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  • Free Land For Preppers?

    The government is giving away free land and farming equipment. Sort of. If you are eagerly awaiting the day that you can buy your dream land and build a prepper retreat or start

    Summer Survival Skills - It's A Great Time To Practice Your Preps!

    Summer is not only a time for BBQs, baseball games, and trips to the beach. The most glorious months of the year are also a perfect time to practice your preps. Getting the entire family involved in SHTF drills and enhancing your physical readiness can be both a fun and potentially life-saving endeavor.

    Pre... Continue Reading →

  • What Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know How to Do

    For many people, homeownership is a rite of passage. It is a way to grow one’s net worth as well as serving as a sign of success. However, homeownership comes with its own problems. Consequently, there are some things that every first-time homeowner should know how to do.

    These tricks will not only save you headaches down the road but ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected.

    Take an Inventory of Your Home – For insurance purposes, it... Continue Reading →

  • Tips For Reading Animal Tracks and Signs

    Learning how to read animal tracks and signs is one heck of a survival skill, as it's extremely helpful in preventing death via bear or other large predator. If planning a camping or hiking excursion or are simply interested in learning more about this topic, check out the following tips to get you started:

    Animal Prints

    It's an excellent, excellent idea to purchase a field guide featuring the tracks of animals in the area you intend to explore, so when ... Continue Reading →

  • The Food Dilemma: How Natural Disasters can Impact Your Food and What to Do About It

    We’ve all grown pretty accustomed to getting everything we need from the grocery store, from food to cleaning products today’s supermarket is a haven of necessities and not-so-necessities for our modern age.

    But what happens when there’s a major natural disaster? Even if your supermarket isn’t damaged a natural disaster on a large enough scale can not only impact your food supply, but wipe it out completely. Check out the list of viable natural disasters below, how they each can impact your food supply, and what to do to prevent it from happening to you.

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  • Prepping for Ebola: 5 Tips

    Is An Ebola Epidemic Inevitable In America?

    And What Can People Do To Protect Themselves?

    With each successive day since the man (Thomas Eric Duncan) who flew from Liberia to Texas was diagnosed with the first case of the Ebola virus in the U.S., more and more unsettling facts are starting to emerge. As we are seeing, Americans are the ‘las... Continue Reading →

  • Do You Have The Skills Necessary To Survive A Disaster? Prepper Camp 2014 Offers Interactive Training

    Prepper expos abound during the spring and summer months, but few offer the level of hands-on survival training that will be available at Prepper Camp. The North Carolina 3-day prepper expo will be held at the Orchard Lake Campground in the mountain town of Saluda, as previously reported by Survival Based.

    The list of

    What Can a Prepper Learn From Ferguson, Mo.?

    The recent unrest in the town of Ferguson, Missouri seems more like a wartime environment than simple protests, and much of this has to do with what is turning out to be a far more militarized police force than anyone would have suspected existing in and around a small Missouri town of around 21,000 people.

    While the cause of the shooting and identity of the officer involved are still not known, but what you can see from the events in Ferguson is that the police in this town are not about protecting and serving the people, but instead about protecti... Continue Reading →

  • Prepper Camp: Hands-On Prepardness Expo [Rick Austin Interview]


    All the prepper gear on Earth will not increase your chances survive of you lack the knowledge to use it, or lose it, during a disaster. Bestselling author, survival gardening expert, and television star Rick Austin urges Americans to come Prepper Camp and learn how to stretch both their minds and their muscles while increasing their self-reliance skills.

    A multitude of preparedness events occur routinely from spring to early fall, but the hands-on camp being organized by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive prepper exp... Continue Reading →

  • Gimmicks, Scams, and Everything Else a Prepper Doesn’t Need

    Preppers are a unique group of people. We see the benefit in spending money now for things that hopefully never get used. From food to weapons to vehicle upgrades, preppers know how to spend some serious money.

    Since we’ve never been through an EOTWAWKI situation, it’s easy to fall for gimmicks and scams if you aren’t careful. Sadly there are more than a few people out there willing to take your want to be safe and prepared and use it as a way to get rich quick, leaving you without your hard earned money and worse yet, leaving you high and dry... Continue Reading →

  • 15 Items to Start Your Food Prep Off Right - Number 6 is Vital

    So, you want to start building your emergency food storage to prepare for whatever disaster may come, but the task seems insurmountable. You’ve probably seen posts that tell you the proper caloric intake and base foods to build a good diet, but those don’t tell you exactly what you should be saving, do they?

    Sometimes it’s just better to have specifics so you can make a simple shopping list and go to the store with a mission, or better yet, keep a list in your wallet for when you see sales, so you can buy your emergency food on the cheap.

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  • New food labels would highlight calories and sugar

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Those "Nutrition Facts" labels on nearly every food package in grocery stores are getting a new look.
    Calories would be in larger, bolder type, and consumers would know whether foods have added sugars under label changes proposed by the Obama administration Thursday. Serving sizes would be updated to make them more realistic. A serving of ice cream, for example, would double to a full... Continue Reading →
  • 10 Prepper Skills to Learn Before You Need Them

    When an emergency happens you really won’t have time to try and learn on the go. If you’re unsure of what skills you should know before you need them, take a look at these 10 survival skills everyone should know before they need them.

    1. Medical & First-Aid

    Acquiring basic knowledge on dealing with cuts and scrapes, burns, and sprains isn't too difficult to gra... Continue Reading →

  • Disaster Preparedness, Preppers And Moral Standards

    What determines how someone might act during a crisis or disaster depends largely upon three things:

    1. Upbringing: How a person was raised provides one of the most important aspects of character development and morals, and a considerable amount of that is related to a person’s parents. Parents control and affect many important aspects of the child’s development, including;

    A.) Providing a home that is nurturing and supportive; children need to feel loved and safe when they are at home; the world... Continue Reading →

  • Prepping for Large-Scale Disaster


    Large-Scale Disaster 

    A Sobering Problem - Requiring A Different Approach

    Most survival strategies and related tactics today draw upon the methods that worked in much smaller disasters and will likely work to some extent today in similar small scale disasters. However, large-scale (contin... Continue Reading →

  • Triple Product Reward Points All Week

    Happy Monday everyone! This week is going to be a great week at SurvivalBased, and we want to share it with you. We are excited to announce that all orders placed this week will earn triple reward points, and double points for all valid referrals! Featured in our blog, Cat Alford provides inexpensive ways to build your emergency kit.

    Reward Points Overview: (This week only)

    • Earn 3 Reward Points for every dollar you spend on
    • 20 Reward Points = $1 credit on future SurvivalBased orders
    • Earn 200 Points for... Continue Reading →
  • 5 Tin foil Recipes for Your Family Camping Trip

    Tin Foil Recipes. The summer is coming soon and you need to think about what to feed your family when you go camping. Tin foil dinners are easy to make and have ready to go for your trip. Then, when you arrive at the camping site, you can just place them in the coals of the campfire and let them heat up. It works and is an easy way to make gourmet food for the road. Here are 5 recipes for those meals this ye... Continue Reading →