for whatever disaster may come, but the task seems insurmountable. You’ve probably seen posts that tell you the proper caloric intake and base foods to build a good diet, but those don’t tell you exactly what you should be saving, do they?

    Sometimes it’s just better to have specifics so you can make a simple shopping list and go to the store with a mission, or better yet, keep a list in your wallet for when you see sales, so you can buy your emergency food on the cheap.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Convert Your ‘Pavement Queen’ RV Into A Mean Off-Road Prepper Machine

    Part One – Suspensions/Tires 

    Factory leaf springs compressed nearly flat due to max loading of payload 

    By the time my wife and I reached Provo, Utah I was already disenchanted with the 5th wheel RV that we had recently purchased. But maybe I should back-up just a... Continue Reading →

  • A ‘SITREP’ From Capt. Bill

                                                   “What Rattlesnake”?

    Over the past couple months I have been ‘MIA’ according to some of my friends and readers who have sent me emails inquiring as to my status.

    So I decided to share what I have been up to:

    First of all, I have been scouting various potential filming locations in the Western United States for a... Continue Reading →

  • Consumers losing doctors with new insurance plans

    MIAMI (AP) — Some consumers who bought insurance under President Barack Obama's health care law are experiencing buyer's remorse after realizing that their longtime doctors aren't accepting the new plans.

    Before the law took effect, experts warned that narrow networks could impact patients' access to care, especially in cheaper plans. But with insurance cards now in hand, consumers are finding their access limited across all... Continue Reading →

  • Study says irrigation can stress San Andreas Fault

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Excessive groundwater pumping for irrigation in California's agricultural belt can stress the San Andreas Fault, potentially increasing the risk of future small earthquakes, a new study suggests.

    GPS readings found parts of the San Joaquin Valley floor have been sinking for decades through gradual depletion of the aquifer while the surrounding mountains are being uplifted. This motion pr... Continue Reading →

  • US producer prices jump; hint of rising inflation

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The prices that U.S. companies receive for their goods and services rose by the most in seven months in April, a sign that inflation may be picking up from very low levels.

    The producer price index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.6 percent from March to April, the Labor Department said Wednesday, after a 0.5 percent increase from February to March. April's increases were led by higher food prices and gr... Continue Reading →

  • California firefighters gain ground on wildfires

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — Weather conditions that at least temporarily calmed allowed firefighters to gain ground early Wednesday on a pair of wildfires that forced thousands of residents to leave their homes.

    Evacuation orders were lifted for all of the more than 20,000 residents in and around San Diego on Tuesday night just a few hours after they were called, and all but a handful of those in 1,200 homes and businesses told to evacuat... Continue Reading →

  • Arizona town near Grand Canyon runs low on water

    WILLIAMS, Ariz. (AP) — In the northern Arizona city of Williams, restaurant patrons don't automatically get a glass of water anymore. Residents caught watering lawns or washing cars with potable water can be fined. Businesses are hauling water from outside town to fill swimming pools, and building permits have been put on hold because there isn't enough water to accommodate development.

    Officials in the community a... Continue Reading →

  • Genetically modified foods confuse consumers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most Americans have no idea if they are eating them.

    The Food and Drug Administration says they don't need to be labeled, so the state of Vermont has moved forward on its own. On Thursday, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed legislation making his state the first to require labeling of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

    What about the rest of the countr... Continue Reading →

  • Texas, Arkansas clean up after strong storms

    DALLAS (AP) — Homeowners and utility crews cleaned up Friday after thunderstorms with winds of up to 70 mph tore through North Texas, leaving widespread damage. More severe weather was expected Friday through the central U.S., including strong winds and large hail.

    By Friday morning, about 200 homes remained without power in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to Oncor — down from a reported 34,000 Thursday.

    The stor... Continue Reading →

  • Urban Camouflage

    Sometimes, being prepared means being able to move from where you are to where you want to be. Disasters and emergencies don’t always wait until you are safely home, and even if you are sheltering in place, you may need to move around-to obtain supplies or services, to render aid, or any number of reasons.

    We all hope that during times of crisis, people will rise to their better nature, band together and help each other, and in many emergencies this has been the case. But it is... Continue Reading →

  • 'Star Wars: Episode VII' cast unveiled

    NEW YORK (AP) — "Star Wars: Episode VII" finally has its stars. May the Force be with them.

    After months of carefully guarded secrecy and endless Internet speculation, the cast of the latest incarnation of the space epic was unveiled Tuesday on the official "Star Wars" website by Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Co.

    Starring in J.J. Abrams' new "Star Wars" are: John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Max von Sydow, Andy Serkis an... Continue Reading →

  • Live to Fight Another Day: Basics of Survival Medicine Part 2: Medical Emergencies

    Even under the best conditions medical emergencies come up. That’s pretty much the reason emergency rooms and urgent care exist. In a survival situation these medical emergencies will be greater and your ability to care for them will be greatly diminished.

    While there are quite a few first-aid guides out there, the three major medical issues you’ll likely face are breathing issues, severe bleeding, and shock. While there are other issues that you’ll face, the major issues with each basically come down to these three. Each is unique in it’s o... Continue Reading →

  • Tornadoes kill 16 in Arkansas, 1 in Oklahoma

    VILONIA, Ark. (AP) — Emergency officials on Monday began searching for survivors in the debris left by a powerful tornado that carved an 80-mile path of destruction through suburban Little Rock, killing at least 16 people.

    The tornado that slammed into Vilonia, about 10 miles west of the state capital, on Sunday evening grew to about half a mile wide and was among a rash of tornadoes and heavy storms that rumbled across the center and sou... Continue Reading →

  • FDA Proposes First Regulations For E-cigarettes, See the Details

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government wants to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels.

    While the proposal being issued Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration won't immediately mean changes for the popular devices, the move is aimed at eventually taming the fast-growing e-cigarette industry.

    The agency said the proposal sets a foundation for regulating the products but the rules don't immediate... Continue Reading →

  • 9/11 museum film draws heat for portrayal of Islam

    NEW YORK (AP) — A film that will be shown at the National September 11 Memorial Museum when it opens next month unfairly links Islam and terrorism, clergy members said in letters demanding it be changed.

    "The Rise of Al Qaeda," a brief documentary narrated by NBC anchor Brian Williams, shows the growth of international terrorist groups in the years leading up to the 2001 attacks. The film has not been publicly released, but museum officials have screened it for groups including... Continue Reading →

  • Michigan Man Among 1st in US to Get 'Bionic Eye'

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A degenerative eye disease slowly robbed Roger Pontz of his vision.

    Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa as a teenager, Pontz has been almost completely blind for years. Now, thanks to a high-tech procedure that involved the surgical implantation of a "bionic eye," he's regained enough of his eyesight to catch small glimpses of his wife, grandson and cat.

    "It's awesome. It's exciting — seeing something new every day," Pontz said during a recent appointment at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center. The 55-year-old former competitive weightlift... Continue Reading →

  • John Wayne Gacy Helps Solve Unrelated Death, See How

    CHICAGO (AP) — Four decades after John Wayne Gacy lured more than 30 young men and boys to his Chicago-area home and strangled them, his case has helped authorities solve another killing — one he didn't commit.

    Investigators have identified the remains of a man who in 1978 never returned to his home just a few miles from Gacy's house. They also say they know the identity of his now-deceased killer. The Cook County Sheriff'... Continue Reading →

  • Material on Australian shore examined in jet hunt, could this give some answers?

    CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Unidentified material that washed ashore in southwestern Australia and is being examined for any link to the lost Malaysian plane is unlikely to have come from the jet, an official said Wednesday.

    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau was scrutinizing photos of the object, which washed ashore 10 kilometers (6 miles) east of Augusta in Western Australia state. But Martin Dolan, chief commissioner of the ... Continue Reading →

  • US Marshal Shoots Defendant In Federal Court, The Reason Why Will Shock You

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A U.S. marshal shot and critically wounded a defendant on Monday in a new federal courthouse in Salt Lake City after the man rushed at a witness with a pen, authorities said.

    Defendant Siale Angilau, 25, was hospitalized with at least one chest wound, FBI spokesman Mark Dressen said. Under standard procedure... Continue Reading →

  • 118th Boston Marathon Shows Resilience A Year After The Deadly Bombing

    BOSTON (AP) — With security tight along the 26.2-mile route, tens of thousands of runners set out from the starting line at the Boston Marathon on Monday in a "Boston Strong" show of resilience a year after the deadly bombing.

    "I showed up, I'm back, and I am going to finish what I didn't finish last year," said Mary Cunningham, 50, of St. Petersburg, Fla., who was stopped a mile short of the finish line b... Continue Reading →

  • Astronomers Spot Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that's similar in size to our own and exists in the Goldilocks zone where it's not too hot and not too cold for life.

    The find, announced Thursday, excited planet hunters who have been scouring the Milky Way galaxy for years for potentially habitable places outside our solar system.

    "This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found. The... Continue Reading →

  • Utah Mom Admits To Killing Her 6 Babies, You Won't Believe Where She Hid Them

    PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (AP) — Megan Huntsman was clear about what she did with six of her newborn babies.

    Huntsman, 39, told police she either strangled or suffocated them immediately after they were born. She wrapped their bodies in a towel or a shirt, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage of her home south of Salt Lake City.

    What's not clear is why. A day after her arrest on charges of killing her six babies, investigators and her neighbors puzzled over the grisly disco... Continue Reading →

  • You Won't Believe Which Snack Helps Avoid Fights With Spouse.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A quick candy bar may stave off more than hunger. It could prevent major fights between husbands and wives, at least if a new study that used voodoo dolls is right.

    That's because low blood sugar can make spouses touchy, researchers propose.

    In fact, it can make them "hangry," a combination of hungry and angry, said Ohio State University psychology researcher Brad Bushman.

    "We need... Continue Reading →

  • US Deficit Dropped in March, See How Much and Why

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government's budget deficit shrank to just $37 billion in March from $107 billion in the same month last year, the latest sign of improvement in the nation's finances. The deficit was the lowest for the month of March in 14 years.

    The deficit fell partly because revenue jumped 16 percent to $216 billion, the Treasury Department said in its monthly budget report Thursday. Individual income and So... Continue Reading →

  • Stephen Colbert To Replace Letterman On Late Show

    NEW YORK (AP) — CBS moved swiftly Thursday to replace the retiring David Letterman with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, who will take over the "Late Show" next year and do battle with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel for late-night television supremacy.

    Colbert, 49, has been hosting "The Colbert Report" at 11:30 p.m. ET since 2005, in character as a fictional conservative talk-show host. The character will retire with "The Colb... Continue Reading →

  • Privacy Rights of Citizens Gets a Boost From EU Court Ruling

    BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's top court on Tuesday dealt a blow to law-enforcement agencies' spying on phone and internet records, saying the lives of citizens should not be "the subject of constant surveillance."

    The European Court of Justice scrapped EU legislation allowing the indiscriminate collection of such communication data in crime-fighting efforts, ruling that the rules were too broad and offer... Continue Reading →

  • The NCAA Mens Basketball Championship Was A Nail-Biter - See Which Team Survived

    ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Shabazz Napier walked slowly through the hallway of the stadium — the tears still drying, the twine from the cut-down net still hanging around his neck.

    "Bittersweet. Bittersweet. Bittersweet," he said, over and over again.

    ... Continue Reading →
  • Gunman kills 3, wounds 16 at Fort Hood Army base

    FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — An Iraq War veteran being treated for mental illness opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members at the Fort Hood military base, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide at the same post where more than a dozen people were slain in a 2009 attack, authorities said.

    The shooter apparently walked into a building and began firing a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol. He then got into a vehic... Continue Reading →

  • Chile's Magnitude 8.2 Quake Not 'The Big One'

    IQUIQUE, Chile (AP) — Authorities in northern Chile discovered surprisingly light damage and just six reported deaths Wednesday from a magnitude-8.2 quake — a remarkably low toll for such a powerful shift in the Earth's crust.

    President Michelle Bachelet arrived in Iquique before noon to review damage after declaring a state of emergency. Hours earlier, she sent a military plane with 100 anti-riot police to join 300 soldiers deployed to prevent looting and round up escaped pr... Continue Reading →

  • The Truth About Global Warming and How it Affects Food and Hunger Problems

    YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — Global warming makes feeding the world harder and more expensive, a United Nations scientific panel said.

    A warmer world will push food prices higher, trigger "hotspots of hunger" among the world's poorest people, and put the crunch on Western delights like fine wine and robust coffee, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded in a 32-volume report issued Monday.

    "We're facing the specter of reduced yields in some of the key crops tha... Continue Reading →

  • How To Prep if You Live Near a Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear power is one of the cleanest and safest forms of power generation available today and when they run without issue, actually release less radiation into the air than a coal plant. While you do have the issue of disposing of the spent nuclear fuel, a nuclear power plant is not a bad way to generate power.

    In the United States we produce over 30% of the world’s nuclear power in our 104 currently active nuclear reactors. No new nuclear reactors have been built in the past 30 years, meaning that most of the reactors online today are well past t... Continue Reading →

  • You Won't Believe What A Scrap dealer's 'Bargain' Turned Out To Be

    LONDON (AP) — There is good luck, outrageous good fortune — and now there is the case of the scrap metal dealer who found one of the eight missing Faberge imperial eggs at a flea market in the American Midwest.

    A London antique dealer said Wednesday that that the scrap metal entrepreneur bought the egg for about $14,000, thinking he could make a small profit by reselling the piece for its gold content.

    It turned out the jewel-encrusted piece was worth millions.

    ... Continue Reading →

  • Toyota Charged $1.2B Penalty. Does This Change Your Brand Loyalty?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The government announced a $1.2 billion settlement with Toyota Motor Corp. on Wednesday and filed a criminal charge alleging the company defrauded consumers by issuing misleading statements about safety issues in Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

    Attorney General Eric Holder said it is the largest financial penalty of its kind ever imposed on an auto company. Under a deferred prosecution agreement, an i... Continue Reading →

  • New uncertainty about missing Malaysian plane

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Officials revealed a new timeline Monday suggesting the final voice transmission from the cockpit of the missing Malaysian plane may have occurred before any of its communications systems were disabled, adding more uncertainty about who aboard might have been to blame.

    The search for Flight 370, which vanished early March 8 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, has now been expanded deep into the northern and southern ... Continue Reading →

  • Cameraman recounts Crocodile Hunter's last moments

    SYDNEY (AP) — Australia's famed "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin knew he was dying after a massive stingray stabbed him in the chest hundreds of times, the only witness to the fatal 2006 attack said in his first detailed public account of the beloved conservationist's death.

    "We're saying to him things like, 'Think of your kids, Steve — hang on, hang on, hang on,'" Justin Lyons, Irwin's longtime cameraman, told Australi... Continue Reading →

  • Father of Sandy Hook Gunman Speaks Publicly About "Evil" Son

    Ron Frank /
    NEW YORK (AP) — In his most extensive comments about the 2012 Connecticut school massacre, the father of gunman Adam Lanza describes his struggle to comprehend what his son did — an act that "couldn't get any more evil" — and how he now wishes t... Continue Reading →

  • A Cold War reprise as US seeks Moscow's isolation

    ID1974 /
    WASHINGTON (AP) — In a sudden reprise of Cold War sensibilities, the U.S. and its allies are weighing sanctions on Moscow and whether to bolster defenses in Europe in response to Russia's military advances on Ukraine. Secretary of State John... Continue Reading →
  • Diversity wins big at 86th Oscars

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Diversity was perhaps the biggest winner at the 86th annual Academy Awards.
    For the first time, a film directed by a black filmmaker — Steve McQueen of "12 Years a Slave" — won best picture and a Latino — Alfonso Cuaron of "Gravity" — took home best director in a ceremony presided over by a lesbian host and overseen by the academy's first black president.
    McQueen's grimly historical drama "12 Year... Continue Reading →
  • Sands: Some customer data stolen by hackers

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Computer hackers stole the personal information of tens of thousands of Las Vegas Sands customers during a data breach earlier this month, the casino company said F... Continue Reading →

  • New food labels would highlight calories and sugar

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Those "Nutrition Facts" labels on nearly every food package in grocery stores are getting a new look.
    Calories would be in larger, bolder type, and consumers would know whether foods have added sugars under label changes proposed by the Obama administration Thursday. Serving sizes would be updated to make them more realistic. A serving of ice cream, for example, would double to a full... Continue Reading →
  • National drop in obese toddlers, study suggests

    ATLANTA (AP) — Toddler obesity shrank sharply in the past decade, a new study suggests. While promising, it's not proof that the nation has turned a corner in the battle against childhood obesity, some experts say.

    The finding comes from a government study considered a gold-standard gauge of trends in the public's health. The researchers found that obesity among children ages 2 to 5 decreased — to 8 percent, from 14 percent a decade ago. That would represent a 43 percent drop... Continue Reading →

  • Data-breach costs take toll on Target profit

    NEW YORK (AP) — Target Corp. will be feeling the financial pain for a while from the theft of credit card numbers and other information from millions of its cust... Continue Reading →

  • Preparedness Lessons From Survival At Sea

    The Movie ‘All Is Lost’


    Recently I purchased the DVD movie ‘All Is Lost’ for my nautical movie collection starring Robert Redford, written and directed by J.C. Chandor.

    When I purchased the DVD I was hoping for a film that would provide something for everyone; value to mariners coming-up in the ranks, interesting and accurate entertainment for g... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Survival Essentials For Those Wanting To Be Prepared

    Most of you, if you have been around outdoors activities for any length of time, especially if you like to propel yourself in the outdoors with your feet, have heard about the “10 Essentials”, that short list of things you should never be about when you are away from civilization. Since emergency preparation is also about what you need when the comforts that we are used to go away, reviewing both the list of Essentials and the uses of those items can be of great use to both outdoor ... Continue Reading →

  • Why You Always Need a Plan B

    “But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

    Benjamin Franklin penned this quote in 1789 and it still rings as true today (unless you’re a big corporation, then the taxes thing is out) as it did back then.

    This quote means a lot to preppers, as no plan you make is guaranteed to work. There are far too many variables to plan for, which me... Continue Reading →

  • All About EMPs Part 2 - The Result of an EMP Blast

    Welcome to part 2 of our 3 part series on electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs. In Part 1 you were introduced to the EMP and the major sources of them. In this part we're going to look at what happens when an EMP goes off. The results are different depending on the type and the strength of the pulse, but there are a few basic results that almost always happen. With the results of an EMP understood,... Continue Reading →

  • Will You Survive Buying Your First House in this Economy?

    Even though the U.S. economy has slowly improved since its downward spiral in 2008, the housing market is still in recovery. Although we don’t hear about it as much as we used to, there are still many families who are struggling to pay their mortgages and who are buying houses that they simply can’t afford.

    Just turn on the TV, and you’ll watch couple after couple on those home buying shows turning their noses up when... Continue Reading →

  • All About EMPs Part 1 - What Is an EMP?

    Today we’re starting a series on an issue of big concern: electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs. Before you can prep for a disaster you need to understand the basics, so part 1 of this series is all about what an EMP is. Part 2 Will be about the effects of an EMP and part 3 will be how you can prepare for one. There’s a lot more to an EMP disaster than most people know, so check out part 1 below and learn a little about these nasty disaster-causing events.

    One of the lea... Continue Reading →

  • Axes For Survival: Choosing the Right One

    In a world where firewood is your only real source of cooking or heat, an axe is not only a useful tool; it can mean the difference between life and death. This is why choosing the right axe is so important. There are a few key points to choosing the right axe for survival and they’re outlined below.

    Axe Basics

    Most people have at least held an axe before, so you should have a basic idea what we’... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tips To Help You Prepare For an Economic Collapse

    One of the scariest scenarios out there is a full economic collapse. Out of all the possible doomsday scenarios you can think of an economic collapse is one of the most viable, especially since we’re already moving full-steam in that direction.

    With over $16 TRILLION in on-book debt it’s hard to see how our country will ever dig out from that hole. Add in the fact that much of this debt is with China and you have a serious problem brewing. All it take... Continue Reading →

  • Why Women Are Important In Disaster Preparedness Scenarios

    Photo: Michonne from the TV series ‘Walking Dead’

    During long-term large-scale disasters, where sustainability is critical, good morale is absolutely critical for survival success. Being able to comfort people and children in crises has always been a natural ability (gift) for most women, and if I am being honest, is lacking in many men. In... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Survival Tips & Tricks that will Impress Your Friends

     If you're going to spend time in the outdoors, there are tips and tricks you should know to help you survive and make your time in the wilderness more comfortable. Whether you're car camping or navigating the backcountry, these tricks will impress your friends and can save you in a sticky situation.

    1. Use the sun and an analog watch as a compass to find your way in a pinch. If you’re in the northern hemisphere and it’s daylight savings time, use this neat trick to find your way when you’re lost or to guide your friends on a hike.

    Holding your watch in... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Android Apps for Emergency Preparedness

    Interested in learning more about emergency preparedness apps for your Android phone? There’s plenty of super-cool apps for this smartphone that provide lots of help in times of crisis, or simply when you need to learn something, like how to tie ridiculously-complicated knots. Check out five of the best android apps for emergency preparedness and learn a little somet... Continue Reading →

  • 5 iPhone Apps for Emergency Preparedness

    Hone your survival skills with a few iPhone apps for emergency preparedness. From basic first aid to earthquake survival to how to calm a spooked camel (yes, that’s right), these apps are great to have when camping, as training for weather disasters, and offer basic tactics to keep you alive and safe. Check out f... Continue Reading →

  • Growing Medicinal Herbs in Your Survival Garden

    Medicinal herbs were once commonplace in every garden and home. Now that prescription and over-the-counter drugs are used on a daily basis by the vast majority of the population, medicinal herbs have been kicked aside. While diet and lifestyle has much to do with the reliance on pharmaceuticals, there are cases when you get a headache, injure yourself or simply have a digestive upset.

    In a survival situation, especially long-term, powerful antibiotics and pain medications will be in short supply and used for only emergencies. To help keep you a... Continue Reading →

  • How to Store Produce Without a Refrigerator

    Storing produce without refrigeration

    Photo by Dennis Carter, Anneli Carter-Sundqvist

    One of the luxuries of modern life is the refrigerator, that appliance that keeps our perishable food fresh and lasting longer. However, refrigerators are not always available o... Continue Reading →

  • Types of Water Storage Containers

    Storing water is a good survival skill to learn as it is our planet’s most precious resource and should never, ever be wasted. Also, it is important to have for drinking, making food and personal hygiene. Learn to store water as part of emergency preparedness or simply because it’s a really good idea! There's numerous ways to store water effectively, some of which are a little unorthodox.


    Generally, water container tanks or drums ... Continue Reading →

  • Making your own MRE’s

    By Randy Augsburger

    Meals ready to eat (MRE’s) are found in one form or another in most prepper’s food storage. They have a long shelf life and provide a convenient source of a complete meal that needs little or no preparation. They are made this way because they are the field ration for our armed services, along with the standard emergency food FEMA distributes in areas of disaster.

    The problem is since they are so popular the price just kee... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Awesome Apps for Emergency Preparedness

    Apps for Emergencies. Chances are that in the middle of an emergency, you’re not going to have time to crack a book or look up what to do on the Internet. Don’t worry, though, there is an app for that! Actually, there are several apps for that. Below are 5 that we recommend.

    1. First Aid App – American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross is known for providing expert advice on a range ... Continue Reading →

  • 10 Prepper Skills to Learn Before You Need Them

    When an emergency happens you really won’t have time to try and learn on the go. If you’re unsure of what skills you should know before you need them, take a look at these 10 survival skills everyone should know before they need them.

    1. Medical & First-Aid

    Acquiring basic knowledge on dealing with cuts and scrapes, burns, and sprains isn't too difficult to gra... Continue Reading →

  • Naturopathic Medicine For Disaster Preparedness

    As I have said in past articles and in radio interviews; I have confidence that Americans can deal with short-term or regional/localized disasters. However, I stand with many of the Governments chosen experts who are for the large part gravely concerned about America’s current inability when it comes to dealing with large-scale, long term disaster scenarios. As far as I can tell in my own research, about 5-million Americans have ... Continue Reading →

  • Edible and Inedible Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are the yummiest fungus you’ll find in the wilderness, however some varieties are very, very deadly. Knowing how to identify the edible from the inedible is a great survival tool, however if you aren’t sure if such emergency food is poisonous, DO NOT eat it. No one will think less of your survival skills if you don’t want to consume something potentially fatal! Check out some of the best edible mushrooms, as well as those to avoid:


    ... Continue Reading →

  • Can You See? Disaster Preparedness & Corrective Lenses

    Moonrise in the Sea of Cortez – Photo by: Capt. William E. Simpson

    Without actual experience in long-term off-the-grid survival it’s really tough to figure out what you’ll really need, and what is not so important after all. And there is no substitute for actual experience.

    From my chair, when it comes to the discussions of survival and di... Continue Reading →

  • Disaster Preparedness, Preppers And Moral Standards

    What determines how someone might act during a crisis or disaster depends largely upon three things:

    1. Upbringing: How a person was raised provides one of the most important aspects of character development and morals, and a considerable amount of that is related to a person’s parents. Parents control and affect many important aspects of the child’s development, including;

    A.) Providing a home that is nurturing and supportive; children need to feel loved and safe when they are at home; the world... Continue Reading →

  • Instafire Review

    Instafire. In a survival situation, the ability to start a fire could mean the difference between life and death. Fire can provide light, heat, and fuel for cooking food. Being able to start a fire quickly under difficult conditions could dramatically improve your odds of survival when the SHTF.

    One of the best products available to help start a fire is Instafire. Instafire is a scientific blend of recy... Continue Reading →

  • Living Off The Grid At A Mystery Island!

    Capt. Bill negotiating a rocky trail on a remote desert island in the Sea of Cortez  (photo by Laura Simpson)

    It was a warm January morning in 2010 when my wife Laura and I dropped the Iron Maiden’s anchor in a remote cove on an undisclosed Island in the Sea of Cortez (reasons will become apparent). The anchor chain and anchor were clearly visible through the crystal azur... Continue Reading →

  • Can Survivalists and Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows?

    National Geographic – Reality TV ShowDoomsday Castle

    Can Survivalists and Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows?

    The quick answer is yes; absolutely, if the show is true to its viewership. That said, it can also go horribly wrong; let’s examine why.

    Much of modern society today is operating with a complete... Continue Reading →

  • Skills (A Dystopian Author's Perspective)

    Guest Contributor Article By Archer Garrett

    We all have skills/abilities/talents/whatever that we were endowed with or learned along the way. We are all certainly not equal in this manner, but we do all have some manner of things we are good at.

    James Rawles, the patriarch of the survival community, talks a lot about developing skills for a grid-down scenario.  Ideally, they could also be used to generate add... Continue Reading →

  • Lasagna Gardening - A Recipe for Growth

    If you don’t know by now, there are many ways to benefit from growing your own food. Call it lasagna gardening, sheet composting, or no-till gardening; this is a low (or no) cost, low effort method of creating a garden that requires neither digging nor tilling. Using mostly natural or household items you can generate very rich soil, perfect for planting seeds or starters into!

    Lasagna gardening is a fantastic way to recycle and reu... Continue Reading →

  • The Right Firearms For Your Survival Plan

    The preparedness and survival culture, which focuses on adopting personal policies and lifestyles geared towards being able to live through disasters and cataclysmic events, has captured the imagination of a lot of people. With more media discussions regarding the continued slump in the global economy, political instability in many parts of the world, and the ever-present danger of natural disasters, being part of the preparedness trend is n... Continue Reading →

  • How to Survive a Flash Flood

    One of the most frightening experiences you can find yourself in is being caught in a flash flood. This is because these natural disasters happen within a short amount of time and there might be little or no advance warning.  Flash floods often catch people unaware, and they can sweep you or your loved ones away and cause significant damage to your home and property. Flash floods typically occur after heavy ... Continue Reading →

  • The Power To Survive

    Imagine for the moment that suddenly you found yourself without any electricity as a result of some local, regional or national disaster. Unless your survival strategy has you immediately defaulting to the use of purely bush-crafts, you will be requiring some of the benefits that are available with electricity.

    It doesn't matter if your survival strategy involves bugging-in or bugging-out, you will need so... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping for Large-Scale Disaster


    Large-Scale Disaster 

    A Sobering Problem - Requiring A Different Approach

    Most survival strategies and related tactics today draw upon the methods that worked in much smaller disasters and will likely work to some extent today in similar small scale disasters. However, large-scale (contin... Continue Reading →

  • The All-American Sun Oven - Solar Oven Video

    Sun Oven Video. Being able to make and prepare food in an emergency is very important for survival. Sun Ovens enable the sun to bake, boil and steam food enhancing taste and making you more prepared for an emergency.

    SurvivalBased is a proud seller of the All American Sun Oven and we put together a special video with our marketing director Peter and special guest Paul Munson from Sun Oven demonstrate the unique benefits of cooking with solar power.



    <... Continue Reading →
  • Completely Unstoppable Bug Out Vehicles

    By: Andy Selby

    Over The Top Prepping: Completely Unstoppable Bug Out Vehicles

    So, you have done your apocalypse survival homework. You have laid down a 32-level survival plan with all possible contingencies mapped out, set up a 5000-volt electric fence, gathered supplies that will last you and your family for a decade, trained yourself... Continue Reading →

  • Do It Yourself: How to Make Homemade Granola

    By Kacey Herlihy

    How to make Homemade Granola. Granola is a great, healthy, energy-providing snack to keep around the house or to bring with you on a trek. The store-bought stuff can come with a hefty price tag and tons of calories and sugar, but making your own granola is a fun and healthy alternative!

    Making homemade granola is incredibly easy and allows you to add all of the things you like and omit anythin... Continue Reading →

  • Triple Product Reward Points All Week

    Happy Monday everyone! This week is going to be a great week at SurvivalBased, and we want to share it with you. We are excited to announce that all orders placed this week will earn triple reward points, and double points for all valid referrals! Featured in our blog, Cat Alford provides inexpensive ways to build your emergency kit.

    Reward Points Overview: (This week only)

    • Earn 3 Reward Points for every dollar you spend on
    • 20 Reward Points = $1 credit on future SurvivalBased orders
    • Earn 200 Points for... Continue Reading →
  • Survival Engineering And Disaster Preparedness

    Capt. Bill repairing an 800 pound transmission in the Baja wilderness

    By: Capt. William E. Simpson - USMM

    If you need it, can you make it? If it breaks, can you fix it?

    These are serious questions that require consideration by anyone who believes there are disaster scenarios that could p... Continue Reading →

  • 7 Great Ways to Use Wheat WITHOUT a Wheat Grinder!

    By: Jodi and Julie of

    A lot of times people just getting started with their food storage have a big hang-up about wheat and how to use it.  We are told to store hundreds of pounds of this food that we actually NEVER cook with in our daily cooking.  For a long time we decided we wouldn't store any wheat until we had a wheat grinder so that we could “use it”.  We didn't r... Continue Reading →

  • How My Dad's Preparedness Saved Me During Hurricane Katrina

    By: Catherine Alford

    Losing your childhood home is something you never, ever think is going to happen. Natural disasters are things that affect other people, not you, right?

    I wish that were true.

    In 2005, I was getting ready to start college in ... Continue Reading →

  • Planning can Help You Survive a Disaster

    Emergency Preparedness. The biggest tip for staying alive in a disaster is in the preparation. Planning ahead can make things easier. It can mean the difference between life and death. Disaster preparation and planning starts with a plan in place and having your loved ones know and even practice the plan. Sort of like being back in school with a fire drill and that is a good ... Continue Reading →

  • 5 Tin foil Recipes for Your Family Camping Trip

    Tin Foil Recipes. The summer is coming soon and you need to think about what to feed your family when you go camping. Tin foil dinners are easy to make and have ready to go for your trip. Then, when you arrive at the camping site, you can just place them in the coals of the campfire and let them heat up. It works and is an easy way to make gourmet food for the road. Here are 5 recipes for those meals this ye... Continue Reading →

  • Survival Gear Must Have Items

    Survival Gear Must Haves. If you are looking for gear to survive, there are definitely items that should be on your must have survival gear checklist. These include things you use to pack, along with a bag that carries all your critical supplies. Many situations in the space of a relatively short ... Continue Reading →

  • A Look At 5 of the Best Handguns For The Average Person

    Best Handguns. There are a few guns on the market that have rated high in customer reviews. We wanted to put a list together of guns that are highly rated and could be a great fit for the average person. There are many things you might want to consider when purchasing a firearm that are specific to you. But if you are looking to get a handgun, you can't go wrong with any of the guns on this list.... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kit Checklist

    72 hour survival kits are recommended by emergency management agencies so people can be prepared in case of emergency. This kit, also called a bug out bag, is an easy way to prepare ahead of time for disaster. If you need to evacuate your home or workplace, your kit would contain the basics you need to survive for 72 hours. On the occasion you decide to stay in your home during an emergency (shelter in place), your survival kit contents could be stor... Continue Reading →

  • Putting an emergency survival pack together

    Everyone should have an emergency supply pack (also know as a 72 hour kit) ready . Unfortunately, most households do not have an emergency supply pack, or they lack the essentials and needed items. It is not difficult to create kits, it should only take a few hours. Although everyone is different; here are five tips to put together emergency kits.

    When putting together an emergency pack, it is crucial to stock it with unique needs... Continue Reading →

  • Fire Safety Tips

    Fire is a real risk practically everywhere in the modern world. However, the danger of a fire can be minimized if people pay close attention and include a few fire safety tips in their day to day lives.

    Have an Escape

    The most important thing when it comes to fire safety is knowing how to get away from any blaze. So whether someone is at home, at work or in school, there's nothing more important than multiple escape routes. ... Continue Reading →

  • A Look at Different Firestarters For Everyday and Survival Use


    Fire starting has always been one of those subjects of common interest at home or wilderness survival. Lets start with listing a few commonly used fire starting tools firesteel, charcoal, knife, tinder, cloth, Instafire, and many other great options.


    Lighting your fire with charcoal is a common option. However it is commonly used for bbq grills and no you don't have to use lighte... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency Preparedness - Putting Together a Car Survival Kit

    Daily sprints from point-a to point-b, as well as long distance road trips, along with the large amount of time we spend in our vehicles create plenty of opportunity for unexpected disaster to present itself. In this article, I will discuss the need for a car survival kit, the items to include, and how it will help you and your family prepare for emergency situations.

    At a young age I learned from my father to be as prepared as pos... Continue Reading →

  • Emergency and First Aid

    When emergencies strike, injuries or other health issues often accompany them. A good knowledge of first aid is not just a good way to prepare for disaster; it could literally save someone’s life.

    The links below offer simple first aid information to help you recognize and treat issues that may arise during an emergency. For more detailed information, please reference the American Institute for Preventative Medicine o... Continue Reading →

  • Money Saving Tips

    Downsizing. Restructuring. It doesn’t matter the cause, everyone dreads the potential “Pink Slip,” and in today’s economy, it can come in more unexpected ways than ever. Hundreds of thousands of people are still looking for work, and if you could ask them, you can bet almost all of them wished they had put a little more away “for a rainy day.”

    We all have a laundry list of financial obligations: mortgage, car payment, utilities, groceries. And we all know we should be saving, but how? Here are three top money saving tips to help you get on the right track to either start ... Continue Reading →

  • Five Steps To Start and Sustain Your Savings: Preparing for Financial Emergency

    When mistakes happen, foolishness is to pretend they never happened; wisdom is to learn from them. Many people were completely unprepared for the 2008 stock market crash where hundreds of thousands of jobs were eventually lost, and many families faced financial emergency.

    Too many people are living beyond their means. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the personal savings rate in 2006 declined to its lowest level since the ... Continue Reading →

  • Realistic Budgeting

    If saving money were easy, everyone would be doing it (and you wouldn’t be reading about how to do it). The truth is, saving money can be difficult ⎯ downright hard if you don’t go about it the right way.

    The only realistic way to save money is by creating a budget. Now, don’t freak out; we said the “B” word, but have faith—if you are diligent, you will be well on your way to getting that nagging voice out of your head: “Save Money! Save Money!”


    1.  Track Your Income and Spending for a Month

    Don’t worr... Continue Reading →

  • Three Emergency Fuel Solutions You May Already Have

    Summertime is the season for road trips, outdoor games and water balloon wars. Unfortunately, it is also the season for some of the more devastating natural disasters.

    Hurricanes, tornados and wildfires are common this time of year in different parts of the country. In addition to having plans for food, water and shelter, it’s important to build an emergency power supply. Although it’s usually possible to survive without it, having backup power during an emergency can great... Continue Reading →

  • Make the 72-Hour Kit Yours

    It’s the first thing you read on emergency preparedness websites: “How to make a 72-hour kit. And it’s good advice. Having the supplies and items to keep us safe and comfortable in case of a disaster, all in one easy-to-remember spot, makes a lot of sense.

    But there are some practical difficulties. Just check out government websites, personal blogs and commercial sites selling prepackaged kits; some items are on every list and in just about every kit, in varying quantities and quality. Others show up on only a few lists. And some kits give you near infinite variety.

    Of c... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kits—Part 4: Lights, Tools and the Rest

    In our final installment of this four-part series on how to prepare your 72-hour survival kit, we have just a few final essentials we need to make sure get stashed away for an emergency. You will note we said the last of four; we strongly encourage you to review parts one, two and three of this series. They cover everything from pre-planning, food and water, to medical supplies. It is information you cannot afford to go without.

    There are just a few more things to consider when customizing a complete 72-hour kit. They are essentials, but are too customized to really lump into... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kits—Part 3: First Aid, Hygiene and Keeping Comfortable

    So far on our journey toward building a 72-hour survival kit, we have discussed how to assess your circumstances and the essentials of shelter, water and food. If you have not had the opportunity, we encourage you to review parts one and two before continuing your planning.

    After a disaster hits, your top three priorities are shelter, food and water. Once you have taken care of these essentials, the reality of your situation sets in ⎯ you might be here for a little while. That is why you will want to be ready with clothing, hygiene and first aid supplies.

    Part 3 – ... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kits—Part 2: Food, Water and Storage Techniques

    Preparing for an emergency should be top of mind for every family today, with the increase in natural disasters and other disasters. Many are trying to get ready, but do not know where to start. What should I store? How much should I pack? What are my essentials and what can I spare? The simplest launching point is a 72-hour survival kit. This series of articles is intended to help nudge you into action with everything you need to consider.

    In the first of this four-part series, we discussed what scenarios to plan for: types of disasters, your geographical location and your f... Continue Reading →

  • 72 Hour Kits—Part 1: Assessing Type of Disaster, Location and Family Circumstances

    If you have spent any time researching emergency preparedness, you have probably noticed a pretty consistent theme: 72-hour survival. Everyone suggests you need a three-day survival kit, but they all vary on what to put into it. This four-part series can help you make informed decisions on the where, what and how of putting together your own customized kit.

    A. Type of Disaster

    Key to understanding what to pack away for emergencies is understanding what kind of emergency you are likely to face. Knowing what types of scenarios are common to your... Continue Reading →

  • 72-Hour Survival Kits—The Basics

    In an emergency, a 72-hour kit can help you survive until disaster relief teams mobilize. It can be hard to know where to start, but preparing a 72-hour kit is easier than you think.

    When considering how to prepare, plan your kit around the Survival Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes says people can survive:

    1. Three hours without protection (Shelter);
    2. Three days without water (Hydration);
    3. Three weeks without food (Nutrition).

    First Priority – Shelter

    Shelt... Continue Reading →