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  • 13 Top Paracord Uses

    paracord 550 group

    That paracord bracelet you received from a survival-minded friend is a wonderful thing to bring on your next hiking or camping adventure. It is also a fantastic item to place in your bug-out bag or 72-hour emergency kit. Take a moment to review some of the many uses for the paracord bracelet to further your survival knowledge.


    Use the inner strands of your paracord bracelet as thread. Repair torn clothing, rips in cloth gear, etc.

    Tow Rope

    Make a tow rope from your paracord; a single length of the cord is capable of handling 550 pounds!


    Let clothing dry in the breeze with a few lengths of paracord.

    Substitute Belt or Shoelace

    Keep your pants up and your shoes tied with your paracord bracelet.

    Animal Snare

    Create an effective animal snare with a length of paracord. Such traps require strong ropes.


    Use paracord to hold up tent canvas or other sturdy shelter materials.

    Fishing Line

    Separate strands within your paracord and add a hook to make a nice fishing line.


    Sew an open wound back together with strands of paracord.

    Bear Bag

    Keep food away from hungry creatures with paracord. Use it to string a bear bag up high!

    Zipper Fix

    Use your paracord to replace a damaged zipper pull.

    Backpack Tie

    Tie items to your backpack with paracord to keep your hands free while hiking.

    Animal Leash

    Keep Fido or Fluffy (hey, cats camp too) secure by making a leash with your paracord.

    Dental Floss

    Forget your dental floss or tape? Use the inner strands of your paracord as makeshift floss.

    These are only a handful of the many uses for paracords!! What are your favorites?